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Theme: Glitch

This event occurred on
October 31, 2018
Cairo, Al Qāhirah

Glitch is not a negative trait, gene dysfunction is
what our superheroes have shown.
stillness does not provide anything new because
it is a straight line, but it is the pulse of the imbalance.
In this version of the conference we present models
that have experienced an experience in which
their life and society will be better.
In this Event we focus on patience, certainty, imagination, planning and risk.

AUC Falaki Theater and Gallery
24 Falaki Street Cairo, Egypt
Cairo, Al Qāhirah, 11511
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Standard (What is this?)
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Abdullah Samy

Co-Founder of MARJ3
Got SUSI scholarship to study Entrepreneurship in USA for 5 weeks. After returning to Egypt in Sep, my friend El Gebaly who got a scholarship from U.S Depar. of State in USA created an event called Absthalk about scholarships to speak about our experience, different requirements of scholarships and where and how to get these scholarships. In 2016; Me, El Gebaly and Syrain Entrepreneurs started to think how to make an organization to help students in a large scale and not only in Egypt but also for all MENA region then we came up with www.Marj3.com Samy received the third place prize at Jusoor’s Entrepreneurship Competition in 2015. Got 9 scholarships and non degree programs. With a 5 years of experience in Entrepreneurship and Business with NGOs. He is COO & Co-founder at WWW.MARJ3.COM Online Platform Connects students to Scholarships. Scholarship Platform #1 in The MENA Region. MARJ3 got investment and follow up investment as well.

Ahmed Khedr

Performance speed painting is a art in which the artist draws a famous figure in front of the public in a time of two minutes to four dialects in different review methods, this kind is very rare in the Arab world and is not fully known in Egypt started two years ago and text and my goal was that this art It reaches all people and becomes no less important than the rest of the arts I painted more than 50 characters and tried to combine the dance with the drawing in a new review style, which I took over 80 shows in the governorates of Egypt and got the title of the fastest Egyptian painter to draw a character in a time not more than a minute and text and got the center of Talt in the world in the competition A foreigner in Sharm el-Sheikh claiming "Charmers Jot Talent" I had more than a television appearance, the last in the program House of the family with Mama Najwa on Al-Nahar and the program of Mohammed Sobhi Mfich a serious problem on the BBC

Amr Helmy

Food Critic
Amr Helmy has been a journalist at a number of reputable newspapers, a singer in a successful band, a fashion designer for some major TV shows and a video editor of documentaries aired on several Middle Eastern networks. Currently, he is the region’s first certified food critic and the creator of The Sexy Food, one of the biggest and most followed social media food accounts in the Middle East. There’s really little that Amr Helmy can’t do. He’s got a creative mindset, a rock solid work ethic, and a stern determination to succeed, a combination that has allowed him to excel in every creative avenue that he chose to embark on. With such an impressive resume at the tender age of 25, he’s always believed that being content or staying put can only mean going backwards.

Farida Temraz

Founder of temraza
Farida Temraz , founder and lead designer of Temraza, has become an internationally recognized name in the global fashion world. She is the first Egyptian to be awarded the Best Female Couture Designer at the 2017 New York Fashion Week, the first Egyptian to win first place among 15 international designers at Paris Fashion Week and the first Egyptian to successfully participate in London Fashion Week. Temraz’s unique and powerful collection, titled The Xecutive, is made for women, by women, aiming to showcase designs particularly suited to the professional working woman. “I wanted to make sure that my collection was aligned with Egypt’s Year of Women, 2017,” said Temraz. “I created something for women who are busy executives, independent, successful and powerful. This collection is designed to celebrate women as the main pillar in any society.

Islam Abdallah

Head Of Business Development at Maersk Training
Senior level P&L Manager with 11+ years of expertise in the Energy Sector in various Managerial/technical jobs. Proven record of accomplishments and consistent contributions towards business growth, increased financial efficiency, and imposed business discipline. Strong cross-cultural experience and skills that were built over the last 11 years through; - Managed business and teams in 10 countries. - Run business physically in 8 countries. - Lived as a Resident in 4 Countries. Top client relationship management experience through servicing major A-class Energy Services Companies around the globe. Full P&L/Region/ Multi-branches responsibility. Business Analyst & Value Investor.

Islam Mohamed

Manager | Fekretak Sherketak Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation
Managing Director of Fekretak Sherketak "Ministry of Investment" , Mechanical Engineering is the background the social development is the main concern. He was the vice president of Student union at BUE his university. He was awarded and honored many times for his social activism and development initiatives.

Mohamed Elbeek

Founder of Faprica
Mohammed al-Beek and saw a very big story until he arrived because Fabrika is the passion, the current! Very possible changes and passion differs and finds a new need.

Mohamed Haris and Heba Barakat

Founder of Coursida
This is the secret of Mohamed Haris and Heba Barakat’s success. In 2012, they started creating their own creative and effective materials to teach Arabic for foreigners. That goes to the extent that they made Ahmed Zaki, Ragaa Elgedawy and Fouad Elmohandees talk the modern standard Arabic. Now they are the founders of "almadrasa" institute for teaching the Arabic and Culture for foreigners.

Mohammed Saeed

Aka the maker of happiness Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Helwan University I started the art of not famous Oyp Egypt called pantomime or costume what a lot of people say a silent or Emotional representation, I found news in Egypt and the land of Egypt, the owner of the first watery in the world, because it is said that "drawing the laugh is harder than crying someone" , I turned to the street when I painted a passion


Founder of Missing Children
Founder of "Missing Children - أطفال مفقوده" The goal of his life is to help eradicate the trafficking, exploitation and sale of children. He started the initiative of "Missing children" to reunite the missing children with their parents and succeeded in doing so and is still going on, he participated in the Facebook conference of the most influential initiatives around the world, impressed everyone with his work and was described as a "hero".

Samir Ghonam

Consultant for Development and Human Resources Development at the United Nations
Consultant for Development and Human Resources Development at the United Nations Professor of Management at the Police Academy .. He has a lot of lectures on human resources development in Egypt and the Middle East

Shahanda Saad

professional trainer and consultant in solving family problems and extending her intervention with her clients to help them overcome
A professional trainer and consultant in solving family problems and extending her intervention with her clients to help them overcome feelings of loss and help those with experience of separation from emotional experiences and divorce to recover psychologically and qualify them for a new life.

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elgouna, Egypt