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This event occurred on
September 1, 2018
Cairo, Al Minyā

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Egypt British International School (EBIS)
New Cairo
Cairo, Al Minyā, 000
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Abdelrahman Moustafa

A 25 years architect who works as a Sales Engineer at the Swedish Group. He is a highly motivated guy who is eager to try and explore everything he feels or is passionate about, which is to test his abilities that pushed him once to an insane limit that he was doing 7 different jobs at the same time. His talk is about Teleportation and how it affects our choices, why fears stop us from diving deep into what we like to do. He is going to tell you about the (love and power of trying) part of his life and how he appreciates the theory of (Try and Error) And if you take the step of making things you like, what comes next? How to reach your definition of success? Most importantly, WHAT HAPPENS AFTER REACHING YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS?

Ahmed Magdy

Engineering student by day, Basketball/Fitness coach by night. Ahmed Magdy is a 23 year old with a vision for the Sports Industry in Egypt. Playing basketball for Zamalek and Telecom Egypt Team in the past and being an active statistician for the Egyptian Basketball Federation in the present Ahmed is in deep when it comes to sports. With Sports being Ahmed's passion, he will be proposing some ideas to revolutionize the sports industry in Egypt. Thanks to his work Ahmed found the keys necessary for Egyptian athletes to excel in any sport and compete strongly around the world. To him sports in Egypt is not only football and there are many successful athletes out there. With the right steps taken, Egypt can get back on the map in many different sports.

Mahinour Okda

This woman is professional when it comes to breaking the common stereotypes. Her talk, entitled “Not another brick in the wall” discusses how each individual should stop following the expected norms of society and be himself. Following trends is easy yet, standing out is way harder.

Maria Maged

an 18 year old student at STEM who is passionate about psychology. Depite her young age, she has volunteered with an African refugees school to teach English, and while dealing with the children, she helped one of them overcoming PTSD ( post-traumatic stress disorder) applying her psychological knowledge. Her talk is about the mind and its consciousness levels. What are they? What is happening when you sleep? What happens when you are hypnotic? And what happened when you are dreaming? What’s the hidden observer phenomenon? Are we aware of everything happening around us? How the psychological perspective of the consciousness is implanted in our daily life?

Maya Ashraf

In her talk, by science, she will prove you that there is nothing called motivation and how it is all related to the brain chemistry . She will show people a technique to literally get out of their heads, get over the tricks our brains do and help them to take new, arduous decisions they have never thought that they would make them one day and that’s through a rule Mel Robbins created coincidendntly. In fact , she will show people how to 'OUTSMART their BRAINS in just .......'an 18 year old senior student at EBIS who had gone through major ups and downs during the last year and discovered that she had been living all of her life relying on something that doesn't exist, motivation, was a real bolt came from the blue. However it made her change her perspective, considering taking decisions and how to run her life the way the way she wanted; 180 degrees. How many times did we promise ourselves that "One day, I will take the decision of changing my life to the better whether through hitting the gym, starting a healthy lifestyle, or just studying" and this day NEVER shows up? We claim that the reason behind this is our need for motivation while, in fact, MOTIVATION IS a FAÇADE our brains use to keep us where we are. In her talk, by science, she will prove you that there is nothing called motivation and how it is all related to the brain chemistry . She will show people a technique to literally get out of their heads, get over the tricks our brains do and help them to take new, arduous decisions they have never thought that they would make them one day and that’s through a rule Mel Robbins created coincidendntly. In fact , she will show people how to 'OUTSMART their BRAINS in just .......'

Mazen Kazem

A 17 years STEM student who was born in upper Egypt and has quite diverse interests in science disciplines that made him a junior member at the New York Academy of Sciences, a research intern at the National Research Centre, working with a PhD holder on breast cancer research and is currently in internship at Johns Hopkins university. His idea is centered on diverse trials to dig deeper in the baffling science of intelligence. It is more of a psychological-biologically-supported idea with social perspectives. It will focus on some major points, providing a historical timeline for the chronological tries to fit out a concise definition for intelligence. The main outcome of the talk is to trigger people’s minds to think which definition is the most precise one: If it is the multiple intelligence theory or the fluid and crystallized intelligence approach, etc... or even to create a meaning for intelligence in their own words. It also aims to correct some misconceptions about the methodologies followed to measure it.

