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Theme: NOT Business as Usual

This event occurred on
September 29, 2018
9:30am - 4:30pm BST
(UTC +1hr)
Telford, Shropshire
United Kingdom

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It’s Telford’s 50th anniversary celebration this year (see and without the growth of business the town would not be as successful as it is today. But we have to change with the times. We have to imagine how people in the future want to work, shop and do business so we can continue to thrive. Look at the big retailers suffering at the moment. They haven’t changed their business model in decades! This event is about what next? How might we manage that change? What is the change? Is it innovative or retrospective? Is the change internal or external? Is “business as usual” becoming toxic for businesses and individuals alike? Do the businesses lead the way in terms of shaping the future or do they anticipate and respond to the needs of the people? What’s the next 50 years got in store?

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Telford Innovation Campus Conference Centre
University of Wolverhampton, Shifnal Road, Priorslee
Telford, Shropshire, TF2 9FT
United Kingdom
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Bridget Supple

Medical services trainer
Bridget was born in Uruguay and lived in Ghana and Malawi as a child. She first moved to Shropshire in 1986 and returned with my husband and their four children over 10 years ago. She’s almost always going to dance if the music is disco Having worked for a major consultancy for years Bridget moved into Maternity services after the birth of her first child and for the last 16 years has worked for two major birth charities and the NHS. Most of her work is teaching expectant parents and Health Professionals about birth, early life, brain development and the microbiome Bridget founded and runs Your Baby’s Biome which is all about the giving babies the best bacterial start. A huge amount of human health is connected to the health of our microbiome; just as ‘it’s not business as usual’ for businesses it’s not in our gut microbes either and it is making us ill. In this talk we will find out how we can learn about a healthy business from the lessons of a healthy gut.

Fran Boorman

Entrepreneur & Author
Fran is a mum who loves her kids and tries her best. Fran has so much energy that she drags herself up mountains for fun. Fran values honest and authenticity above everything else and even tries to stay true to this when she has to tell her kids that she has eaten their Haribo! Fran is entrepreneur who has built multimillion pound enterprises, all with a strong social agenda. She is a big advocate & spokesperson of using business to help solve social problems. As well as continuing to grow her own businesses she is also dedicated to supporting other individuals and corporates to make a significant impact. We all know the world has changed but Fran is going to demystify what is really happening. Yes, technology has had a part to play but the real difference lies in the way we feel and see the world around us. Understanding Fran’s ‘LOGIC Shift’ model will empower you to engage in the new world that we find ourselves.

Hannah Yaawusuah Adjepong

Poet & Storytellor
The last of ten siblings born and raised in a Ghanaian village. A wife and mother of four children and grandmother of eleven. My husband and I celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary last month. I am a retired nurse/midwife. Four times international poet of merit award winner. Author and Live-storyteller I loved to memorise and recite poetry when I was at school. I write narrative poetry that expresses deep emotions. I have been writing poetry as a hobby until I entered one of my poems in a competition nineteen years ago and won an award.

Jackie Handy

Recruitment Specialist
I’m a country girl at heart, loving nothing more than spending time in the peaceful outdoors with my wife and our cockapoo Barnaby. I’m finally content with who I am and it’s taken me a lifetime to say that. I’ve tried my hand at most things over the years; I’m a purple belt kick boxer, have abseiled in the dark, recorded a CD and even appeared (and failed dismally) on the TV show Blockbusters. I launched my consultancy Runway Global Ltd in 2014. This sees me working internationally training, coaching and supporting organisations in attracting, recruiting, engaging and retaining a skilled workforce. I certified as a Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP, Practitioner of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Everything DiSC models. I’m even a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator! I’m a published author and, more recently, a professional speaker sharing my personal and professional ‘journey’ to motivate and support others.

