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Theme: The Next - Life & Beyond

This event occurred on
October 13, 2018
9:00am - 12:05pm +06
(UTC +6hrs)
Dhaka, Dhaka

The human being is one of the most curious species on this earth. All of us are curious about hidden, untold and unrevealed future that we are calling the Next. We are curious enough to know the next first and fast. We are a generation that largely resists labels and refuses to be categorized. It’s strange that so many millennials obsessively read their horoscopes. According to a study, 58 percent of 18-24-year-old Americans believe astrology is scientific. Here in Bangladesh, the percentage is much higher. People here read horoscopes in daily newspapers. Interestingly, they invest time and money to know their own future and the future of their family, cast, and country. Many of them worry about everything that might happen in future but does nothing now. It means that people are really serious to know about the next moment before they arrive there.

Fear of uncertain future breaks the heart and spirit of living in the moment. We are focusing on those people who fear the future, who knows nothing about how the present could brighten their fearful future.

Bangladesh has earned the demographic dividend of having 157 million people with the major portion being youths. The entire nation including government, politicians, educationalists, social workers, NGOs, parents, and teachers are working hard to shape up the future of those youths.

But unfortunate people and planners of our country have a poor idea about the future trend. They blindly believe in Shadhu Baba (fake priests) for guidance about how to act in the future.

This event in Bangladesh will help people from all professions, from housewives to corporate leaders, farmers to teachers, parents to policymakers. It will help them to rethink the role of now in creating a happier life they want in the future.

71 Milanayatan, Daffodil International University
4/2, Sobhanbag, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi
Dhaka, Dhaka, 1207
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All Stars Daffodil

Stage Drama Group
All Stars Daffodil a Theatre club of Daffodil International University.They are raising their voice loud through performance against racism, discrimination & various social disorders of these days. They proved their unique identity through out the nation by their innovative & out of the box presentations on theater. The team believes one day the whole world will become a Factory of Happiness & all human being will sing for equity. All stars earned appreciation from home and abroad and praised as a theater to reshape human brain and mind to creativity one happy world.

Ayesha Jahan Bibha

Trainer & Consultant
Ayesha is passionate about helping knowledge workers and their organizations to perform their best by applying brain-science based strategies. She is an in-depth and insightful speaker on brain science of leadership, performance and wellbeing. She was born in Bangladesh and moved to Australia in 2015. She overcame the initial culture shock to go on to build her own business in professional speaking, training and consulting. In less than 3 years she moved her profile from a local to the global platform. Among 75 international speakers, she was the 1 out of 3 Asian speakers at Global Speakers Summit 2018, New Zealand and the first ever speaker from Bangladesh. She was the only speaker from Bangladesh speaking at Philippine International Leadership Symposium 2018. She believes if we can lead our brain we can make anything possible!

Ayman Sadiq

Teacher, Storyteller, Author
Ayman Sadiq is a Bangladeshi public speaker, author and internet personality who is best known around the country for his 10 Minute School. He is a rising star of the country who has got the huge attention from media and government for reaching out to millions of students through his venture, 10 Minute School. Ayman has taught millions of students through his online classes. He is one of the recipients of 2018 Queen’s Young Leader Award. He has also been listed in the prestigious Forbe's 30 under 30 list. Ayman Sadiq began his teaching career at a coaching center in Dhaka. He is inspired by a poor student who comes to Dhaka from a village with a little money to take coaching but it was beyond his affordability. Then Ayman Sadiq decided to launch 10 Minute School from where anyone can get lessons without any cost from the remote corners of the country.

Hossain Khalid

Mr. Hossain Khaled is a versatile new generation entrepreneur, trade advocate, and a role model for the next generation. He is nominated by Anwar Landmark Ltd. Educated with BBA in Accounting from the University of Toledo, Ohio and MBA degree in International Banking from Texas A&M University (TAMU), Texas, USA. Mr. Khaled joined the family conglomerate during the year 2000. Since then he has held and led very successfully many portfolios, among which mentionable are his success as the youngest President of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Co-Chairman of Bangladesh Better Business Forum, one of the Managing Directors of Anwar Group. He is a Director of The City Bank Ltd. He is an icon among young businessmen and his success is a source of inspiration to other budding entrepreneurs.

