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Theme: Passion

This event occurred on
October 13, 2018
9:00am - 6:00pm +08
(UTC +8hrs)
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Dewan San Choon, Wisma MCA
163, Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 50450
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WVC - Malaysian Jazz Ensemble

马来西亚爵士乐团。WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble 由郑泽相发起,成员有贝斯手 AJ、鼓手黄俊景 (KJ Wong)、萨克斯风手曾庆松 (Julian Chan) 。乐团致力于创造属于自己的音乐语汇,再将其音乐带到世界各地。从 2007 年开始世界年度巡回;同时他们也秉持最原始的巡演精神,以一辆货车出发,将音乐带到本地小镇城乡。身为本地中文爵士乐重要推手, 此乐团至今已参与本区域几项重要爵士音乐节,参与合作多项音乐会及中文爵士专辑录制。 2015 年 6 月举办的两场纯爵士音乐会中,诠释方式加入舞蹈、书法、表演艺术等元素,好评如潮。 Initiated by Tay Cher Siang, WVC is a Jazz ensemble with bassist A. J, drummer K. J Wong and saxophonist Julian Chan. WVC is committed in creating their own musical language and bringing their music to the rest of the world. They began their annual world tour in 2007. Their tour started with bare essentials, with a truck load of instruments bringing their music to Malaysian towns, urban and rural areas. As a major force behind the local Chinese Jazz, WVC have been involved in several important jazz festivals of the region, as well as participating and collaborating with other musicians in a number of Chinese jazz concerts and recording albums. In two pure jazz concerts held in June 2015, the interpretation by combining dance, calligraphy, performing arts and other elements have achieved critical accolade.

Zamzuriah binti Zahari

马来西亚传统舞蹈及剧场的习舞者、编舞者及研习者。 Zamzuriah 是 2006 年国家艺术奖(青年 – 舞蹈类别)得主,她专研宫廷舞 (Tari Inai)、吉兰丹州的玛蓉舞 (Mak Yong Kelantan)、吉打的传统马来剧场 (Mek Mulung Kedah) 及廖内群岛的玛蓉舞 (Mak Yong Riau),曾多次回乡或至各地采集这四种舞蹈的相关知识和舞蹈动作,带动及复兴马来西亚传统舞蹈及剧场,演出足迹遍布全国及世界各地,并在国家艺术文化遗产大学 (ASWARA) 设计出一套完整的传统舞蹈课纲,现为该校全职讲师及马来亚大学兼职讲师。 Zamzuriah Zahari is a dancer, choreographer, actress and singer, specialising in traditional Malay dance and theatre. A recipient of the National Arts Award 2006 (Young Talent - Dancer), her expertise is in the styles of Tarian Tari Inai, Mak Yong Kelantan, Mek Mulung Kedah and Mak Yong Riau. She is committed to preserve and revive the legacy of traditional Malay dance and theatre through visits to her hometown, Kelantan, and studying the knowledge and movements of these disappearing art forms. Zamzuriah has performed both locally and abroad, and even designed a complete traditional dance syllabus at the National Academy of Arts, Culture, and Heritage (ASWARA). She currently lectures at both ASWARA and University of Malaya.

刘丁勇 Jarod Law

科技公司创办人兼世界十大科技智慧回馈社会人物。刘丁勇于 9 岁时被发现患上先天多重色盲,无法分辨石蕊试纸的同时,更遑论圆科学家之梦;其年少旅途迷茫跌撞,从事过多份兼职,后来他决定转修无需辨认颜色的雷达通讯工程系,几经辛苦终于以一等荣誉成绩毕业。之后,他一步一脚印,成为精通 15 种软件开发语言的工程师。他将于今年完成一个即时寻血液与捐血援助平台,通过科技方式日行一善。 The founder of a technology company, Jarod is one of the world’s top ten important figures for contributing technological wisdom to society. He was detected with colour vision blindness when he was 9 years old, unable to distinguish litmus test papers, this compromised his dream to become a scientist. In his younger day, his journey was a lost and confused one, with engagement in many temp jobs. Later he decided to pursue a course in Telecommunication Engineering, without worrying about his colour blind issue. After having overcome numerous hardships, he finally graduated with first-class honours. With the spirit of "one step at a time", he became an engineer proficient in 15 software development languages. He will complete an instant blood seeker and blood donation aid platform soon in this year, and he will make good use of the technology for the cause of charity.

