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Theme: Agents of Change

This event occurred on
December 7, 2018
1:00pm - 6:30pm -02
(UTC -2hrs)
São Carlos, São Paulo

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event.
TEDxUSPSãoCarlos wants to inspire your audience and bring new ideas in a relaxed, motivating and passionate event, whose content deserves a special space in our memory. The focus of this TEDx is "Agents of Change", people and actions that help us to see the world in a different way, provoking changes in society, economy, education and even our habits and ideas.
We also aim to connect people who are embedded in the university environment and are from out of town with local community culture and impact stories.
In addition to innovative lectures, our TEDx will bring dynamic and artistic activities to stir not only the senses of sight and hearing. And we will further promote contact between speakers and viewers during breaks and activities.

Auditório da Aeronáutica
Avenida João Dagnone, 1100
São Carlos, São Paulo, 13563-120
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University (What is this?)
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Banda Carvel

Carvel began in 2013 when three friends Gui Avelino (lead vocals, guitar / bass), Lucas "Limão" (guitar / bass) and Lucas Canellas (drums) teamed up to play their own compositions and covers, and the genre could be described as punk rock, and had as great inspirations the bands blink-182, Green Day, CPM22 and Boxcar Racer. Over time, Canellas left the drums and went on to tour bass and guitar with Lemon, while Gui took over the lead guitar and lead vocals. Other influences were being added, such as the Scalene, Fresno and Arctic Monkeys bands, and the compositions began to take a bigger turn toward rock, alternative rock and pop / rock. In 2015, drummer João Gabriel Diamantino joined the band for the recording of "Descub - EP", and completes the current formation of the band. The band has copyrighted songs and their lyrics are impressive and generate reflections.

Bruna Pereira Lopes

"The body flirts with the word, it makes sense, stops poetry." The mixture of poetry and theatrical elements of the poetess and actress Bruna Lopes offers a sensitive experience to merge facts and daydreams. In a single step, look or gesture transmits and receives, it summons the public to listen to stories and relate them to their own experiences.

Caio Ferreira

He graduated in Advertising and Postgraduate in Speech and Image Reading from UFSCar (Federal University of São Carlos). Author of the paper "David Copperfield: discursive relations between the illusionist and the power" (FERREIRA, 2013) * First academic work on magical arts published in a book in Brazil. However, above his training, Caius became an expert in manipulation (category of magic effects involving only the artist's manual skills). Awarded and internationally recognized as one of the best artists of the segment in Latin America, His main brand is the interpretation of magic classics to the accompaniment of erudite and instrumental music.

Camila Haase

Owner of a story based on transformations, Camila Haase had, early on, a rather unusual story. After going through a troubled adolescence, she went to live with her sister in a monastery, where she experienced a long period of varied work and learning. He left there with a new understanding of the world and a great involvement with literature. Thus, she owned a bookstore and two publishers, wrote a book to discuss subjects related to self-knowledge, access to information and, of course, changes. She is currently a book publisher with a focus on self-publishing and content creator, as well as developing other projects as a mediator of knowledge, among them, the project to stimulate critical thinking and help in the development of new perceptions and conceptions about the great diversity cultural environment that surrounds us.

Companhia de Dança do CAASO

Founded in 2015 by USP students from São Carlos, the CAASO Dance Company (Armando Salles de Oliveira Academic Center) traces its growth with weekly dance classes in funk, stiletto, contemporary dance and hip hop styles, as well as presentations in events and university parties, taking art and movement to the most different publics and spaces.

Companhia de Teatro Espelunca

The company was born from the fragmentation of the remote 'Cia Sanca de Teatro', after the group ended its activities after five years of acting. Part of the cast of the deceased company saw the need to be reborn with a new language and perspective, thus creating the Teatro Espelunca Cia in 2016. The company also continued the sociocultural project 'Theatrical Experience', which began in 2014, still with Cia Sanca. The goal of the project is primarily to serve the public from 14 years interested in doing theater. In 2017, the group was again selected for the Arts Qualification Program, this time with a re-reading and adaptation of the Greek comedy of Aristófanes 'Lisístrata', discussing the strength of women in society at the time. Currently the company has a structure that includes two nuclei: circus and theatrical.

