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Theme: Semicolon

This event occurred on
August 3, 2019
11:00am - 11:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Cairo, Al Qāhirah

One of the most important punctuation symbols in languages conveys a powerful, intense meaning of a sentence and is a symbol of continuity rather than quitting; it is the semicolon. Without the correct punctuation the whole meaning of the statement is changed or even gone.
Everyone is the author of his own book in life, where the semicolon in each story symbolizes something different, but no matter what it symbolized, it must have left an impact on your sentence. In real life, the semicolon represents the pause you need to reconsider your thoughts, it is when you feel that you must continue fighting for what you want and get it done but you just don't have the energy or power to do so. It offers you the pause in your own sentence where you reconsider your goals, aims and dreams and sparks, the gleam of hope that will push you forward and recharge your battery to continue what you've left; what you might have chosen to finish but rather continued it. Any problem we face we face in our life will be the semicolon, the pause that we will continue after, stronger and more powerful. It will be the up after our downs. Also in the programming language, the absence of a semicolon will lead to an error occurring in the code; as in our lives, the absence of that gleam of hope might not let you see how perfectly executed the work you've done and the surprisingly amazing results you've obtained from that. So it's very important to stop and reconsider the signs you see around you and redirect your destination towards what is perfectly matching these clues in order to develop in your life. And always remember that the end of a chapter is the beginning of a new one in life with its challenges and rewards; and always remember to use the semicolon rather than the full stop.

AASTMT Conference Hall - Engineering Building
El Moshir Ismail st. - behind Sheraton Bldg.
Cairo, Al Qāhirah, 2033
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Salon (What is this?)
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Asmaa Farghali

Ex. Bank Employee
Mrs. Asmaa Farghaly is a dedicated wife and mother of three. She has worked as bank employee. Afterwards, she worked as an Arabic and Science teacher. Mrs. Asmaa took part in the national team of Egypt in Karate. For almost 10 years, she was a professional Karate player with a black belt Dan three. She also won multiple championships over Egypt, Middle East, Arab Nations and Africa. Mrs. Asmaa faced multiple tragic incidents and obstacles throughout her life which led to having a rather important theory "One can choose how to react to any incident occurring in his/ her life. Such choice is the most important factor in consciously dealing with any incident".

Hesham Al-Araky

Supply Chain Incubator Manager, Entrepreneurship Center and Lecturer at College of International Transport & Logistics
Hesham Al-Araky (Al-Logistawy) believes that life is all about Supply Chain, from here Al Araky decided to support people in the field of logistics & Supply Chain. Al-Araky is a Lecturer at College of International Transport & Logistics (CITL). He’s also the Head of Supply chain Incubator at the entrepreneurship center of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT). He is the Founder of Association of Supply Chain Professionals (ASCP) - Supply Chain Secrets (SCS) - & co-founder of Supply Chain Innovation Summit. Al-Araky holds his B.Sc., M.Sc., and preparing Ph.D. in Production and Supply Chain Field which make him one of the best educational influencer and public speaker in his field. He also was an Arabian, African champion in Gymnastics.

Mahmoud Anwar

Teaching Assistant - Spanish Department, AlAlsun Faculty, Ain Shams University. Dialogue in the Dark, Egypt-Guide
Mahmoud Anwar, 25 years old, Teaching Assistant at Spanish Department, Al-Alsun Faculty, Ain Shams University. He is a guide in Dialogue in the Dark, Egypt team. Leukemia was the reason of his blindness when he was 5 years old. His life symbol is the bamboo tree, which cannot be broken under any circumstances.

Sama Atif

Student - Grade 11
A young lady who is passionate about psychology and the human behaviors/ interactions. Sama is a charismatic public speaker. She delivered the graduation speech of grade 10 at Manarat AlFarouk School in addition to being a speaker at the closing ceremony of the International Student Leadership Conference at American University in Cairo, 2019.

Seif Selim

Neuroscience Student & Cinema Enthusiast
Having a passion for science and arts since he was a kid, Seif Selim continued to explore how science can provide us with an understanding and perspective towards the universe. Even before graduation from STEM High School, he developed an interest in neuroscience and wanted to investigate how a mind can try to understand itself. He was among the top 10 all over Egypt at Brain Bee Neuroscience Competition - Alexandria College of Medicine. Spending a year in a medical school himself, he traveled to the United Sates to study neuroscience and film studies minor with a full scholarship that enabled him to attend Sewanee: The University of the South, TN.

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Cairo, Egypt