叶强明 Yooyo Keong Ming

Make Up Artist
叶强明入行彩妆界 20 年,一直活跃于秀场后台、杂志拍摄和艺人彩妆造型。他从吉隆坡出发,以上海为创意基地,也到世界各地展现自己的彩妆才华。自 2015 年起,中国 CHANEL 委任他为 CHANEL 特约彩妆师,并为CHANEL中国区品牌大使周迅的御用彩妆师。他与许多行内著名摄影师合作,如 Peter Lindbergh、Ellen Von Unwerth、陈漫、于聪等。他精准的彩妆技巧和随和的个性 ,获得业界认可。参与杂志拍摄包括《周末画报》、《Vogue》、《ELLE》、《L’Officiel》等。

叶维昌 Yip Wai Cheong

红十字国际委员会(International Committee of the Red Cross, “ICRC”)驻吉隆坡区域市场主管。叶维昌于 2004 年毕业自香港大学商学院,随后进入高盛集团 (Goldman Sachs) 工作。四年后,他辞职并前往日本早稻田大学修读硕士学位。在日本进修期间,他深受前辈影响而决定投身于 ICRC。他主要负责动员资源,维持与各国政府和捐赠者的关系,就日内瓦公约的落实给予意见。他曾在巴勒斯坦、阿富汗和缅甸参与救援工作,在 2008 年到四川地震灾区救灾,2015 年到爱达曼海救助从非洲偷渡欧洲的船民。他今年获香港特区政府颁授荣誉勋章,以表扬他在国际人道援助的贡献。 Jason Yip is the Regional Head of Unit at the government affairs & donor relations division of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). He graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a BBA in 2004 and began his career as an analyst at Goldman Sachs. Four years later, Yip obtained a Masters in International Relations and Affairs at Waseda University in Japan and became involved in the ICRC. His main responsibilities included mobilising humanitarian resources, maintaining relationships between various government and donors, and advising on the implementation of the Geneva Convention protocols. Yip’s participation in humanitarian aid and emergency relief include the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, the 2015 migrant crisis in the Andaman Sea, and delegation experience in Palestine, Afghanistan and Myanmar. Yip received a Medal of Honour from the Hong Kong SAR government for his effort and contribution to international humanitarian aid assistance.

吴瀚洋 Wu Hanyang

中国留学生。来自中国福建省泉州市的吴瀚洋,因为对于新闻媒体领域怀着一股强烈的热爱与向往,所以选择离乡背井来到马来西亚修读新闻系。他个性随和大方、阳光开朗,具备良好跨文化交际能力,也敢于接受挑战,积极接收新知识。马来西亚的多元文给予他足够的样本和更宽广的视角去运用专业知识观察社会,进而让他体会两国文化之间的差异,以及为文化交流作出贡献。 A native of Quanzhou City in Fujian Province, China, Wu Hanyang’s strong interest and passion for news and media motivated him to study journalism in Malaysia. The diverse multiculturalist society here provided insightful perspective and allowed him an opportunity to observe the Malaysian communities, understanding societal differences, and how to contribute to cultural exchanges. Wu’s easy going personality and cheerful disposition allowed him to engage in intercultural discourse, enabling him to broaden his new knowledge and take challenges.

