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Theme: Curious Minds

This event occurred on
June 15, 2019
Klagenfurt, Kärnten

Ideas come from curiosity. It’s the power of the curious mind that has made humans as advanced and as imaginative as we find ourselves today. Curiosity is the engine of achievement. It keeps us moving forward, exploring, experimenting and opening new doors. The future belongs to the ones who are not afraid to explore it, poke at it, question it and turn it inside out. The future belongs to the curious minds.

Messeplatz 1
Messehalle 5
Klagenfurt, Kärnten, 9021
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Alyssa Carson

Aspiring Astronaut
At just 18 years old, Alyssa is the first person to attend all three NASA Space Camps in the world, as well as to complete the NASA Passport program, visiting all 14 NASA Visitor Centers stretching across 9 states. Moreover, she is the youngest to be accepted and graduate the Advanced Possum Academy, officially making her certified to go to space and an astronaut trainee in 2016. Also, she is one of seven ambassadors representing Mars One, a mission to establish a human colony on Mars in 2030. To find out more about Alyssa, follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nasablueberry or visit her website https://nasablueberry.com/

Benjamin Hardy

Psychologist & Author
Benjamin Hardy has been the #1 most-read writer on Medium.com since late 2015. His work has been read by over 50 million people and has been featured on Forbes, Fortune, Psychology Today, and many others. He has grown his email list from 0 to nearly 400,000 followers in the past 3.5 years without any paid advertising. He is the author of the internationally bestselling book, Willpower Doesn’t Work. Finally, Benjamin completed his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology. On the personal side, Ben is married and father of five children. To find out more about Ben, follow him on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/benjamin_hardy_phd/ or visit his website http://benjaminhardy.com/

Chiara Cecchini

Food Innovation Guru
Chiara Cecchini is the US Director and Co-founder of Future Food Institute, an international for-purpose organization aiming to inspire and empower individuals, companies, and communities to rethink our food system. Being a researcher at Barilla Center Food Nutrition and UC Davis in California, she creates technical and computational capabilities on an underlying data architecture of connected ontologies to empower the Internet of Food. Apart from her academic background, she is a Network Expert at the World Economic Forum, the Fundraising Coordinator for Grass- Roots Hub, an SDGs Innovation Lab supporting local entrepreneurship in Ghana. To find out more about Chiara visit her website http://www.chiaracecchini.com/ or follow her on Instagram http://instagram.com/clairececchini.

Heike Riel

Physicist & IBM Fellow
In 2013 IBM named her IBM Fellow, the company’s highest technical distinction. This was one of the many recognition Heike Riel has received for her fundamental achievements in the science and technology of nanoscale electronics. She is a distinguished expert in nanotechnology and nanosciences and her research has contributed to advancements in OLED display technology, molecular electronics and semiconductor nanoscale materials and devices. Besides IBM Fellow, she is also Director of IoT Technology and AI Solutions at IBM Research. And obviously a very curious mind.

Ingolf Wunder

Ingolf Wunder is an Austrian pianist, Art lover, and Co-Founder of APPASSIO.com. When he was 16, he was awarded the Liszt Prize at the International Liszt Piano Competition. At 18, he was invited by a renowned conductor Emmanuel Krivine to play at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris. His breakthrough came in 2010 at the most important piano competition: The International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. Since then, Ingolf has been all over the world in the most prestigious venues. Recently, together with his wife, he founded APPASSIO – an online teaching platform which aims at helping individuals to find the right contacts and nourish their creativity in a made-to-measure way. To find out more about Ingolf, follow him on Instagram, http://www.instagram.com/ingolf_wunder or visit his website http://ingolfwunder.com.

Isabella Graef

Originally from Klagenfurt, Isabella Graef, M.D. is now a faculty member at Stanford University and the scientific co-founder of Eidos Therapeutics. Her medical training together with her research training at UC Berkeley and Stanford led her to address questions at the interface of medicine, biology, and chemistry. She has discovered the TTR kinetic stabilizer AG10, which is currently in clinical trials to treat the rare and devastating disease, Transthyretin Amyloidsis. She has authored more than 30 publications in top tier scientific journals and is an inventor of several US issued patents and awarded a number of awards, amongst others a Fullbright Fellowship and Schroedinger Award.

