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Theme: Voices Deep Down

This event occurred on
March 30, 2019
12:30pm - 4:40pm CST
(UTC +8hrs)
Zhangjiang, Shanghai

This year, our theme is the Voices Deep Down, and we hope that all attendees will walk away with the courage to listen to their own hidden ambitions. People often pretend to be someone else, but what are the voices deep within your heart telling you?

Where do you want to go?

The SMIC Private School
169 Qing Tong Road
Zhangjiang, Shanghai, 201203
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Youth (What is this?)
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Alex Wise

Music Faculty at Shanghai Orchestra Academy
Dr. Alex Wise is a conductor and educator from the United States who received his doctorate from the University of South Carolina. He currently serves on the faculty of the Shanghai Orchestra Academy and is a guest lecturer at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Alex works with many groups in Shanghai, ranging from youth choirs and orchestras to amateur and professional ensembles. Most notably, every summer Alex conducts the student’s ensemble as part of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra's MISA Summer Music Festival. Aside from teaching, he is an avid composer and researcher, specializing in microtonal music and the influences of Western Music in China.

Chris Kim

Founder of KB Medical Consulting
Christ Kim is 1.5 generation Korean-American, born in Korea and raised in the United States. Up until now, he has worked in four countries and travelled to over 20. For the past six years, he has been living in Shanghai with his wife, five cats, and two turtles. Three of his principles are to keep life to minimal necessity, attain balance between thinking and doing, and to motivate oneself to do what one wants while also building discipline to do what needs to be done.

Christopher Antos

Assoc. Prof. at ShanghaiTech University; PI at Institute of Pharmacology & Toxicology, TU Dresden
Christopher has had the fortune to pursue his research interests and experience different cultural environments due to his passions in science and sociology. He has always enjoyed understanding how things work, with a particular focus on how organisms regenerate tissues and organs. Due to practical restraints such as time, energy, and funding, he is focusing his research on heart and limb/fin regeneration. His laboratory seeks to investigate these through observing the cellular and molecular mechanisms in the heart and appendage regeneration of zebrafish.

Chuyi Shang

SMIC Private School Class of 2021
Chuyi is a current sophomore. He used to be an avid participant in speech and debate, but now his passion has shifted towards the field of economics. He enjoys reading the news, listening to music, and reading about dead economists.

Katie Liu

SMIC Private School Class of 2019
Katie is currently a senior at the SMIC Private School. For a long time, she has been passionate about various social issues, including those of mental health and civil rights. Having taken both AP Psychology and AP English Language, Katie is constantly spreading her message about how the world can become a more accepting place.

Kevin Zhou

SMIC Private School Class of 2019
Kevin is a senior at the SMIC Private School and a pre-law preparatory student. Despite this, his passion primarily lies in videogaming. Observing that most of the time, our future is rarely dictated by what we want to do, but instead by what we should do, Kevin wants to share with the audience a road he has found for video gamers to make a future out of their passion.

Yi Liu

Internationally Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer
Over the last 20 years, Liu Yi has embarked an odyssey-like journey of inquiry to find out what is human, its mission, and how to live a purposeful, healthy, and nourishing life. This journey has taken her to different parts of the world, ranging from metropolis to war-zone areas, to different schools of thoughts, such as Anthropology and Anthroposophy, and to different applications, like education and leadership. Today, she works as a facilitator, coach, trainer, consultant, and entrepreneur in the fields of Nonviolent Communication, holistic education, and participatory leadership, seeking to carry on the inquiry and live the wisdom of life.

Yuhan Chen

SMIC Private School Class of 2020
Yuhan is currently a junior at the SMIC Private School. He is a prospective molecular and cellular biologist, and his research interests include regeneration, epigenetics, and RNA biology. In his spare time, he enjoys studying multiple disciplines, such as theoretical mathematics, philosophy, and current events. Literature, tennis, and chess are his favorite pastimes. Since summer of 2017, he has been working at Dr. Antos's lab, studying regeneration.

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