Jenny Thomas

Cofidence and Career Coach
I love exploring and have been lucky enough to get to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA and a lot of Europe and I have a yearning to get to Patagonia, Croatia and Nepal to feed my passion for hiking in mountainous terrain. I used to play netball where I tore both calf muscles (not at the same time!) and smoked 20+ cigarettes a day, making climbing Mt Snowdon last year a massive achievement for me. I’ve been privileged to work with and learn from some inspiring and not so inspiring people in the corporate space. I had a 20 year successful marketing career and I chose to leave it all behind me, change my life and do something else. Now I’m a Confidence & Career Coach on a mission to change the way we do business - to help the corporate space become one where people come first. It’s only when people are the priority over profit and are treated as human beings, rather than numbers on a spreadsheet, that businesses can become profitable again.

Julian Madeley

Chief Executive Office rof the World Egg Organisation
A husband to Adrianna and a father to Max and Wil, I try every day to make steps to help others. Providing food for others is a passion, along with rural areas and those who live and work within it. I am entrepreneurial and strategic with roles as Chief Executive Office of the World Egg Organisation and a founding Trustee a Managing Director of the International Egg Foundation. My various work roles lead to global travel and the opportunity to speak to many peoples in developed and developing worlds, which is enhanced through my association with JM Keynote Speakers. My talk is about supporting children in Africa, through improved nutrition, education and the adoption of technology. Their collective stories have inspired a group of leaders in the global food industry to come together and create a foundation with the aim of using the simplest and humblest of foods, the egg, to support multi-billion dollar medical campaigns.

Lindsey Sharratt

Leadership, Team Building and Stress Management trainer
Outside of work, I have an interest in reading, history & languages. I love horses and dogs. I am very interested in pro bono working helping people overcome significant challenges; my most interesting workshop to date was given at a prison. I started out on the technical side of IT, and after a varied & interesting career became a consultant Project and Programme manager, doing contracts for a number of large organisations. Having become more interested in people than technology, I acquired a First Class Honours degree in Psychology & a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Leadership & Management along the way. I now provide Leadership, Team Building and Stress Management training and Organisational Development consultancy through my business, alongside doing a research PhD on identity, memory and mental health. Understanding how to develop your leadership identity, position yourself as group leader, and bring out the best in your group members, is where you find your transformational results.

Margaret Shenken

Fitness Business owner
I’ve been a waitress, bartender, lawyer, full-time mum, lecturer and fitness business owner. I’m not done yet. My biggest professional challenge has been untraining myself as a professional and retraining myself as a business women. Changing the goalposts from perfection to good enough. The next biggest challenge was moving from a corporate firm of hundreds to a one woman show. Have you ever sat at your desk on a Monday morning and googled “What is the right job for me?”, or wondered why some people seem to be so passionate about what they do? I have. My hope is that you will find passion earlier in your career than I did.

Michael-Don Smith

Executive Presentation and Speaking Coaching
I spent 11 years in the Royal Air Force and was RAF Heavyweight Boxing Champion I Love Origami and have been folding paper since I was 14 years old I have 2 Sons, Aquile and Qareem who are my blessing, light and joy. I have worked in the military, corporate and charity sectors I have run local, national and international technical and soft skills training projects My business niche and passion has developed over the last 30 years to focus on executive presentation and speaking coaching. Crafting your signature speech is about understanding how you can; leverage timeless, universal human archetypes to communicate and anchor the call to action of your presentation, and make that ‘killer pitch’, effortlessly time and time again while keeping it fresh and relevant with every delivery.

Paul McGillivray

Technical Director
Paul McGillivray is a natural and contagious visionary, he is also a self-confessed computer and business geek. Passionate about personal growth and transformation, he believes that many of us have a huge amount of untapped potential, limited more often than not by our environment - the organisations within which we spend our days. He’s on a mission to help us find the meaning and purpose at the root of our work and to level-up our workplaces to achieve things that we never imagined possible. Paul McGillivray is Co-founder & Technical Director of Remote, a company that builds custom software for purpose-driven teams. Their work increases engagement and drives efficiency, innovation and profitability in the organisations they work for, enabling them to have a greater impact in the world. Paul shares how his discoveries have changed the way he approaches his own business, and how we can implement these ideas to make a positive impact on the world.

