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Theme: Limitless

This event occurred on
February 18, 2019
La défense, Hauts-de-Seine

Since its birth, Mankind has never stopped to push back the limits including his owns. From the day he first learned how to walk on his feet, to the one he walked on the moon he has always tried to surpass himself, to transcend.
After centuries of evolution, in the era of smartphones, internet and other connected objects - where a man can live with a printed heart - get a head transplantation - explore other horizons as planet Mars – where a humanoid robot possesses the intelligence of thousand people reunited, is human being close to reach its limits (physical, intellectual...) and those from the planet it inhabits?

Indeed, human being recognizes his responsibility in the climate change as well as the exhaustion of the energies and resources on Earth. He is now going over the limits by exploring the vast infinite universe. Human being has the will to excel, to accomplish its dreams. He likes to perform, such as in sports. However, the list of records is exhausting, so it encourages athletes to dope themselves to boost their performances for instance. Thus, we can ask ourselves about crossing the line between good and evil, which is ethical. «As said Pierre Dac, "it's allowed to exceed the cross the line, however, stay in the limits".

Pôle Léonard de Vinci
12 avenue Léonard de Vinci
La défense, Hauts-de-Seine, 92400
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Bruno Regaldo

Researcher in Cosmology
Who has never wanted to know more about the formation of the universe? Let's explore together the limits of the universe through the expert look of Bruno Régaldo-Saint Blancard. A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, he is currently a doctoral student in astrophysics at the Laboratory of Phyisics at École Normale Supérieure. He will be present on the stage TEDxPULV February 18 to study with us the limits of the universe with the cosmic microwave background.

Camille Etienne

Student at Science-Po Paris
Small farming girl born in a Savoyard hamlet, to Camille Etienne, giving farmers a voice is a way to reconnect with their roots. After two years of double cursus between Sciences Po Paris and La Sorbonne in Philosophy, she studied sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture and Agroforestry of Finland. President of Amnesty International Sciences Po, she understood the importance of agriculture in the climate emergency. She then vice-chaired an environmental union and started a short film about those who work the land. At our event, Camille will bring her ideas to rethink agriculture within its limits and invite us to "make sense" of our consumption.

Cyrielle Hariel

Journalist & Author
Cyrielle Hariel travels continents to meet the changemakers, carriers of better world solutions, who are actively changing lives. Humanitarian, social entrepreneurs, actors of change, Cyrielle campaigns with them for a more sustainable, more equitable, more equal society. His favorite subjects? social entrepreneurship, the environment and sustainable development. Cyrielle will explain to us, through her meetings, how to be a Changemaker facing limits of the world.

Julien Latouche

CEO of Votre Robin
Julien LATOUCHE is a young entrepreneur at heart. At just 18, he started his own startup, Votre Robin : a service that offers all individuals facing litigation an appointment with the right lawyer. Youngest finalist of the BFM Academy, and member of STATION F, Julien directs at 20 years a network of 500 lawyers partners on France. Convinced that there is no age limit to undertake, he will come to expose us at the TEDxPULV February 18.

Kenan Mujkanovic

CEO of Visionary Media
At the age of 16, Kenan MUJKANOVIC already shone with his commitment and his sense of mutual aid. Founder of an organization that instils values of determination and determination to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is how he receives many awards such as the "National Caring Award", a reward already won by Bill Clinton. From Kentucky, Kenan will explain, through his story, that social class is not a limit to reach his dreams.

Nesrine Ben Hassine

Data Scientist
All just a PhD in machine learning, Nesrine BEN HASSINE has done a thesis on machine learning for the management of network resources. Convinced of the importance of data, Nesrine makes every effort to facilitate the understanding and translation of data by incorporating the ability of the machine to learn on its own. She will be present on the scene TEDxPULV to expose us, according to her, what are the limits of data science.

Uwe Diegel

Head of Product Management at healthbank
Uwe Diegel has been at the forefront of international changes in healthcare technology for the last 30 years. His drive and passion for innovative technology have driven major changes in perception about healthcare. He has driven the manufacturing of medical devices to new horizons by forcing new practices in manufacturing and innovation. An internationally recognized expert in the management of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, he is continuously looking for better solutions to improve outcomes for patients. He has for the last few years spearheaded the dissemination and acceptance of connected health as a tool for providing better solutions for patients.

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