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Theme: Jagad Manusia

This event occurred on
September 8, 2018
10:00am - 6:00pm WIB
(UTC +7hrs)
Jakarta, Jakarta Raya

From the first time we decided to make better use of our opposable thumb, we have appeared on top of the food chain. And as we end our thousands of years of hunting and gathering, settle down, and experiment with farming and herding, the earth enters a new epoch in the geological time scale: The anthropocene. An extraordinary achievement, knowing our brief existence in this blue planet, while never before an era was driven by a single species.

But, having a geological time scale attributed to us doesn’t necessarily mean we’re doing a good job. Humanity have their impediment, our passion can sometimes be so divisive and our presence may scarred the earth to years and years to come.

The earth is not the only place where we leave our mark. We also already leave our mark in the cosmos. In this time of compartmentalization and false nostalgia, ironically, the Space Age Magellan, Cheng Ho, and Ibn Battuta may already walk among us.

So join us where the universe is the stage and mankind is the actor.

Balai Sarbini
Plaza Semanggi, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 50
Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, 12930
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Abraham Auzan

CPO tele-ctg
In 2015, upon learning high maternal and infant mortality rate in Indonesia, Abraham Auzan co-founded his first start up, Sehati, based on a mobile application assisting expecting mother to monitor their pregnancy. Together with co-founder Anda Sapardan and dr. Ari Waluyo, Sehati aimed reduce this number by providing healthcare diagnostic tool in isolated area. Hence, their second startup in 2016, Tele-CTG. A portable and low-cost device integrated to smartphone for midwife and nurses even for the most remote area. After two years of Supervised Ministry of Health clinical trial, Tele-CTG is ready to launch.

Ai Nurhidayat

Multicultural School Principal
One may not see him as a school principal. His background as a Bachelor of Media Studies in Paramadina University, Jakarta, in 2012, also does not help. However, since 2016, he has serve as the headmaster of SMK Darma Bakti Karya--a vocational school with students from 11 provinces all over indonesia. In an urban landscape, diversity such as above can be taken for granted. Unfortunately his school was founded in Parigi, Pangandaran--a small community with smaller social variety. Surely friction was bound to happen. In a large nation with so many small homogenous enclave, diversity is an exception rather than the rule. Ai Nurhidayat will share his adversity and how he overcame it.

Faisal Hasan Mujaddid

Museum Researcher
There are so many facet of art that one can learn, history is one of them. Since 2016, Faisal Hasan Mujaddid has became the lead modern art researcher in Asean Museum, a non-profit organization that envisions the collaborative effort from a variety of fields to preserve the value of human civilization by excavating, researching, and promoting the Asian art histories to the global audience. In early 2018 he completed a series of documented interviews extracting specific answers from the world’s art and history endeavors to be publicly exposed in hope to increase Indonesia’s awareness of the world’s art, history, and culture for for Asean Museum’s Discovery Voice session. In his talk he share some artwork stories from the past.

Fenny Martha Dwivany

Banana Researcher
Dr. Fenny Dwivany is an Associate Professor at The School of Life Science and Technology (SITH) - Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and specially appointed Associate Professor at Department of Advanced Science and Biotechnology, Osaka University, Japan (2017-now). Her research group called the “Banana Group” focuses on genetic diversity, disease and fruit ripening. In 2011, her group was involved in the team that successfully sent Indonesia tomato seeds to International Space Station (ISS) in Space Seeds for Asian Future program and grown the tomato plants as the first Indonesia space biology experiment. She received the Science and Technology Award 2012 from the President for the Women Researchers category.

Hilmar Farid

Director General for Culture
Hilmar Farid’s works on history, art, culture, film, politics, and many more have been widely published. With 25 years of experience being an activist, he has collaborated, founded and participated in various organizations such as Indonesian Social History Institute (ISSI), Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives (ARENA), Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ), and Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society. He is currently the General Director of Culture, in the Ministry of Education and Culture, he has been actively formulating legislations and forging cultural projects in order to design the nation’s strong shaft based on local wisdom.

Karlina Octaviany

Digital Antropologist
Since graduating from Padjadjaran University in 2008, Karlina Octaviany has collected so many of her own business cards. Editor, assistant producer, writer, communication consultants, and contributor journalist just to name a few. In 2012-2015 she worked in The World Bank as a Social Media Consultant in communicating the implementation of National Programme for Community Empowerment (PNPM Mandiri). Now, after ten years of experience and earning a master degree on Digital Anthropology from University College London in UK, her interest on journalism and digital media has lead her to found Indonesia Voice of Women, an organization empowering women on digital media literation.

