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This event occurred on
September 29, 2018
Sao Tome, São Tomé
Sao Tome and Principe

TEDxSãoTomé brings the brightest minds of Sao Tome and Principe and beyond to Sao Tome for an annual event based on sharing ideas worth spreading.

Pestana São Tomé
Avenida Marginal 12 de Julho
Sao Tome, São Tomé, 851
Sao Tome and Principe
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Ana Mota

Children do not all reach the goal at the same time and in the same way. Ana Mota, a teacher of the first cycle, knows that all the lines are not straight and that each child differs from the other in the way they draw them. 40 years of a career that began in Portugal, where she graduated and made much of her professional growth was dedicated to teaching and special education. Ana believes that everyone, in their own way, can and should contribute to the development of a nation. However, each party involved in the process must understand its role, its limitations and its capabilities and special education helps make inclusion and integration possible in an increasingly demanding universe.

Any Moreira

The singer Any Moreira won the Best Female Artist award at the STP Music Awards in 2017. She began singing in the children's choir group of CIAC (Centro Internacional de Arte y Cultura), when she was 15 years old. For her "music is life, it is inspiration, it is my great companion. Music is every day in my mouth, at all times and places."

Edite Ten Jua

Edit Ten Jua is a multitasking woman. Throughout her professional experience she has accumulated experience as a lawyer, mediator, designer, consultant and minister. Creating, re-creating and innovating are words that also accompany her as an entrepreneur and owner of the brand TEN JUA Collection and children's story writer who put "Tita Catita" in the daily life of several children. The sky is the limit for those who dream high and Edite is certainly in this category.

Estrela Matilde

Estrela Matilde is Portuguese and in 2013 accepts the challenge to cross the African continent and work in the Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean – Sao Tome and Principe. Graduated in Biology, she holds a master's degree in Biological Conservation, she reaches Príncipe island as the manager of the Príncipe Trust Foundation, an NGO working on sustainable development and nature conservation. Through the Foundation's social projects, she launches with the collaboration of various women the Waste Utilization Cooperative- CVR [Cooperativa de Valorização de Resíduos], to recycle glass into beautiful handmade beads used to create unique pieces of jewellery. In 2018, the CVR project was the winner of the Femme de Terre Portugal 2018 Prize, promoted by the Yves Rocher Foundation, which targets projects that stand out in the environmental field.

Filinto Costa Alegre

Attorney at law
A name that is inextricably linked to the liberation history of Sao Tome and Principe. Embedded by the pro-independence movements that were going on all over Africa in the 1970s, Filinto Costa Alegre and other young Sao Tome students dropped out of higher education in Portugal to return to São Tomé and "fight" for the independence of the islands. In addition to the political vein, Filinto Costa Alegre has also distinguished himself in legal advice, representing a diverse clientele, which includes state and private entities, nongovernmental organizations and international organizations, located in and outside São Tomé and Príncipe on issues intellectual property rights.

Ivanick Lopandza

Manager and Writer
The saying goes that you should never judge the book by its cover. Graduated in Public Administration and master's degree in Economics and Management applied to agribusiness, Ivanick Lopandza is a true box of surprises. Inspired by his education, family life and the various literary influences of the African continent, Ivanick is a young man who is aware of the changes that impact on the present and the future of Sao Tome and Principe. Ivanick Lopandza has several publications in scientific journals in his professional curriculum. He is also the author of the book "Poetic Theses on Pessimism" and co-author of "What Counts the Senses".

Joseph Sousa Jamba

The Angolan civil war caused him to emigrate at an early age to Zambia. It was in this country that Joseph Sousa Jamba learned English and in which his first literary and journalistic texts were born. Events mark our destiny, and for a writer words come to life by transcribing every detail soaked between rationality, feeling and inspiration. His experience in areas devastated by war, in spaces where dialogue was needed to build a connection between people is present in all his works. As a journalist, Sousa Jamba worked in countries such as the United States, Brazil, Portugal, Great Britain, collaborating on newspapers such as The Spectator, The Independent.

Luisélio Salvaterra Pinto

Electrical Engineer
Fond of new technologies and a graduate in Electrical Engineering with a postgraduate degree in Management and Renewable Energies, Luisélio Salvaterra has spent the last 10 years providing strategic assistance to Angolan and São Toméan investors in various domains of industrial sector, but with the main focus on the new energy paradigm, investment in infrastructures and information technologies. His enthusiasm in the field of renewable energies and new technologies has led him to dream higher and he wants to bring this knowledge also to an organized civil society, to make people more educated and informed about energy security, environmental protection and climate change.

Maria José Prazeres

We are not always prepared for the surprises / obstacles that life holds. But that does not mean that we are not able to take advantage of them and / or overcome them. That is what happened to the young Saotomean Maria José Prazeres. Always active professionally, Maria is a graduated economist, teacher of secondary and professional education and also holds the post of Regional Director for Economics since 2017. Functions of responsibilities that kept her totally occupied until she got the news: she had breast cancer. Faced with shock, ignorance and having to face this treacherous disease that is seen by many as a death sentence, Maria left the island of Principe for Portugal with only two words in mind: to fight and to win. After all, she refused to accept that breast cancer would be her death sentence.

Mé-Chinhô Costa Alegre

Attorney at Law
Changing the world through the promotion of renewable energy is one of the dreams of Mé Chinhô Costa Alegre. He graduated in Law in Coimbra and holds a postgraduate degree in Public Regulation and Competition and specialization in Ocean Governance and Maritime Safety, by ANCORS (Australian Center for Ocean Resources and Security, UOW: University of Wollongong, Australia. He is currently a lawyer in a company and independent consultant in matters of public law and regulation, with emphasis on electricity, maritime safety, food and nutritional security, as well as various administrative areas.

Meyer António

Forest Engineer
Forest engineer Meyer António was born in the district of Lobata on August 24, 1979. Protecting forests is his great passion and mission. As an international consultant, teacher and forestry technician Meyer has the responsibility to convince people about the relevance of preserving our forests.

Moisés Viegas

Social Entrepreneur
Moisés Viegas, the fourth of 10 siblings, was born in Cassuma, Mé-Zóchi district on September 21, 1981. At the age of 18, he moved to Luanda, Angola where he followed his studies and graduated in International Relations at the Lusíada University of Angola. Later on he also carried out a specialization in Ethics and Political Philosophy in Brazil. Shum (as commonly known by his friends) believes that we all were born to serve: our country, those in need; in short to serve is a mission entrusted to all of us by God. In this vein of thought, he founded the Solidary Nucleus of the [Núcleo Solidário da] Lusíada University of Angola and, later, the Solidary Nucleus of [Núcleo Solidário da] São Tomé and Príncipe. He has remained as president of the latter from its inception. Professionally, Moisés has established himself as a consultant in International Relations and an achieved entrepreneur, being the only representative of a premium brand of products for men in São Tomé.

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