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Theme: Turning Points

This event occurred on
October 13, 2018
Crawley, Western Australia



With an amazing line up of 10 inspirational speakers from the University of Western Australia community and beyond, community stalls, workshops, food trucks, musical surprises and more...get ready for a day of excitement, entertainment and enlightenment.

Registration opens at 9AM, for a 10AM start.

Octagon Theatre
35 Stirling Highway
Crawley, Western Australia, 6009
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University (What is this?)
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Ann O'Neill

Founder of Angelhands Inc
Dr. Ann O’Neill has survived what many would say is unsurvivable. However, she has done more than just survive, she has gone on to use her own personal experience with a horrific crime to selflessly help others and improve understanding around the victims of crime. Ann is now a specialist in the areas of trauma, criminal victimisation, and advocacy, working with Health, Justice, and Community sectors to promote recovery from extreme trauma via local, state, national and international roles. Ann is a Complex Care Coordinator and part of the Complex Needs Coordination Team (CoNeCT) within the WA Department of Health. She is an instigating/founding member of the WA Victims of Crime Reference Group and is part of the governance and operation within Angelhands Inc, a specialist NGO delivering post-crisis trauma recovery services and education within WA and across Australia.

Cameron Norsworthy

CEO of The Flow Centre
Cameron Norsworthy is a coach, author, and founder of The Flow Centre, an organisation dedicated to optimal training and coaching through psychology, physiology and neuroscience. Cameron was a junior British tennis player and was awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance. He recently secured a publishing deal with Macmillan Publishers and Curtis Brown Literary and Talent Agency for a book on finding flow. Cameron is passionate about the optimal experience and has coached numerous World Champions, executives, and entrepreneurs to help them find success and improve their experiences.

Conrad Pires

Entrepreneur + futurist
Conrad Pires has had a life-long fascination with technology and what the future might hold. What started as a childhood dream of being an astronaut has evolved into a vision of making space accessible and affordable for everyone. Conrad is the co-founder of Picosat Systems, Western Australia’s first space company building small satellites. Picosat Systems takes advantage of advances in technology that has seen space become more commercialised in recent years. An alumni of the University of Western Australia, Conrad is also a graduate of the International Space University ISU and is an advocate for all things space. Whether speaking at conferences or schools, he hopes to inspire the community to join the New Space race and help grow the emerging Australian space ecosystem to the nation’s benefit.

Darren Lomman

Founder of GreenBatch
Darren Lomman created his first social enterprise, Dreamfit, when he was just teenager. Dreamfit designs and builds custom engineered equipment for people with disabilities. Dreamfit has now completed over 1,000 projects, has impacted over 10,000 individuals and families affected by disability across Australia and leveraged more than $10M in donations, in-kind support and volunteering. Looking for his next community cause to get involved in, Darren found it after hearing the statement “by 2050 it is estimated there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish“. In response, Darren has set out to create WA’s first waste plastic reprocessing facility, GreenBatch. The first project in development is turning discarded plastic beverage bottles into 3D printer filament, enabling anyone with a 3D printer to start printing stuff out of recycled plastic.

Gry Stene

Tech enthusiast + "geek whisperer"
Gry Stene is a tech entrepreneur, STEAM advocate and a ‘geek whisperer’. She is fascinated by people and human-centred design and brings all of that together to solve real-world problems through a diverse and inclusive approach. As a software engineer, Gry is keenly aware that the industry only has 25% of women in key roles. And that is only one aspect of the lack of diversity in the industry. Optimistic about the potential of technology to positively impact our lives, Gry is a role model for women and other underrepresented groups in the technology landscape. Gry strongly makes the case for bringing an A into the STEM agenda to create STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). She believes that STEAM makes room for technical expertise, creativity, design, languages and compassion to coexist beautifully as one. She firmly believes that STEAM needs to be at the very core of education, business and our future.

Lacey Filipich

Entrepreneur + chemical engineer
Lacey Filipich started her entrepreneurial journey with a hair wrap stall at 10 years old. Today, she is the co-founder and director of two successful businesses; Money School and Maker Kids Club. Between hair wraps and start-ups, Lacey graduated as valedictorian from The University of Queensland with an Honours degree in Chemical Engineering. She moved to Australia’s ‘wild west’ to begin her career in mining, rising quickly through the ranks. A health scare and her sister’s suicide opened Lacey’s eyes to the world beyond work, leading her to redesign her life and take five mini-retirements in the next five years. This was achievable because of Lacey’s financial position: she started investing at 19 and now earns a passive income. Lacey considers herself time rich: able to choose if, when, where, how, on what and with whom she works. Her story is one of many in the Financially Independent Retiring Early (FIRE) movement supporting the idea that end-of-life retirement is optional.

Lisa Newman

Developer of the HOT SPOT system
With over 25 years in the Sales Industry and an extensive career as a Radio Advertising Executive, Lisa Newman knows how to deliver! Her experience was finally put into a simple, easy to understand the program in 2013. Known as the Hot Spot System, Lisa has identified the key steps, or “Hot Spots” to the perfect sale without the ‘sales-y’ feel. It is her burning desire to empower the world with a Sales Tool Kit they can reach into and help influence others while allowing their product or service to shine. Lisa is an announcer on Boss Mode Radio with her weekly show “Story Selling”. On air, she enjoys sharing her skills and stories with people who want to give their product or service the true justice it deserves.

Pheobe Ho

Student + UWA Student Guild Welfare Officer
Pheobe Ho is an Honours student studying Psychology at The University of Western Australia. Largely driven by her personal experiences of anorexia and bulimia, she is a passionate mental health advocate and avid mental health lived experience speaker, having spoken at local and national levels. Pheobe currently works with Headspace Australia and is also a clinic receptionist at Western Australia’s only eating disorder outpatient clinic, and a research assistant at the UWA School of Psychological Science, evaluating a universal eating disorder risk reduction program. Determined to encourage others to be their best in her role as the UWA Student Guild Welfare Officer, Pheobe has been involved in training mental health lived experience speakers in safe, purposeful ways. She has expanded welfare initiatives and organised platforms encouraging open mental health conversations, in hopes to reduce mental health stigma.

Ryan Beckmand

Entrepreneur + humanitarian
Ryan Beckmand has a background in humanitarianism, education, entrepreneurship, and technology innovation. He has spent 3 years running a technology startup, growing from one person to over a dozen spread across Perth and Singapore. Ryan's turning point came in 2017 when he decided to move from the for-profit sector into humanitarian projects in developing countries. Most recently, he has come back to Perth after spending 5 months in Nepal and India where he assisted in disaster relief. He now acts as a consultant with both NGOs and technology entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between innovation and real world impact.

Shane Agnew

Educational and motivational speaker
Shane Agnew is an educational and motivational speaker, website designer and a custom 3D design and printing expert. In 2015, a week after his 20th birthday, a split second accident changed his live forever. For the past 13 years, Shane has been hard at work rebuilding his life. Even though the only part of his body that he can move is his face, Shane has never lost his positive outlook on life. He is still learning, experiencing and enjoying new things everyday. Through his determination and brilliant sense of humour, he continues to live life to the fullest. Shane works to educate the community on the power of a positive attitude, and to never ‘judge a book by its cover’. Shane’s life is a powerful story of triumph over adversity.

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