Kaniz Fatema

A Mother & An Employee
Coming from a remote rural school of Bangladesh, Kaniz Fatema is a record-breaking CGPA scorer in her undergraduate level and magna cum laude in graduate level; both from two pioneer business schools of Bangladesh. She has 14 years of working experience in diversified areas starting from manufacturing industries, development fields, information technology to telecom sector. Kaniz has gained excellent reputation as an impactful speaker for widespread audiences of Bangladesh including corporate, NGO, Government, defense and educational institutions. She was an invited speaker in Malaysia as the coordinator of GIICT, Bangladesh.

Mahfuz Russel

Social Activist
Mahfuz Russel is a social activist/worker helping those at the bottom of society with 11 years’ international experience: managing of humanitarian aid, establishing Free Health clinic in remote area, charity for street children in a mega city and helping build sustainable communities. My skills include experience and specialized knowledge in five key areas: health care, emergency shelter homes, rehabilitation of street children, education and social awareness. Having extensive experience in managing social welfare and delivering remedial in rural areas which includes emergency response, excellent communication with stake holders (i.e. local authorities, government, villagers), recruiting & managing staff and quick decision making under pressure I strive to empower the vulnerable communities.

Masum Akando

Teen Entrepreneur
Masum Akando is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Plexdot Digital. Plexdot is working with Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Robotics. They are moving forward with "Let's Dream" slogan. They want to be successful in Bangladesh by using their three-dimensional business formula. The company wants to reach the users by making quality products in Bangladesh and sell them in honest price. They have won several awards for working on with these technologies. Masum Akando is a teen entrepreneur and wants to build a mini Silicon Valley in Bangladesh. He encourages teens to be a teenage entrepreneur. He wants to prove that technology can create a doorway for the teenagers to build their career.

Quazi M Ahmed

Success Coach
Quazi M. Ahmed is an award-winning trainer, consultant, motivational speaker and success coach who got recently recognized in the region with the "Global Training and Development Leadership Award" by Mumbai-based World HRD Congress in February 2017. Over one hundred thousand people from private, public and social sectors have attended his training, speaking or lecture sessions during the last 24 years of his career as a human resource development professional and entrepreneur. His most latent venture is Quazi School which can be visited at www.quazischool.com. Educated and trained in Bangladesh, USA, Japan and Norway, Mr. Quazi takes pride in his excellent track record in serving Fortune 500 MNCs (Multinational Companies), top national group of companies in the private sector, UN agencies,INGOs and leading NGOs in the social sector and at Prime Minister's Office (a2i Programme), ICT Division, Army (CMTD), Wasa and others in the public sector.

Team Bangladesh

Robotics Students
A group of five young students are called the Team Bangladesh. They are students of a social enterprise called The Tech Academy. The Tech Academy is aiming to provide education on electronics, robotics, and programming to children and teenagers. They have been very successful in teaching such advanced technical skills to the school going teenagers. Team Bangladesh have participated in a global robotic competition “First Global Challenge”, held in Mexico in August 2018. This is the second time this group of tech enthusiastic teens – Anahita Anoara, Laleh Naz Bergman Hossain, Arman Khasru, Razeen Ali, and Sujoy Mahmud – represented Bangladesh in the second annual robotics Olympics. All the students are from or linked to Dhaka based schools. These students attend The Tech Academy after school. Shams Jaber, founder of the organization, is be the mentor for the team.

Zaiba Tahyya

Social Worker
Zaiba Tahyya is the founder of Female Empowerment Movement (FEM). She started her journey of empowering women with “Project Attorokkha” where she taught self-defense, spoken English, cyber security and electronics to the girls living in the slum of the capital city Dhaka. Her efforts were recognized by popular figures and international community. She is also one of the recipients of “2018 Queen Young Leaders” award. Zaiba realized the need of female empowerment while she was doing her internship research on justice in rape case in Bangladesh. The findings of that research moved her to start teaching “Martial Arts “to the girls of slums. FEM, the non-profit organization is still operating inside Dhaka. Zaiba aims to spread the movement throughout the country. The ultimate goal of FEM is to create leaders from the students they train.

Organizing team


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ejaj-ur Rahaman

Dhaka, Bangladesh