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Theme: New Paradigm,New Solutions

This event occurred on
October 21, 2018
Kannur, Kerala

It's an uber-fast world that we live in today. Progress is being made at so rapid a rate that even our immediate ancestors would find it hard to recognize this world. Age old paradigms become futile by the minute here. Most of our problems are unique to us ,so it's only natural our solutions should be too.
We seek out the unconventional thinkers steering their field to new frontiers and those who help us traverse these new frontiers without stumbling and bring them to you in an attempt to accentuate their unique ideas.
These are the esteemed individuals who've risen to the forefront of their area of interest owing to their deviant and unconventional ways of arriving at solutions often overthrowing the accepted cognitive frameworks of their discipline. They aren't taken aback by the unfamiliarity nor the complexity of the problems thrown before them ,they welcome it better yet they thrive in it.

Come and hear from the paradigm shifters themselves!

Government College of Engineering Kannur
Government College of Engineering ,Parassinikkadavu - Mayyil Road
Dharmasala, Kannur, Kerala
Kannur, Kerala, 670563
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University (What is this?)
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After Acoustics

Music Band
After Acoustics is a Pune based folk rock/country music band, established in 2014. The band's music comprises of peppy, foot tapping country songs that make the audience sing along with gusto, leading them to often be compared to Mumford and Sons. What sets them apart is their ridiculous enthusiasm and energy. It is physically impossible to watch them live and NOT leave with a giant smile plastered on your face.

Arpita Khadria

Brand Consultant + CEO & Founder, Barefoot Consultancy
“Think big. Start Small. Act Now”- Arpita followed this motto in her unusual journey of a serial entrepreneur. With bold and different choices, she is today a self made woman. The founder of Barefoot consultancy, inventor of Signtist game, trustee of give freely, an enthusiastic travel blogger, she is also an energetic guest lecturer at leading b-schools. With her infinite well of ideas, she is always thinking ahead . By any definition, Arpita is a role model for success and work life balance.

Devika Sajeevan

Devika Sajeevan has danced her way to several accolades and achievements with her flowing elegance and refined aesthetic movements. A dancer and choreographer, she is currently a B. Tech. student at NIT Calicut, who gracefully carries her passion alongside with extreme dedication and commitment. From the very young age of three, the scintillating world of dance has been a profound part of her life. She constantly seeks the blessing and guidance of her gurus to articulate the continuous flow of this divine art form.

Dr. Shameer Khader

Computational Biologist
Dr. Shameer Khader is a Biomedical and Healthcare Data Scientist. He works with large-scale biomedical data sets combined with computing technologies to develop new risk stratification algorithms, diagnostic tools, precision therapies, and prognoses. His research interests include computational medicine, genomics, healthcare analytics, translational bioinformatics, and drug discovery. He uncovers the multifaceted landscape of how modern technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning could influence various aspects of developing and delivering precision healthcare solutions. His motto is to equip every healthcare provider around the world with "right therapy for a right patient in the right dose via right route at the right time based on the right data and evidence".

Elahi Parvez

The roamer with a heart of gold, Parvez's story is one that deserves to be heard and embodies all that is good about the humankind. From being the 9th grader who spent sleepless nights thinking up a solution to the Pettipalam pollution issue to being the 25-year-old who traversed the length and breadth of the country, most of it by foot, raising funds from all over the country for the flood relief activities in Kerala , Parvez's life's voyage is as interesting as his voyages across the country . Often visiting and bringing to light the stories of the dehumanised souls pushed to the outskirts of the society around the country Parvez forces us to re-evaluate our prejudices and offer a helping hand to those in need, whether it be Rohingyans seeking refuge in various camps in the country or the poor souls forced to take up prostitution in the red light district.

Fathima Hakkim

Architect + Artist
An architect by profession, the girl who loves colors, its tints and tones found her true calling in merging these colours on the canvas - where passion weds thought to create intricate works of art. This young woman from Kollam has mesmerised people with her vibrant paintings, and the resounding poems that accompany them. A graduate in architecture, she has had exhibitions in Kozhikode Art Gallery and at Durbar Hall Kochi. Exhibiting under the name 'Aurora', her art evokes the very enchantment and awe the magical dance of northern lights that inspired her pseudonym has evoked in the human souls lucky enough to witness it.

Jabir Karat

Founder, Green Worms
Jabir Karat is the founder of the social enterprise, Green Worms, an organization that has been able to minimise waste generation, maximise waste recovery and recycling, and dignify people working within the waste industry while partnering with Residential Welfare Societies, Hotel & Hospitals, local government authorities, schools and think tanks across Kerala. His novel initiative, the ‘Zero Waste Wedding’ has been widely recognized throughout the country, with more and more Indian couples adopting it. Apart from Green Worms, Jabir is an advisor to Kozhikode District administration , a resource person for many government organizations like Suchithwa mission, Haritha Kerala Mission, Clean Kerala Company and All India radio, etc.

Nisha Purushothaman

Co-Founder, Paws Trails
Nisha Purushothaman is an avid traveler and photographer.She is one who firmly believes that the people need more awareness about the planet and should travel and see the already fragile eco-system first hand and contribute their part into helping conserve the earth’s resources. She loves to be defined as a naturalist, conservationist photographer. From the backwaters and rainforests of India to the grass plains of Masai Mara; from the crater of Ngorongoro to the deserts of the Middle East, she has spent days and nights passionately following the landscapes, flora & fauna, birds and wildlife of these places.

Sumit Kharbanda

Sumit Kharbanda is an undisputed figure in the field of mentalism, capable of reading minds with neuro imaging techniques, thought identification and many more telepathic approaches. A key contributor of new illusions to the world of magic, he has raised the bar for Indian magic at the global stage. With various prestigious titles including 'Jadu Ratna' and 'Master of stage illusions' to adorn his journey from being a magician-entertainer to an enthralling mind reader, he has carved new dimensions for the diverse and ever-entertaining aura of magic.

Varun Menon Anzifar

Co-founders, Dank Memes Malayalam
Varun Menon and Anzifar are two of the seven co-founders of Dank Memes Malayalam, a prominent Facebook and Instagram meme platform. Known for their sarcastic retorts, quick wit and an unabashed embracement of their dark sense of humor , they've over the span of a few years successfully changed the way malayalis perceive and consume memes. Often concealing social commentary under a cloak of humor ,they've proven themselves as valiant flag bearers of the rapidly growing meme community online .

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Kannur, India


Kannur, India