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Theme: Calm, peace

This event occurred on
October 13, 2018
5:00pm - 9:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Prague, Praha 1
Czech Republic

6th issue of TEDxYouth@Prague aiming on young people, has central theme "Calm/peace". We feel it's a really urgent issue in this quick modern world to take a deep breath and stop for a moment. To talk and discuss the issues what helps us to calm down and be in peace, what brings us peace, or on the other hand, what take us out of peace. Or also talk about adrenalin vs. calmness or what nice could come out from stepping out of our calm and comfort zone:)

Pražská Križovatka/ Kostel sv. Anny
Zlatá 1, Praha
Prague, Praha 1, 11000
Czech Republic
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Anna Kutíková

Designer of breathing friend and alumni of Technical University

Jiří Hanek

Mourning designer
Jirka is helping people with this hard time, when somebody has died. Helping also people in trying to adjust to this situation and to take death as a part of life. He is designer, so he is helping in his own way. Death is a hard thing, but from other perspective, its peaceful and natural.

Jirka Charvát

Slam Poetry Master
Jirka is slam poetry master. Now. But some time before, he was afraid from the public presentations. But he wanted to fight it through. He is saying that people are even more afraid of public presentations than afraid of death. He has amazing own story, how we should be happy and calm.

Katka Pražáková

Designer of breathing friend and alumni of Technical University

Mirka Škubalová

From the very beginning, Mirka was fascinated by the world, traveling and everything. She is a lover of extremes, she certainly is not afraid of the big challenges and is constantly looking for another, no matter what area she is currently dealing with. Whether it's business, sports or life, the word "fear" is not possible to find in her vocabulary. However, in an unfortunate accident, Mirka hurt her backbone, which has for quite some time set her to rest. In her practice as a consultant, she has led her to explore the settings of the minds of people who are not afraid to take the risk and she established the World of Blessing Conference within the GrowJOB Institute. Also, she has recently returned from 250km long trip to Nepal.

Veronika Jelínková

Behavioral economist
Veronika is behavioral economist, she is author of the book "Burn slowly". She has her own interesting experience of burn out, and how she dealt with it, how to live slowly and live in the moment.

Vojta Bruk

Critical thinking activist
Vojta is working on critical thinking projects, they wrote a book on Fake News and doing many presentations on this issue for the young people and students.

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Praha, Czech Republic


Prague, Czech Republic
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