周筵川 Spencer Chou

台北 boven 杂志图书馆创办人。1976 年出生于台北的周筵川,因为喜欢音乐而进入淘儿唱片(Tower Records)工作,在那里除了遇到许多音乐狂热者,更重要的是接触到大量外文杂志。杂志之于他而言,最迷人的特性是与当下生活的紧密连结,那是网路无法取代的知识储存方式。他相信,图书馆是城市里必要的存在,因为人们通过阅读过程沉淀和思考。本着“想要唤起阅读美好记忆与分享”的初心,全世界第一家杂志图书馆 boven Magazine Library 由此成立。 Founder of Taipei boven Magazine Library. Born in Taipei in 1976, Spencer Chou joined Tower Records as he is passionate about music. Besides meeting with many music enthusiasts, the access to a large collection of foreign language magazines is his pinnacle significance. To him, the most fascinating feature of a magazine is the close connection with current life, which is the knowledge repository that the Internet cannot replace. He believes that the library is an essential presence in the city because people precipitate and think through while reading. In the early days of "wishing to evoke good memories and sharing," and first of its kind in the world, boven Magazine Library, was established to fulfil this passion.

张文婷 Wendy Teo Boon Ting

英国皇家建筑师、策展人兼研究员。张文婷以在建筑设计生涯中,赢得多项国际奖项认可,如豪瑞 (Holcim) 可持续下一代奖(一等奖)、 Archiprix、 哥伦比亚-创利德奖等。她的设计项目曾于世界各地展出,当中最值得一提的是她受邀参展由蓬皮杜中心副馆长 Frédéric Migayrou 和法国奥尔良 FRAC 中心总监 Marie-Ange Brayer 策划的 2013/14 Archilab 自然建筑展览。2017 年,她从英国回到家乡后,开设婆罗洲美学实验室,秉持婆罗洲合作精神,将海内外设计师、产业界能手、地方工匠进行合作配对,且从事多方位的美学产品实验。 Wendy Teo is a UK RIBA qualified architect, curator, designer, educator, writer and researcher. She has won numerous accolades throughout her career in architecture, including the 1st Prize in Holcim Sustainable Architecture Competition in Switzerland, Archiprix 2009 in Uruguay, and the Columbia Threadneedle Prize. Teo’s design projects have been exhibited around the world, most notably at the 2013/14 ArchiLab in France. Teo completed her postgraduate studies at UCL and Cambridge, while also spent 5 years at Foster + Partners in London. In 2016, Teo founded Borneo Art Collective, a non-profit organisation aiming to promote art, design, heritage, crafts, wellness concept and interesting stories of Borneo culture, helping Borneo to establish a creative crowd.

李威霆 Kenny Lee Wee Ting

Earthlings 咖啡工作坊创办人。李威霆,企业管理博士,于 2011 年开始接触咖啡,为将精品咖啡引入东马走访各国学习,获 CQI 杯测师执照、前美国精品咖啡协会指导员、欧洲精品咖啡协会讲师及考官资格认证,同时受德国咖啡研究教育机构“咖啡学人”委任为亚太区负责人。最近为了纠正大众对本地咖啡豆 “赖比瑞亚” (Liberica) 品种的错误偏见而作出研究与演说,因此在 2018 年德国“斯图加特咖啡峰会”上获颁 Kaldi Award 咖啡生豆类科学奖,以表扬他对咖啡的贡献。 Kenny Lee is the founder of Earthlings Coffee Workshop in Kuching, Sarawak. Lee, possessing a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration), started to learn about coffee in 2011. Lee obtained the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) ‘Q’ Grader license, obtained experience as a certified instructor with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). He is also a certified lecturer and examiner, and was appointed as the Head of Asia-Pacific region of the Coffee Consulate, Germany. His recent extensive research and his awareness aimed to shift the public’s misconception towards Liberica, a type of coffee bean that is abundant locally, earned him the Kaldi Award at the 2018 Stuttgart Coffee Summit in recognition for his contribution to the knowledge of coffee.

