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This event occurred on
August 18, 2018
Cairo, Al Qāhirah

Did you ever wish you could change the world? Our story started with that wish and a group of students in Al Bashaer International Schools who believe they can make a change. Using the TEDx platform, we believe that spreading ideas that are worth it is a magical tool to influence our community and make that change we all wish for - step by step.

Al Bashaer International School
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Cairo, Al Qāhirah, 11728
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Youth (What is this?)
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Amenaa Ayman

Amena is a student that despite her age accomplished a lot and she has written a book that was very successful in her country

Mohab Said

Mohab is an entrepreneur and a founder of two businesses. Mohab – as the co-founder of Law Today – is the one responsible for business development, marketing and client relationship management. He has extensive knowledge about the business-law ecosystem in Egypt and the region. He is also the Managing Director of the Egypt branch of the British Legal Centre, a UK training centre that provides legal skills training for lawyers, lawyers-to-be and judges. With strong entrepreneurial skills, he is experienced in providing consultancy services to start-ups in business development matters. Mohab co-founded and organized various legal educational initiatives in Egypt and the middle-east. He is also a member of the third batch of "The Presidential Leadership Program.” Currently, he is undertaking a Master’s degree in International Business Management and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Mohamed Khaled Khalaf

Mohamed Khaled is a skillful musician playing several instruments including bass, guitar, piano and drums as he successfully performed multiple times before. He believes that even though music surrounds us everywhere, there’s still more to music than we let ourselves see thus why don’t we start looking at things through the approach of music for a change?

Noha Sahmoud

Noha is an energy-driven optimist who wrote a book titled “Love Maniac”, and launched her own homemade dry food line, “Animalicious.” Her hobbies are limitless!

Sabah Khodir

Sabah Khodir is a 27 year old Egyptian writer, founder of an artistic platform called End Quote, and activist in Egypt.

Selim Abo El Mosalam

Selim Abo El Mosalam, a writer/director who wrote multiple short films as well as writing his upcoming situational comedy web series: Pulp Culture. In his talk, Selim will be explaining the three different story structures and their implementation.

Selim Abo ElMosalam

Writer/ Director Selim Abo ElMosalam, he wrote and directed multiple short films as well as his upcoming situational comedy web series: Pulp Culture. He will be explaining three different of story structure and their implementation.

Yehia Shoukry

A student aspiring to be professional in science-related fields having quite good knowledge in psychology and biology, as he earned an online diploma in neuroscience and psychology from Dukes University, generally believing both together could change lives if really understood.

Yehia Osama Aboelfotoh

Yehia O. Aboelfotoh is a dentist who juggles art and dentistry simultaneously. Right After graduating from dental school in 2009, Aboelfotoh started to create art, experimenting with various mediums. Aboelfotoh has collaborated with numerous art-related entities including the American based NGO “ The Bedouins ” which documented the post-revolution influence of underground art and culture in Tunisia. Practicing and expanding in both fields in parallel, Aboelfotoh is slowly, but surely building a name in the art world.

Ziad El Sharkawy

Ziad ElSharkawy, a high school student and extracurricular activities enthusiast, grows up with the innocent dream of being a top basketball player-first, on a small scale, then, on a wider one. His fiercely fueled passion drives him into extreme measures with every aspect of the sport, luring him away from other priorities. In this heart-touching talk, he depicts his circuitous journey all the way from his obliviousness to attachement’s chocking restrains to breaking free from them-and detaching.

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Cairo, Egypt


Cairo, Egypt
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