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Theme: A Better World

This event occurred on
November 10, 2018
Melbourne, Victoria

With what seems like endless shifts, skipped meals and missed social plans it can sometimes be hard to remember why we chose this career in healthcare. What was that passion that brought us on this path? Where do we go from here?

Join us at the Alfred Hospital on Saturday November 10 to answer those questions. Let our speakers take you back to when the world was your oyster. Reignite that passion, recalibrate your perspective and remember that we do what we do to make this ‘A Better World.’

AMREP Theatre, The Alfred Hospital
55 Commercial Road
Melbourne, Victoria, 3141
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Brian Cassey

Introducing: Brian Cassey Brian is an award winning photojournalist who travelled to Manus Island PNG as the Australian Government closed the Manus asylum seeker detention centre, abandoning over 600 men with no food, water, power or services. Smuggled into the camp by boat, Brian spent 18 minutes inside the detention centre and made a collection of powerful images of the men struggling to survive to raise awareness of the situation so that something would be done. He contrasts these images with a selection of the tropical island paradise and the lifestyle of the Manus islanders in his presentation ‘ Manus Island … Heaven or Hell?’

Julian Savulescu

Professor of Ethics
Professor Julian Savulescu has held the Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford since 2002. He is a Visiting Professorial Fellow in Biomedical Ethics at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. He has degrees in medicine, neuroscience and bioethics. Professor Savulescu is a leader in medical and practical ethics, with an interest in the ethical implications of cloning and embryonic stem cell research. He is listed in more than 400 publications and over 12,500 citations. He recently completed his extended tenure as Editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics, the highest impact journal in the field, and is founding editor of Journal of Practical Ethics. Professor Savulescu will be discussing 'Gene Editing for Humanity.' He is a Monash University graduate who spent 5 years working at the Alfred, and considers it an honour to return and speak there.

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