杨雁雁 Yeo Yann Yann

金马奖最佳女配角。杨雁雁演出作品横跨电视、电影与舞台喜剧,多年来坚持于精进自己的演技,建立辉煌的演艺事业。她早期于新加坡发展参与多部电影,凭着戏剧《雷雨》中所饰演的“蘩漪”一角,赢得「新加坡Life! Theatre Awards」最佳女演员奖项。回流大马后,2010 年凭电视剧《女头家》荣获第一届金视奖最佳女主角。在电影 《爸妈不在家》中的精湛演出让她的演艺生涯再造高峰,获颁第 50 届金马奖最佳女配角,同时拿下亚太影展最佳女配角及在印度和俄罗斯影展获颁最佳女主角殊荣。 Yeo Yann Yann is an award-winning Malaysian actress, worked in Singapore and has acted in theatre, television and film. She was awarded ‘Best Actress’ by Singapore’s ‘Life Theatre’ for her role as Fan Yi (蘩漪) in the drama series - ‘Thunderstorm’ (雷雨) in 2007. After returning to Malaysia, Yeo’s work in ‘The Iron Lady’ ( won her the Golden Awards for Best Actress in 2010. She received international recognition for her role as Hwee Leng in llo llo, a Singaporean film for which she received the Best Supporting Actress award in both the 2013 Golden Horse Award and the 2013 Asia Pacific Film Festival, as well Best Actress award at the Mumbai film festivals in India and the Vladivostok film festivals in Russia. Her past works included a collaboration with Yasmin Yusoff’s ‘Mualaf’ (2008) and recently ‘Lee Chong Wei’ (2018) - autobiography movie of Badminton legend directed by Teng Bee.

沈宝翰 Hanns Sim

记忆力大师。沈宝翰 20 年来致力于助记符,是此项领域先驱。1999 年,宝翰使用技术与计算模式,以 7 个月时间记住 67,053 圆周率数字,打破世界纪录。其重要突破是把相同技术,致用于学习其他学科。为了帮助更多人在各自专业领域达到有效学习,他常传授并分享他所拥有的知识天赋与学习技巧。他推崇以正确有效的学习技巧建立个人学习基础后,就能让人类的知识大幅度提升。 Hanns Sim is a pioneer, expert, and authoritative figure in the field of mnemonics. He has over 20 years of experience in superior memory research. In 1999, using specific techniques and computational methods, Sim managed to remember a staggering 67,053 Pi numbers in 7 months, breaking the world record. The breakthrough of this achievement is the realisation that the same technique can be applied into other disciplines. Since then, Sim has been actively sharing his knowledge and skills with others, creating awareness and hoping to help more people achieve a more effective and faster learning skill in their respective fields. He believed that mankind’s knowledge can be greatly expanded using proper techniques to build a strong personal foundation in learning.

王睦宗 Zung Ninja

大马国际摄影师。出身于马来西亚小渔村适耕庄的王睦宗在 24 岁时创立摄影工作室 “The Photoz”,以独到的拍摄手法及视角来捕捉和诠释拍摄者背后的故事。他不仅是马来西亚皇室爱用的摄影师,还拍摄过美国心灵讲师罗宾、美国前总统克林顿、美国前总统布什、美国现任总统特朗普等世界名人,作品在国际摄影界深获好评。此外,他曾利用 6 周游走 6 大洲完成环球拍摄工作计划,更曾在 100 多天内从南极到北极分别进行不同的拍摄。 Zung is an award-winning international photographer. Born and raised in Sekinchan, Zung set up his own studio, The Photoz, when he was 24. His is known for his distinctive ability to capture fleeting moments and emotions stealthily, which earned him the moniker “ninja photographer”. Zung has shot portraits of Anthony Robbins, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Andrea Bocelli, the Dalai Lama, and Donald Trump; he is also a favourite among the Malaysian royalties and the high society. Zung completed a personal challenge to shoot in 6 continents within 6 weeks, and has even travelled from Antarctica to the Arctic in 100 days on photography assignments.

蔡威勇 Kenji Chai

涂鸦艺术家。蔡威勇自幼喜欢绘画,曾从事平面设计工作;惟之后发现这份工作的枯燥乏味让他无所适从,也找不回当初绘画的美好。他希望自己的想法得到更实际的诠释方式,进而开始接触涂鸦。他曾和彪马 (PUMA)、立邦漆 (Nippon Paint) 等知名品牌合作,最近为城中精品酒店 RED by SIROCCO 绘出一面高达 87.1 公尺、宽达 20.6 公尺的壁画,获得《马来西亚纪录大全》认证,列为“马来西亚最高壁画”。他认为涂鸦赋予一个地方生命力,因此将作品融入大环境中,为这忙碌都市带来一份正能量,也同时起了美化功效。 Kenji Chai is a street artist. He started his career as a graphic designer, but was soon bored by the insipid nature of the job. Seeking to rediscover his own interest in painting and freedom of expression, Chai turned to graffiti. He has collaborated with Puma and Nippon Paint, and his recent commission - an 87.1m x 20.62m mural on the side of the RED by Sirocco Hotel in KL - received recognition from the Malaysia Book of Records for the Tallest Mural in Malaysia. Chai believes that street art can enliven a place with aesthetic qualities, and if applied in the right context, bestow a place with positive energy.

