x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Eyes on the Future

This event occurred on
August 25, 2018
Jeju, Jejudo
South Korea

This is a Youth event where everything is planned and organized by the students at Ohyun High School in Jeju, South Korea. We are trying to spark new ideas and ambition in students through this wonderful platform provided by TED. We hope this TEDx event inspires many other teenagers to make a difference in their lives and the world.

Jeju Student Culture Center
#489 Yeonsamno
Concert Hall
Jeju, Jejudo, 63218
South Korea
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Donghyeon Kim

He was a president of the student council at Ohyun High School. He tried to accomplish what all other teachers said is impossible. He shares how he did it.

Esther Park

History teacher
She's been teaching history to Korean students for more than 10 years. She shares her insights on the power to change the world with teenagers. All we need to change the world is a little care about what matters.

Jaeyoon Kang

Civil Engineer
Served as a civil engineer for years and now ready to give a talk to youth who are going to build their own "bridges". He tells about bridges that have connected human civilization.

Jeongseob Moon

What makes an expert "expert"? He questioned being an expert as a student.While he studied how to prevent tangerine, local fruits in Jeju, Korea, from developing fungi on them, he redefined "expert" based on teenagers' (who are mostly unqualified to be experts) perspective.

Minjoon Yang

Clarinet Player
His love for clarinet will shine on the TEDx stage. He dreams being a professional player in the future, he is still a skilled player though.

Seonjin Kim

She is a high school student at Shinseong Girls' High School. She observes nature to find out ideas she can apply to her research. She tried to apply what she found in the patterns of the leaves to how delivering system can be more effective and efficient.

Seungji Kang

She is a high school student asking herself a question of how we can stand for our own opinions under the dominant influence of the giant media companies. She urges us not to follow mass media blindly but to think and create our own unique views and opinions.

Taehoon Kang

He is a normal, carefree, and happy high school student. His legs had to be amputated because of birth defect. He never loses his big smile, asking one of the most important questions to us. "I am happy. Are you really happy?"

Youngeun Kang

Marimba and percussion player since he was little. He won various local and international competitions. He share his fantastic performance with local Jeju students.

Organizing team

Jihyeon J.

Jeju, South Korea


Jeju, South Korea
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