Nur Dhania

ISIS Survivor
Dhania is a 19 year old who persuade 26 of her family member to move to Syria under the Islamic State, believing it as a welfare Islamic society. After living under it for a year she she found it as a false advertising. She then took multiple arduous journey to return home to Indonesia. Rehabilitated, she now speak of her experience to the public. Her story shows how radicalization can happen to anyone. And she is one of the most important examples for reintegration of radical Islam into the society.

Pauline Boedianto

Slum Restoration Activist + Architect
Since graduating with a Master of Architecture from TU Delft, The Netherlands, in 1997, with her thesis on restoration of squatters in rural area in Kenya, Pauline Budianto has honed a certain skill in conflict resolution. She has worked with various government body in in restoring sub-marginalized group. Starting from Delft Municipality on rehabilitation of deteriorated urban mass-housing; the Government of Kenya on empowering street children in the urban slums in Nairobi; and one of the latest with the Gubernatorial Office of Jakarta on conflict resolvement of Muara Angke Integrated Fishers Village. She currently heads Shepherd of Nations, an organization focused on holistic development projects and urban poor settlement.

Puri Kencana Putri

Human Rights Activist
Graduated as a sociologist from Gajah Mada University in 2008, Puri Kencana Putri has lead her life as a researcher for human rights issue. In Commision for the Disappeared and Victim of Violence (KontraS), she worked as a field researcher on impunity, transitional justice, security actors performance, post conflict situations, business and human rights concern. Since 2017, she has worked in Amnesty International and leading human rights campaign on various issues such as unlawful killings in Papua, human rights protection on sexual minority groups, justice development in Indonesia. With her empirical knowledge, she will share to us how to keep your safety from unwanted stalker.

Robbi Zidna Ilman

COO Mycotech
Robbi Zidna Ilman graduated Cum Laude from School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development (SAPPK) - Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 2012. Since then he has co-founded Growbox--a company that engage on urban farming issues by growing mushroom in a box. Addressing sustainable building material with similar means, by 2015 his company launched Mycotech. It seek to use Mycelium, a fungal colony, as an adhesive agent for sawdust, wooden scrap, and other building debris. Effectively reusing plant-base waste product as an architectural finishing and structural elements. Mycotech has collaborated with academia in the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich. Both Mycotech and Growbox has won several awards including Finalist for DBS Bank Sociopreneur Bootcamp in 2015.

Sujono Keron

Traditional Storyteller
Is the process of artistic talent by nature or nurture? Sujono Keron may gave you none of the answer. Never graduated his vocational school, this son of a farmer’s curriculum vitae includes painter, stage designer, and farmer. In 2000 he received The Governor First Prize in Central Java Art and Culture Parade. While in 2011 he created the largest pair of Loro Blonyo statue, and received a award from Indonesia Record Museum (MURI). In 2010 he initiated Festival Lima Gunung, a yearly art festival that gather artist from Merapi, Merbabu, Sumbing, Andong, and Manoreh, five surrounding mountain in Magelang. The Festival has its 8th event in 2018.

Syauqi Ahmad

Language Translator
As a polyglot, Syauqi Ahmad Zulfauzi Stya Lacksana, is skilled in linguistics, translation, literature, foreign languages, and editing. His bachelor's degree was focused in English Language and Literature/Letters from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. He has learn Bokmål, Russian, Spanish, French, German and Esperanto. His last proficiency has lead him to volunteer in as an Esperanto Tutor in the Museum of Asian African Conference. He worked as a language assistant in Mckinsey & Company since 2016. Now he tasked himself to translate a well known children's story to his mother tongue, Sundanese.

Yolla Primadona

Asian Games Silat Gold Medalist
Both a national and international level champion, Yolla Primadona Jampil has been dedicating almost all his life to pencak silat. He finds ways to showcase Indonesia’s pencak silat internationally, including when he’s involved in one of the acclaimed action movies, The Raid 2, and various international championships such as the Pencak Silat 2012 World Tournament in Chiang Rai, Thailand as well as the 17th Pencak Silat World Championship 2016 in Bali. Together with his partner, Hendy, they won silver in the men’s double in SEA Games 2017, and latest gold from them was a part of the 14 of 16 gold medals domination in the Asian Games 2018.

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