Mohammed Kilany

“God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers” Our next speaker, The Soldier, Mohammed Kilany, a 25 years guy who lost a leg in a train tough accident! His life was turned up 180 degrees and no, it isn’t a success motivational story, bur a story of struggle, persistence and determination. His talk’s identity will only be revealed in the event’s day, but we’re too excited to see the audience hearing it! One small glimpse about Kilany, is that he is the first Arab and Egyptian amputee to walk 100KM for a trip from Cairo to Sokhna

Mohammed Nagy (Munchy)

Mohamed Nagy aka Munchy is 25 years old. He has graduated from Arab Academy for science and technology, major marketing. Currently, he works as a market research consultant at Neilsen. Nagy is an excellent team player who thrives in a group environment, he has always been flexible and adaptable to change, including supporting both his work and “hadaye2 w hakamel” campaign simultaneously during last year. From a suicide attempter prisoner to a biophile a person who is back to love life again. Mohamed’s speech is going to be mainly about mental health awareness based on his recent experience and the struggle with depression in which led him to be a suicide attempter in which risked his life to be taken away where he was a prisoner for a period of time in a psychiatric hotel to be treated professionally medically and psychologically with psychotherapy. He knew how to capitalize this recession phase in his life into a boosting life growth, ROARING back again to life’s challenges and struggles.

Mohammed Saddek

ولكم كثير احتقاراتي، لكم يا من جعلتم الواقع واقعاً و بأيديكم جعلتم الخيال خيالاً، وأنا لن أفعل شيئا سوي أن أغمض عيني و أتخيل، لأنكم لا تستحقون أن أفتح عيني لكم لحظة! و لكم كثير احتقاراتي.." -طه الغريب Mohamed Sadek - محمد صادق From his first masterpiece “طه الغريب” to the surpassing movie and best selling book “هيبتا” to “أنت”, Mohamed Sadek never failed amusing us with his masterpieces. We’re honourably announcing having him with us on our second annual event supporting our second generation team! Are you as excited as us to know what did these cogwheels that made us know the definition of true love in Hepta, took us to a trip from death to life in Insta-Hayah and made us all cry by the end of Taha El Ghareeb turned and got for us??

Nada Elashmouny

The woman whom by founding MissBasket proved that when women support each other, incredible things happen.. She proved everyone that when women support each other, nothing could break them and that it's okay to embrace your imperfections and bad days while finding a lot telling you that it's okay and that imperfection has no standard.

Randa Samir

Learning Experience Designer and content writer at SeGa Group. She delivered and designed a various of workshops in soft skills, coaching, design and entrepreneurship since 2012. Randa is applied Arts graduate, who is passionate about design, innovation and impact. We can spend alot of time playing games with so much engagement and excitement. Can we bring this spirit and experience to our daily lives? Who said normal tasks and learning have to be boring? Gamification will embed this spirit into our daily lives, because Fun can obviously change behaviors.

Reham Medhat

Her talk will be about selflessness Vs. self-lessness. We were all raised by the concept of that being a selfless person is a good trait that anyone should have, because being selfish or being egoistic could be one of the worst traits we might have and everyone thinks that those traits meanings, definitions and consequences are so obvious, however not many people know about the dark side of each and every trait of these 3 and how a lot of people can live wasting many years suffering from being taught wrong definitions without even knowing! Her talk will cover the reasons- based on personal experience-why someone can be self-less, the differences between selflessness and self-lessness, how this trait can destroy someone if they continue their lives without knowing how to get rid of and how discovering this trait and dealing with it can change every attendee's life 180 degrees.

Yahya Ghobashy

Yahya is a physics teacher. Throughout his short life he has won lots of national competitions, met the prime minister on numerous occasions at the age of 11 and the former first lady at the age of 13. His greatest achievment was his professional career of teaching as he has been teaching at a few schools in addition to a few private centers and this all started with one student at the young age of 16. Yahya will be addressing some of the educational system problems. The Student:Teacher ratio one to be percise. Sarcastically. However, critically. And will propose a solution that would make an instant impact. In his talk "peer teaching". he will be presenting not only the solution but also the idea which lit up his career. Ignited his passion and made him later on follow his dream.

Yassmin Yousry

Economics & Political Sciences Graduate, 15 years of Multinational & Governmental Sector Experience... Decided to quit and to pursue her dream as a Fashion Stylist after fighting Cancer 3 times, Fashion Styling is not only about what suits you, but how to love yourself and to be confident of your style.

Organizing team

Ahmed Badawy

Cairo, Egypt