郑泽相 Tay Cher Siang

爵士音乐家。郑泽相毕业于美国西维吉尼亚大学,爵士音乐教学系硕士。2007 年回国,泽相除了从事爵士音乐教育,也活跃于马来西亚和亚洲区域音乐舞台,更参与各项音乐类型制作,担任专辑与演唱会音乐总监。2008 年,他从五个国家二十多位钢琴家甄选中脱颖而出,被邀请加入 Unit Asia 爵士乐团。此乐团成员有日本爵士乐团 T-Square 鼓手则竹裕之、吉他手三好功郎 、泰国萨克斯风手 Koh Mr. Saxman,于世界各地举行多场巡回演奏。2016 年,他荣获第 13 届 BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 音乐组最佳独奏、最佳合奏(与 WVC 马来西亚爵士乐团)及最佳原创作品奖。 Jazz Maestro Tay Cher Siang graduated from West Virginia University with a Masters of Jazz Pedagogy. Upon returning to Malaysia In 2007, He taught Jazz and is actively involved in the Jazz scene in Malaysia and Asia region. Having participated in various music productions, as the serving Music director for albums and concerts. In 2008, he stood out among Jazz pianists from more than twenty five countries, and was invited to join Unit Asia Jazz Orchestra. The band members include Japan T-Square Jazz Orchestra drummer Hiroyuki Noritake, guitarist Isao Miyoshi, Thai saxophonist Koh Mr. Saxman. The orchestra gave several concert tours around the world. In 2016, he won the 13th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards Best Solo Performance - Instrumental, Best Group Original Performance – Instrumental, and Best Original Composition.

郭史光庆 Kuek Ser Kuang Keng

DataN 创办人、数据新闻培训者兼自由撰稿人。郭史光庆于 2013 年获颁富布赖特奖学金前往纽约大学攻读新闻学硕士学位。光庆曾获选为谷歌新闻学人与陶氏奈特创业新闻中心会员。他凭借过去新闻从业员经验,使用数据让人以更贴近实在角度去了解新闻实事;其设计的新应用软体, "若叙利亚战争在你国家发生",于 2016 年获得新闻数据奖项。他认为,若能在读者、事实与数据间筑桥,那事实数据也就不冰冷无情,这秘诀就在于如何把数据以人性化呈现。 Founder of DataN, Trainer for data driven journalism and freelance writer; Kuek Ser was awarded the Fulbright scholarship in 2013 to New York University to pursue a master's degree in journalism. He was a Google Journalism Fellow and Tow-Knight Centre for Entrepreneurial Journalism Fellow. With his past experiences as journalist, the use of data makes it closer to the perspective of understanding the facts of news reports; His design of application software, "What If the Syrian civil war happened in your country", won the Data Journalism Award in 2016. He believes that by building bridges between readers, facts and figures, then factual details would not be cold and raw, instead the secret lies in how to present data in a user-friendly manner.