Rhea Freeman

Marketing and Social Media expert
I live on the Worcestershire/Shropshire border with my husband, twin boys, horses and a dog! I’m a throughly country girl at heart, but that’s juxtaposed with my obsession with technology and social media. I’m also a podcast addict and audiobook fan. I’m kind of addicted to learning! I’ve run my own PR, marketing and social media agency for a number of years, but that’s really morphed into small business coaching & consultancy too. I have a Facebook group dedicated to small business support, write NFU Countryside’s business column and write for a couple of other magazines, as well guest lecture. This will be my second TEDx talk and I’m really excited. Do you think social media is making business harder & you’re losing your connections with people in real life? I’m here to help you make social media work for you. I’ll be talking about how you can collaborate with people online so everyone wins, & how you can creatively use the platforms available today to stand out from the crowd.

Sara Moseley

Social Media specialist
Sara is a married entrepreneurial mum of two who lives in Staffordshire. Working from home and online she has created a flexible lifestyle that enables her plenty of time for being a mum, walking her dog, keeping fit and doing what she wants to do! Sara’s philosophy in life is ‘decide what you want, work out how to get it and then go do it’ Starting off, armed with a BA in Business Studies, in the corporate world of magazine publishing, Sara has accumulated 25 years of experience in the business world. She left the 9-5 corporate world after 11 years to turn a passion and hobby into a successful business. After 12 fabulous years & a ‘burn out’ she refocused her business by embracing new business practices and opportunities offered by the online world. She is now a business coach and mentor and founder of The Wise Woman Academy. Sara describes how ‘being in business’ has evolved and how entrepreneurs today have never had it so good. Embracing change & taking action breeds success.

Sidra Jafri

Entrepreneur & Author
As well as being an entrepreneur and a constant researcher, I’m also a mother to two teenage boys. I tend to travel a lot, so have learnt that in order to have a great relationship with my sons I have to communicate clearly & frequently & treat them as conscious people. Whilst I love to facilitate my clients and help them make massive steps forward in their lives, I’m happiest when at home playing (very competitive) board games with my sons. I am a key facilitator & conscious consultant in the areas of business, relationships & health, with clients located globally. I specialise in opening up possibilities by reframing the challenges my clients face. I have created simple & effective consciousness tools based on years of research that encourage & empower my clients to explore new solutions by rewriting their stories. Its education around the best practices in business consciousness that will open up awareness & enable businesses to survive in today’s difficult economic climate.

Sunita Passi

Ayurvedic Practitioner
Sunita is a single 45 year old British Asian who was born in London and brought up in Nottingham. She spent the early years of her career travelling the globe as a business journalist and now enjoys a more peaceful life tending to her plants and cooking for friends. Sunita Passi is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, holistic educator and entrepreneur, founding Tri-Dosha in 2005, a leading Ayurvedic training and product house which supplies authentic training and skincare to top spas, retreats and therapists throughout the UK and worldwide. The granddaughter of an Indian Ayurvedic doctor, Sunita came to Ayurveda in an effort to manage her own stress levels, while working in India as a business journalist. She is also a freelance BBC radio host and judge of the National Massage Championships UK. Sunita’s aim has been to use her purpose to build an authentic successful business and mentor her students to develop their own businesses as alternative healthcare practitioners.

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Social Media Guru & Professional Speaker
Teresa is a business owner, wife, mum and step mum and these keep her very busy! Her business gives her the opportunity to travel to some amazing places around the globe which she loves and as far as hobbies go, she prefers to spend her time between the family and work so she doesn’t really have any, unless you call drinking Gin a hobby! Teresa is a social media & marketing consultant trainer and international speaker. She helps entrepreneurs and marketers all over the globe, improve their social media marketing so they can grow their business. She loves to share knowledge and does this through her popular podcast call Social Media Marketing Made Simple. Social Media is dubbed on of the worlds fastest moving industries. For markers and businesses alike it has changed the way we market our products, the way we find our customers and the way we speak to them. Discover how businesses can use this innovative tool to their advantage.

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