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Theme: Microneers

This event occurred on
November 24, 2018
Izhevsk, Udmurtskaya Respublika

The term “microneer” is a made up word that celebrates people with a pioneering spirit, who are good at taking small micro steps, and achieving micro wins in pursuit of a larger goal. Microneers are small scale pioneers, catalysts who create a butterfly effect in society.

The reality is that nearly everybody procrastinates. Most people never even get started in achieving their goals because the effort seems too large in their mind. They feel overwhelmed by the details, worried they will fail if they don’t perform every step in the right order, and with perfection.

In reality however, everybody who ever achieved big things always started with small steps. They made mistakes. They corrected their mistakes, and they kept moving forward, learning from their failures through trial and error. In the words of the famous author, John C. Maxwell: "The next time you find yourself envying what successful people have achieved, recognize that they have probably gone through many [failures] that you cannot see on the surface. Therefore, fail early, fail often, but always fail forward."

Microneers, therefore, are people who excel at dissecting big problems into actionable steps. Instead of asking themselves "what are ALL the things I need to do?”, they instead ask “what is the smallest thing I could do right now?” They turn difficult, unimaginable problems into bite-sized, achievable things. They pioneer a way forward through a series of small steps and small wins.

State National Theatre of the Udmurt Republic
Maksima Gorkogo, 73
Izhevsk, Udmurtskaya Respublika, 426057
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Alexander Pilin

An artist, an inventor, and the world famous Mr. Felt
Aleksandr knows how to become a real innovator and how to invent something in a field where everything seems to be already invented a hundred years ago.

Anna Garkusha

Department Head at Rasdelnii Sbor Association, Expert of the permanent commission on environmental rights at the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, member of the Community Council on Environment by the Governor of Leningradskaya Oblast.

Chris Messina

Product designer, writer, avid Twitterer, friend to startups, and speaker. He’s well known for inventing the hashtag
Chris works with developers, product designers, entrepreneurs, and communities to bring to life projects that should exist but don’t. His superpower is pioneering initiatives before most people realize they’ll be important, for example: co-organizing the community that launched Firefox, creating Google Developers, opening the first coworking spaces on earth, and starting BarCamp (the unconference). He’s been chasing down trends he’s dubbed “conversational commerce” and “relationship design” in the world of social software and digital agents. He previously lead developer experience at Uber and cofounded a social AI company called Molly (YC W18).

Dan Choi

Entrepreneur and founder of REMY NY

Dmitri Danilov

Entrepreneur and CEO of Ostrova
Dmitry is an entrepreneur and the general director of "Ostrova."

Elena Kolchina

Professional social activist
Elena is a professional social activist and coordinator of ARGO, Association of City Development.

Emil Bikmeev

A university freshmen, the winner of the Russian forum "The mentor/Nastavnik" and the founder of project, “Professional success: move up your career!"

Köt Kubitz

Musical band
The Izhevsk band Köt Kubitz was formed in 2016. One of the goals of the band is to draw attention to and popularize the Udmurtian culture and language. The unique sound of their music is produced by a musical instrument called a Kubiz. A Kubiz is a native Udmurtian instrument and very rare nowadays. It has three strings and looks similar to a violin. Their music combines blues, folk, and Udmurtian melodies.

Natalia Krinitcyna

The author of "The guide from the past" project and a school teacher

Olga Rebkovets

The director of the Total Dictation Foundation, a member of the Russian Language Council under the President of the Russian Federation annually organizes a large Russian language flash mob.

Roza Faizelova

Born in Siberia, Roza moved to Izhevsk during childhood. She followed an artistic path, composing and playing her original songs on piano with a local post-rock band and quartet of the Udmurt Symphony Orchestra. Now she is recording two new albums, “Piano essay,” and “What love is...”

Vyacheslav Zaitsev

An artist
Художник Слава Зайцев известен своими картинами из журналов в технике коллаж, которую он называет глянцевая живопись. Галерея Славы Зайцева получила сертификат качества tripadvisor 2018 года, и занимает первое место среди достопримечательностей Казани.

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Glavatskikh Capitano

Izhevsk, Russian Federation


Izhevsk, Russian Federation
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