陈佩真 Chen Pooi Chin

手帐达人。陈佩真年前获台湾野人文化出版社邀约,于 2017 年出版第一本个人著作《恋手帐》。手帐人称 “Pooi Chin” 或 “PC”,喜欢把与名字 “PC” 有关的字眼融入创作力,例如 Postal & Craft 、Private & Confidential 、Page Count 、Personal Cheerleader 等等。她对文具有一份情意结,也热爱书写与手作,欣赏极简创作,享受没有规划的灵感来源。在感官被数码科技产品日渐麻木的生活里,通过手帐这样实在的记录方式,学会观察日常中的小确幸,真切地感受生命,丰富心灵,珍惜当下,是她在手帐路上的一番领悟。 Chen Pooi Chin is an avid enthusiast in the art of journaling. She loves stationeries, and enjoys expressing her thoughts and recording memories using old-fashioned ways, such as handwriting and creating crafts on paper. Through journaling, Chen learns how to observe the finer details in everyday life, which are often overlooked due to the sensory overload caused by digital technology. She is known as “PC” in her circle, and has a knack for incorporating words that begin with those initials in her work, such as Postal & Crafts, Private & Confidential, Page Count, and Personal Cheerleader. In 2017, Chen published her first book, Pooi Chin - Love for Journaling, released by Taiwanese publishing house, Yeren.

陈劭康 Chan Shao Kang

Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) 微软简报设计爱好者。陈劭康毕业于马来亚大学法律系,偶然下因发现大学教授和同学们受限于固有的 PPT 设计,而开始探索 PPT 设计的可能性,从此之后便与创意和设计领域工作结下不解之缘。劭康从一开始的自我摸索到后来上网观摩国外的优秀案例,逐渐意识到 PPT 设计是一门独立的设计领域,但在马来西亚却被冷落。2017 年 10 月,他开设马来西亚首个有关 PPT 设计的中文脸书专页 “Ace Slide Design”,希望借此平台提高我国人民对PPT的重视和审美观。 While studying law at the University of Malaya, Chan Shao Kang noted on how his professors and fellow classmates would struggle to create effective PowerPoint presentation slides using standard default templates provided. This led him to explore the design possibilities of the software through experimentation and by studying exemplary presentation slides from overseas. Chan discovered that there is an art in crafting good presentation slides, which is unfortunately underrated in Malaysia. He created a Facebook page called “Ace Slide Design” in 2017, with the purpose of educating the public about the importance of good PowerPoint slide design, and appreciating the details behind it.

陈治向 Chan Zi Xiang (Zi)

社会企业 Langit 联合创办人。 主修精算系的陈治向,在一趟深入砂拉越的老越 (Lawas) 高原地区,协助原住民处理基本水供的非政府组织行程中,和三位伙伴因缘贴进农民的农作生活,方发现马来西亚拥有如此优质农作物。时间的积累,治向和伙伴看见间中藏着无限的发展潜能。他们相信,只有建立可持续发展的经济生态系统,才会让优势为这个社区带来更好的未来。为此,一家社会企业 Langit, 因此诞生。 One of the co founders of social enterprise named Langit, Chan Zi Xiang, graduated with a major in Actuary joined an NGO trip to assist the aborigines (Orang Asli) from Lawas Plateau in Sarawak with basic water suppliers. That was where Chan and his partners came across very high quality crops that they weren’t aware. As time goes on, Chan and his partners saw infinite potential and opportunity for this crops to develop. They believed that by establishing a sustainable economic ecosystem on crops, the system will provide a better future to the Orang Asli community. Thus Langit was incorporated for this noble social enterprise project.

陈金玉 Tan Kim Kiek

不再沉默的勇者。陈金玉,一朵铿锵玫瑰,毅然在黑夜里用那坚强的花蕾,绽放出一份特有的美,故事中纵然有泪,可是人生不因此枯萎。成长过程中的爱恨矛盾,交织间让她体认并重新赋予身体应有的认知。性暴力,并不是不能说的秘密,反之更应该打破沉默,勇敢发声;因为比性暴力更令人发指的,是社会无形中建构的性暴力文化,例如:放大审视幸存者的装扮或行为、通过谴责幸存者来为施暴者免责等等的性暴力迷思体现,都足以让幸存者受到二度伤害。她的美丽虽带着痛楚,却给予生活积极的实践。 A legal advocate, Tan Kim Kiek has been the voice for sexual assault victims and continually fights for the injustices caused by this offence. Driven by her own personal experience, as she realised most victims remained silent in fear of harsh societal judgement. She advocates to increase awareness on sexual violence and seek to break the culture of society’s stigma on blaming the victim.

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