Denise Fraga

Actress, mother and an enthusiastic reader, Denise Fraga is always looking for new ways to bring joy and laughter to her audience. Through metaphors and scenes, his requests always seek to lead a human reflection while his script strives to have a story that can be shared between the cast and the audience becoming a precious moment for both. The sacrifices made by money and the reunion of the human being with himself are some themes addressed in his narratives. Putting it all together in a charismatic tone, Denise is a constant adventurer in the art world and her favorite kind of laugh is when people recognize how ridiculous they are and laugh together without caring about others' opinions.

Djalma Nery

Agronomist Engineer and Environmental Educator
A creator of a more sustainable community and accessible to environmental balance, Djalma Nery has become a great change agent in bringing education and environmental awareness to his life projects. An agronomist, he was not limited to his academic background and today he is one of the most important people in the city of São Carlos. Environmental educator, leader of the NGO "Veracity" and author of a book on Permaculture, Djalma knows the potential that Brazil has to offer in the most different social and environmental areas. Therefore, its great motivation is to help the community to find alternatives to live more in balance with the environment.

Felipe Fontes

He is today CEO of the NEARBEE startup that develops public, private and collaborative security solutions, elected this year as the best Insuretech in the country and the 26th most innovative startup in Latin America. Graduated in management from UFMG and Sociology, Unicamp, after almost 6 years immersed in the world of entrepreneurship, startups and social impact, he affirms that "getting rich" and "seeking a more just and sustainable society" are goals deeply connected to each other. to have a purposeful life.

Gaston Kremer

Social Entrepreuner
He is Field and Impact Manager at World-Transforming Technologies (WTT), a foundation that promotes technological innovation for social impact. Before WTT undertook a social business of access to energy and rural development in countries like Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Uruguay. He has studied ethics and governance of technology, climate finance and sustainable energy and international cooperation. He believes in technology as a social process where people should be at the

Giovanna Mel

Restless by choice, journalist by profession, social entrepreneur by vocation and uses communication for social impacts. She is the director of the social initiative "My Lemonade" and curator of the event for young Ser + Conference. Journalist, worked for seven years in the Brazilian press in vehicles such as TV Globo and Portal UOL. He changed the world of celebrities to bring communication, content and empowerment to young people in social projects throughout Brazil.

Leandro Lima

Recently formed, Leandro Lima is the founder of Start Leaders, a company focused on creating leaders of the future. During his journey, he had a great contact with entrepreneurship and coordination positions, developing strategies to achieve goals and manage his responsibilities inside and outside the student environment. Leandro accepted the challenges of his learning and today contributes so that many others can find their own authentic leadership be it for their personal or professional life. Unlike the traditional model, he believes that developing a leader goes far beyond following someone else's footsteps. It is believing in yourself and not being afraid to e

Pedro Paro

Production engineer
He is passionate about the subject of Change Management. He is a co-founder and partner of Trustin, a consulting firm specialized in Strategy and Culture, spin off of the Change Management Group of EESC / USP, founded in 2016. Production Engineer, Master and PhD in Organizational Transformation by USP. He has experience as a change agent in the most varied segments - national and multinational industries, law firms, hospitals, services sector in general, university and innovation ecosystem. He has numerous specializations with multidisciplinary scope - U Theory, NLP, Culture, Strategy, Finance, Operations and Change. Responsible for Research Humanized Companies of Brazil, partnership between USP, Trustin and Instituto Capitalismo Consciente Brasil (ICCB). Adviser of social impact projects by Enactus USP São Carlos.

Sara Bononi

She dropped out of the chemistry course and attended law at UNESP, worked in some offices in São Paulo until she founded Bononi Advogados Associados. Then she became a businesswoman in the field of microscopy. Today, he is a lawyer and chairman of the São Carlos Human Rights Commission. In the same section presided the Truth Commission on Black Slavery in Brazil of the OAB of São Carlos. Amateur actress participated in some collectives in the city - Tusp, Grupo Poetic Theater and Poesia Parida; acted in some short awards, made advertisements. From this artistic and transformative combination, at the invitation of a beloved poet, her first book of poetry, Pororoca-Cobogó, was born. In this poetic move of sum, in which the human assumes the centrality, seeks to bring about social transformations through law.

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