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Theme: Oblivion

This event occurred on
October 13, 2018
9:00am - 5:00pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Is it even possible to know everything that happens around you and take an action that will create an impact? Become aware, become conscious, become a part. Very often, we fail to participate and realize that we can do something to bring a change in that situation. We live in world of our assumptions and are oblivious to a lot of things. Most people are unrecognized or are lost because of the lack of recognition. The theme will bring out all those excellent people who deserve our appreciation.

Sri Krishna College of Technology, PG Block Seminar Hall/
Arivoli Nagar, Perumal Nagar, Kovai Pudur
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641042
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Aqueel T3K

Graffiti Artist
A member of Chennai's first Graffiti crew, the third kind - T3K, Aqeel says. "Graffiti, unlike a lot of other street art, doesn't really deliver a message. Inn that sense it is a narcissist form. "An illustrator and artist, he gets his inspiration ( "Soaking up" in graffiti terminology ) from the people around and everday scenerios. He conducts training workshops and judges art competitions.

Krishna Sai

Speed Cuber
Krishna Sai from chennai broke the past Guinnes record by solving 2,474 cubes in 24 hours and by using only one hand! Krishna is a 'CUBER', and his journey began in class 8 with little help and guidance, However he began taking it up seriously in 2014.

Mithun Govind

Unusual Traveller
A solo cyclist, Mithun Govind cycled 4500kms from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in 57 days. A graduate of Fashion Management and working in the field of Marketing but his heart lies in pedalling. A rejection of an idea that he had set his hopes on was the reason that made him embark on this ambitious journey. He lives by the slogan, "Peace and Harmony".

Saji Mathews

Speaker and officer of GoI
Saji Mathews is an energetic and innovative young man who lost his vision at the age of 23 years. In spite of his disability, he went to obtain a Master's Degree in Business Administration . He now works as an Officer in an Organisation of the Government of India. As a "self-energized personality", he helps build the "Broken People" through Motivational sessions. "Be positive and confident, and you'll carry the world in your hands" is something that Saji Mathews often vocalises in top Corporate Houses and Premier Academic set-ups.

Sharmila and Kowshika

Designers of KalamSAT
Koushika, a B.Tech Aerospace engineering student is a research scholar at Space Kidz, India and has represented India in China for "Junior Edison 5". Sharmila Kandeeban, an archiTECH for Space Kidz, is a part of the team who designed the world's lightest satellite KalamSAT launched by NASA.

Swarnalatha J

Founder- Swarga Foundation
Swarnalatha went up the stage on a wheelchair and shattered several stereotypes by winning the title Mrs. Popular at a beauty pageant. Diagonsed with primary progressive sclerosis in 2009 left her paralysed from her leg down didn't deter her from breaking barriers. A speaker and a social activist, she runs an organization for the betterment of the neuromuscular disordered.

Swetha Gupta

Home entrepreneur
Always looking on the sweet side of things, Shweta Gupta found a way to share edible love right from her home! A self made entrepreneur, she started this journey 15 years ago with her start-up. 'Brown Sugar' as she likes to say, "Pursue that what you love, only then will you enjoy your life". Shweta is truly living the sweet life and conquering hearts one baked good at a time.

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Coimbatore, India


Coimbatore , India