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Theme: Imagine the Future.

This event occurred on
March 9, 2019
Kigali, Ville de Kigali

Imagine a day filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking video and mind-blowing conversations. Speakers, speaking to a unique gathering in Kigali Community including millions of TEDx virtual followers across the world on a basis of unleashing new ideas, inspire and inform the world but also contribute to the noble cause of supporting homeless vulnerable children under root foundation.
A TEDx talk event is a local gathering where live Speakers, performers and innovators talk to an organized invited ordinance and virtual followers across the world, plus TED-like talks and videos previously recorded at TED conferences are shared with the community. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently by licensed organizers on a community-by-community volunteer basis. The content and design of each TEDx event is unique and developed independently, but all of them have features in common.

Kigali Marriott Hotel
Kigali, Ville de Kigali, KN
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Dr.Andrea Grieder

Anthropologist and Poet
Dr. Andrea Grieder is an Anthropologist and Poet. She is originally from Switzerland, has studied in Paris and travelled to Cuba, Venezuela, Yemen, India among other places: As a traveler and observer, she engages with other cultures and people, and writes about her journey in poems, as a reflection of the world outside and a transformation of the inner world. In Rwanda, she has found a second home. She is the founder of Transpoesis, an organization that promotes poetry as a way of transformation, of healing and empowerment. She trains in poetic creativity and organizes the monthly poetry competition Kigali Vibrates with Poetry with a team of poets and talented young people. The winners are proudly awarded with the Nyirarumaga Trophy. The award is created in reference with Nyirarumaga, the mother of poetry in Rwanda, rooting poetry in the past, in the tradition of Rwanda as well as giving voice to the different experiences of reality, fostering understanding and tolerance.

Mr. Bienvenue muragwa

Co-Founder & Executive Director of Root Foundation
Muragwa Cheez Bienvenue is a Rwandan social entrepreneur with 7 years experience in community development focusing on educating children and youth. Muragwa is the co-founder and Executive Director of Root Foundation which annually provides education to 170 street children and other most vulnerable children in Kigali. Muragwa is also the founder of Creatorz Hub which provides civic leadership trainings to university students. He is driven by his vision of, one day, living in Africa whose young people are responsible of their communities' issues and empowered to create their solutions.

Mr. Jean-Claude Muhire

Human rights and peace activist.
Jean-Claude Muhire is a multi-honoured social entrepreneur and activist with over 5 years of experience working in community development sector in Rwanda. His works focus on improving the lives of vulnerable population through education, peace-building, and advocacy. He is a published author, filmmaker, community peer educator, youth mentor, and advocate for children and women’s rights. He is the Founder and President of Love the Kids Foundation, an organization that cares for socially and economically disadvantaged children by providing access to quality education, promoting community acceptance and improving childhood development. Previously, He served as the Grow Movement Project Manager at Business Development Center Rwanda and was a Communications and Programme volunteer at the former Kimisagara Orphanage. Jean-Claude’s works have helped him to receive several recognitions for his works including being: Honorary Citizen of Boone; North Carolina, 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow,

Mr. Stefan Muri-Yuki

Blockchain activist
Stefan Muriuki has been in the blockchain space since the latter half of 2012. Within that space of time to the present, Stefan has made pioneering efforts in the development of the Blockchain-Cryptocurrency community as it is today; having worked with BitPesa as a Sales and Business Development Associate during which time, he took part in the organization of meetups and other business-targeted activities for the nascent and vibrant community it is currently. He has written extensively on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, not to mention technology and business in general on notable local blogs, having served as the assistant managing editor at BitHub Africa; he is an active member at BitHub Africa. He is cofounder and creative partner at E-labz, a content and digital marketing firm. Since 2012, he has been developing content along various technological arenas including the crypto-space.

Ms. Ashaba Faridah

Bio: Pilot / C.E.O Bambino life foundation ( An organisation that promotes girl child education & empowerment among other thing ) / Director STEM Queens Uganda ( An initiative that encourages young girls to participate in science , technology, engineering and mathematics ) / Brand ambassador Sky Plus Young Aviators club ( A projects that gets children interested with everything aviation ) / Chair Global goodwill ambassadors Uganda Chapter.

Ms. Hilde Cannoodt

Dance Artist | Choreologist | Teacher | Choreographer
Hilde is a dance artist renowned for her expertise in fusion dance disciplines. With 15 years of professional experience as a performer and dance instructor, Hilde is a highly skilled individual specialising in many fields of dance. Originally from Belgium, graduated as Maths and Physics teacher in 2003, she decided to change paths and move to the UK to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer. In 2007 she graduated from Brighton University where she studied Dance and Visual arts. She went back to university in 2009 to study Dance Studies at TrinityLaban in London. In 2012 she returned to Laban to specialise in movement analysis. Her specialist skills include Choreological Practice, Belly Dance technique, Contemporary Dance Technique, and Choreographic Practice. Since 2010 she has been a sought after dance specialist worldwide, travelling to over 25 countries to teach lectures, seminars and to perform.

Ms. Nahimana Clemence

Actor, Script writer and Youth AUEU Expert
Ms. Nahimana Clemence– 28 years old, She is an experienced Rwandan theater play and screen writer/director and actor. She is AUEU Youth cooperation Hub young expert, this hub is a multi-stakeholder initiative with youth at its core seeking to test new approaches to common challenges facing the AU & EU. She holds a Bachelor degree in Education and arts. Since 2007 she had contributed to writing, acting, directing different radio drama, sketches, and stage performances in schools, colleges, organizations as well as in the communities. She works as scriptwriter since 2015 at “La Benevolencija”, a Dutch NGO focusing on unity and reconciliation in Rwanda thought the Rwandan popular Radio drama ‘’Musekeweya”. She has worked from 2009 to 2014 as a translator in the “African initiative for mankind progress” organization. In 2017 she worked at Girls Effect Rwanda as script writer of a Rwandan youth Radio drama ''Ninyampinga Sakwe." In 2014 she co-founded Double C Technology Solutions

Ms.Stella Bida

Business & Innovation Strategist
Stella Bida considers herself as a game changer, a disruptor of the norm and the typical. She is driven by her fundamental motto: “When it comes to success, everybody deserves it!”. This is why her aim is to work on inspiring and helping people to create the life they deserve through entrepreneurship and innovation. She believes that with the right tools and strategies in their hands, people can create sustainable economies for the future. Stella is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, International Business Consultant & Strategist, Best Selling Author and International Speaker. With 10+ years of business experience in digital innovation, Stella has worked with all types of companies, from small and medium size companies to Fortune 500 companies in Finance, Technology, Banking, Legal, Transportation, Hair & Beauty, Public Administrations, etc.

Ms.Yanjaa Wintersoul

world-record holding memory athlete and one of only 22 international grandmasters of memory.
Yanjaa Wintersoul is a Mongolian-Swedish triple world-record holding memory athlete and one of only 22 international grandmasters of memory. As a kid who always struggled in school, she never imagined she’d one day gain recognition for having one of the top 10 best memories in the world. While studying high school in Nairobi she almost didn’t graduate because of not remembering key facts for exams and sometimes not even remembering that she had an exam in the first place. But when she discovered memory techniques, everything changed. Graduating from business school in half the time, reality shows like Sweden’s Got Talent started calling and she was featured in a viral promotional video for IKEA in which she memorized the furniture giant’s entire 328-page catalog in a week. This year she's starring in a new documentary coming this summer called Memory Games, where for the first time, we get to journey inside the mind of someone who can remember hundreds of people's names in 15 minutes.

Organizing team

Saddam Hussein

Kigali, Rwanda