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Theme: Just shut up and dance

This event occurred on
October 4, 2018
Leeuwarden, Fryslân (fy)

Just shut up and dance
The theme of this year is about doing stuff. We found speakers who do just this, because something happened in their lives, because they think it’s important or they have learned the hard way that doing sometimes is necessary. We hope you will be inspired by their talks, and wish you a day full of new ideas.

Ruiterskwartier 41
Leeuwarden, Fryslân (fy), 8911 BP
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Anja Kanters

Intuitive Director
Anja Kanters doesn’t mind being a woman in the men’s environment, she is very much herself in all situations, whether she is representing her business on a gala event or among builders in her constructors dungarees. From applying for a job at only 19 years of age, to leading the company at 29 and to becoming Entrepreneur of the year in 1993. It all started with following her intuition.

Eldridge Labinjo

professional performer, creative thinker and artist
Eldridge Labinjo has over 30 years’ of experience as a professional performer, creative thinker and artist and he has incorporated these various fields into his coaching and consulting businesses. With around 144 million EU residents experiencing some form of stress, it is important we learn how to keep it on the low. How? With music and movement - best non pharmacological buffers we can find!

Florian Dirkse

Ocean Cleaner & Sailor
had a dream. In fact, a lot of us have it, we share it but most of us keep on dreaming and don’t do much about it. His dream was to sail across the Atlantic. He did it. Next one was to sail around the world. He did that too. Today, he continues to combine his greatest passions, sailing and cleaning the oceans. Be ready to be inspired!

Freek Ronner

Corporate Rebel
As a Corporate Rebel his mission is to ‘make work more fun’. He will take us on a journey he personally made while completing the bucket list, which included visiting Semco, Haier and other highly inspiring organizations. What can we learn from them, and to what strong beliefs about work should we say goodbye?

Hooman Nassimi

Inclusive society creator
Hooman Nassimi (born in Iran, raised in Germany, working in NL) is committed to creating an inclusive society both locally and globally. At his social enterprise “Society in Motion”, a multidisciplinary team is working towards the vision of an inclusive society in order to empower newcomers through events and festivals, promote social cohesion and consult on policy and carry out government contracts.

Jeroen Stek

Relation Therapist & actor
Jeroen Stek loves hiking, reading, cooking, theatre and an occasional good glass of wine. He also happens to be so fascinated in relationships, that two years ago he decided, together with a friend, to transform this passion into a business of theatrical readings about relationships and communication methods. His belief is, that the growth of a relationship consists of three layers; behaviour, interest and tension/fear. When partners grow to appreciate these layers with curiosity, softness, openness and honesty there will be a great chance for a safe connection.

Marlous van der Veen

Marlous van der Veen is experimenting with a lifestyle of less, in a world of more. It is her goal to be a challenger, to stretch current frameworks and to offer a different perspective. Not because she does not want nor can accept the world how it is now, but because she loves to work on how the world can be. “Why can I not be happy with what I have right now? How come there is always something newer, better or cooler to pursue? Why is it never enough?” After struggling with these questions for a while, Marlous found out striving for more is part of a broader societal mindset: the pursuit of more became a predominant lifestyle. She has embraced the concept of minimalism and started her quest for ‘enough’ by experimenting with this alternative lifestyle striving for less.

Nanja van den Broek

Mother & free dive world record holder.
Nanja van den Broek is not only a mother of two and the owner of the biggest freediving school in The Netherlands, but also the current free dive world record holder. She managed to go 130 meter deep on one single breath. She descended on a sled to a depth that equals the height of a 43 floors high building. With her TEDx talk, she will inspire us to make goals that are far beyond our comfort zone. What were her motives to dive that deep on just one single breath? Which lessons did she learn? And above all how did she motivate herself to take up the courage to make such a dive? She will tell us about her worries, the setbacks and the journey of her incredible record attempt.

Nathan Vos

Journalist & editor-in-chief
Nathan Vos is a journalist, currently as editor-in-chief of Zin Magazine. After he lost his brother – a seemingly happy young father – to suicide in 2015, Nathan decided to find out how it’s possible that so many men take their lives. He wrote the conclusions down in his book "Man O Man", but the main one was, that the salvation can be found in asking the right questions.

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