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Theme: Resonance

This event occurred on
February 17, 2019
1:30pm - 6:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
Hoengseong-gun, Gang'weondo
South Korea

Ever thrown a pebble into a lake? How about two, or three, or more? Whenever more pebbles are thrown and more ripples are made, they interact with each other, possibly becoming bigger. Just like that, people interact with people, and when they interact, they can resonate; sharing those influential moments that moved yourself have the capability to move others. In the opportunity-filled campus of KMLA,(Korean Minjok Leadership Academy), February 17th, 2019, seven speakers share their wave of thoughts and experience that have the potential to permanently impact others under the theme of "Resonance." All waves tend to be amplified at a certain frequency: finding that specific point is the key to resonance. Just like this, finding the perfect point that has the power to change yourself is what matters. At TEDxYouth@KMLA, you will witness seven unique frequencies that are ready to resonate with the rest of the world.

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy
800 Bongwha-ro Anheung-myeon
Korean Minjok Leadership Academy
Hoengseong-gun, Gang'weondo, 225-823
South Korea
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Youth (What is this?)
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Bum Sun Jun

Bum Sun Jun is a 12th wave KMLA graduate. When he was in school, he found the first school band despite the objection of the school. He spent most of his time playing music, and also made a podcast named ‘minjok radio’ and ran ‘Minjok rock festival’ as an extension of his musical activity. He went to Dartmouth University after graduating KMLA and started working on the Indi band named ‘Nom’ with his peers. When he entered Dartmouth, he continued his band activity by making the band ‘Shas’ and won the local band competition many times. Now he is the leader of the band ‘Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans’ from ‘Doctor Simpson Company’, which is also a company founded by a KMLA alumni. Bum Sun Jun aims to put Korean Style in his music, which is already well recognized for its uniqueness.

Humanities on Bullshxx

Facebook Page
Humanities on Bullshxx is a Facebook page that talks about various topics related to humanities in a creative way. It plays with language to write essays that seem like baseless statements; yet, the essays actually convey deeper meanings. The unworn yet logical writings of this page have entranced people for nearly 4 years, with over 20,000 people following the page now. In fact, the manager of this page is quite knowledgeable on various topics. He hopes to convey these knowledge to people and grasp their interests at the same time.

Jihyun Jeon

Jihyun Jeon is a high school student currently attending Korean Minjok Leadership Academy. She majors in computer science, but is not only limited to it, for she is also interested in various topics such as Spanish or English. Especially, she excels in reading and analyzing English literature. She also partakes in various activities - as a part of the student council, she acts as the leader of the school department of justice; as a part of student clubs, she acts as the leader of the cheer-leading team. She is a person hoping to make a better future by overcoming stereotypes.

Kenneth Ryu

Kenneth Ryu is a student currently attending KMLA. Interested in the field of law, he has led his school's mock trial team to several competitions and showed great interest in studying the U.S. legal system. Now, he endeavors to investigate the fundamental groundwork of law: democracy. Utilizing his passion for social issues and the desire to solve the various problems our society faces today, he chose to point out the loopholes of democracy, illustrating how the majority vote can be defective.

Kiwhan Sim, Yoon Namgoong

Student, Rapper
Kiwhan Sim and Yoon Namgoong are sophomores attending the prestigious Korean Minjok Leadership Academy. They are interested in making music, especially rap. Sim, in particular, worked on 28 songs just in 2018, which means he created one song in every other week. The motivation behind their huge passion for music is their belief that music can bring people together and enable us to achieve things that would have been impossible otherwise. These two musical talents want to prove this by holding a live performance in front of the audience. Let’s all hope that Sim and Namgoong show us the power that a couple of melodies can create!

Seung Yun Lee

Seung Yun Lee is a senior student currently attending KMLA. She is interested in many different fields including politics, psychology, economics, biology, etc. She is a great debater, who has an experience of participating in many debate competition as a member and a vice president of the school English debate club, ‘English Debate Society(EDS)’. She is also working as a member of the school judicial council and has been chief of school department of justice last semester, which helps her to better understand the need for rules and the importance of judgment. She is a passionate person who always tries to do her best on the things she is enrolled in, and also a very thoughtful person who cares for the people around her by listening and empathizing to their stories.

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