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Theme: Return of Hope

This event occurred on
July 5, 2019
8:00am - 4:00pm +0430
(UTC +4.5hrs)
kabul, Kābul

TEDxDarulaman, taking place in July 2019, is meant to illuminate the theme of “Return of Hope”. It takes place in a historically renowned spot, Darulaman, which embraces an uneven history of Afghanistan. Darulaman, located in the south of Kabul, is the symbol of Afghanistan’s once development and its widely exalted King, Amanullah Khan’s dedication to improvement, open-mindedness, globalization and anti-nationalism. However, it also represents the black side of Afghanistan's history, the civil wars, for specific, which ruined the greatness of this once-unique and blossom palace. Every time we pass by Darulaman road, we notice a ruined symbol of hope in the country, which reminds us of the amplified hope, infrastructural constructions and beauty of war-torn country at the time of Amanullah khan’s rule over Afghanistan. Albeit, this great palace is under construction after decades of demolishing war. So is the situation of Afghanistan: peace negotiations taking place with the Taliban, hope coming back to Afghanistan.

However, that is not it! As Darulaman palace is being rebuilt and Afghan government tries hard to bring about peace and development, seeds of hope spark in Afghan youths and they do not keep still. Lately, they have been envisioning a cheerful image of Afghanistan and try on broadcasting it to the world. They have come up with indisputably innovative ideas and initiatives, which reflects the positive image of this developing country.

And here, TEDxDarulaman wishes to provide these hopeful, creative youths with a globally admired platform to help their innovations reach out to millions of audiences. That is, we believe in the power of these fabulous ideas. We trust in their nobility. We opine that they are promising enough and are worthy to be delivered on an international stage. And TEDxDarulaman is hopefully THE platform.
So, we invite and welcome all of the interested TEDxers to this once in a lifetime program. We promise to make it the best event possible and look forward to it!

The TEDxDarulaman Team

Kabul Medical University
Kabul University Rd
kabul, Kābul, 1001
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Kabul, Afghanistan


Kabul, Afghanistan