Jet Sanders

Behavioural Scientist
Jet Sanders is a behavioral scientist. She completed her Ph.D. in experimental psychology, worked as a Principal Behavioural Insights Advisor in Public Health England, and is now a Professor with the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science at The London School of Economics and Political Science. She finds patterns that can be used to change human behavior for social benefit, with a particular interest time. Jet is based in London, but can frequently be found in Amsterdam. To find out more about Jet, follow her on Twitter, https://twitter.com/jetgsanders/ or visit her website https://www.jetgsanders.com/

Jody Medich

Director of Design for Singularity University Labs
Jody Medich is the Director of Design at Singularity University Labs. Her most notable work includes UX design for DARPA’S Big Dog, Principal Experience Microsoft, HMI for Toyota’s AiCar, and Principal UX at LEAP Motion. Today, she is a Futurist and Product Designer working to define the future of human-machine interface through radical inclusion by leveraging brain-machine interface, sensors, robotics, AI, and AR/VR. She also travels the world speaking about the future of these technologies and their impact on the world for Singularity University and groups like WIRED, Google, and TEDx. To find more about Jody, visit her website http://jodymedich.com/.

Lexie Alford

Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country
Lexie Alford was born in a small town called Nevada City, California. She has been traveling for as long as she can remember with her family who started a travel agency. She traveled to all 196 countries by 21 years old, breaking the Guinness World Record for the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country by over 3 years. To find out more about Lexie, follow @lexielimitless on Instagram or visit her website http://lexielimitless.com.

Louie’s Cage Percussion

Percussion group
Louie’s Cage Percussion is an ensemble that loves variety and all things new! They are one of the youngest members of renowned Austrian orchestras including the Vienna Volksoper, the Lower Austria Tonkuenstler Orchestra, and the Graz Opera. It’s almost impossible to put a genre tag on their music, as they combine classical music, jazz, rock, electronic music, as well as acting in one place. The instrument range extends from international percussion instruments to the guitar, keyboards, tuba, and vocals. To learn more about Louie’s Cage Percussion visit their website https://www.louiescagepercussion.com or follow them on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lcp_louiescagepercussion

Maya & Yehuda Devir

Comic Artists
Maya & Yehuda Devir are creators of one of the most popular webcomics out there - “One of those days”. It describes their relationship in a humorous way and doesn’t spare any details. It shows embarrassing, funny, sad, happy, and even crisis moments, such as the couple’s attempt to get pregnant with all the difficulties they encountered on the way. Yehuda Devir found his love for drawing as a child when he began painting on his bedroom walls. Maya Devir is a realist artist and specializes in the art of teasing Yehuda. To find out more about Maya and Yehuda, follow https://www.instagram.com/jude_devir/ or https://www.instagram.com/maya_devir on Instagram or visit their website https://www.yehudadevir.com/.


Morf is a multi-instrumental solo musician, singer, beatboxer and busker from Australia currently based in London. He is using instruments the way they were not designed to be played - an acoustic guitar as a drum, a voice as a drum kit or bassline. He is constantly experimenting with new sounds and ideas. He is able to create something fresh and apply it to every new song he produces. After being featured worldwide with major media coverage, including Good Morning America, ESPN, LadBible, and many more, Morf has grown in the public eye and has generated a large fanbase. To find out more about Morf, follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/morfmusic/ or visit his website https://www.morfmusic.co.uk/.

Peter Sage

Serial Entrepreneur & Philosopher
Peter Sage is a well known international serial entrepreneur, author, philosopher, personal growth expert, and teacher. His unique way of looking at and relating to life has inspired millions of people worldwide to reinvent themselves. Whether by improving or turning around a business or developing a new and empowering psychology through practical yet profound shifts in awareness, Peter hopes his insights and teachings can offer something of value to those who seek it. To find out more about Peter, visit his website http://www.petersage.com and subscribe to his YouTube channel at http://www.YouTube.com/petersage007

Sequoia LaDeil Velez

Sustainability Strategist
Sequoia studied herbal medicine, psychology, was featured as a nutrition consultant in News Leben and has been a Forbes contributor for entrepreneurs. Now, he is also powering a circular economy by being a visionary sustainable leader and the pioneer behind a social media influencers, a software solution for healthy nutrition EONOS. To find out more about Sequoia, follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/60secs2sustainability/ or visit their website https://chewbase.com

Stefan Ebner

Entrepreneur & Founder of Tribe.Kids
Stefan Ebner does not like boxes, especially when they cage your mind and free spirit. So he started creating outside of the box and provided a place allowing curious minds to grow. Tribe Kids is not just a school. It is the first purpose-driven entrepreneurial school for kids, where kids leave with the feeling that they can achieve anything.

Xerxes Voshmgir

Futurist & Evolutionary Catalyst
Originally Persian, Xerxes has an interdisciplinary background in social sciences, eastern and western psychology, as well as strategy development. As an ambassador of ethical and sustainable future technology, he connects diverse people, ideas and thought schools to enable new perspectives. He inspires people to rethink, reimagine and reinvent. Xerxes is a futurist, counselor, and keynote speaker. He is the founder of the consultancy Metamorphosers - a diverse group of consulting pioneers for impact projects. To find out more about Xerxes, follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/XERXES_re, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/xerxes_re/ or visit his website https://xerxes.re/

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