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Theme: Momentum

This event occurred on
January 12, 2019
Arlington, Virginia
United States

Momentum is an American passion – moving, achieving, building, developing. We prize starting new things – whether they are social movements, technological developments, design achievements or political efforts.
We chose momentum as our theme for 2018 to reflect the changing nature of Arlington as a growing city and community. We’re taking this opportunity to explore what that growth means for us collectively and individually. Our speakers will share their insights, research, dedication to their work and creativity to allow us to examine the meaning of momentum for ourselves and our community.

Theater on the Run
3700 S Four Mile Run
Arlington, Virginia, 22206
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Ankit Gupta

Computer Science Researcher
Ankit Gupta is an artificial intelligence entrepreneur, researcher, and student at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. He’s the Founder and CEO of Discover Artificial Intelligence, a robust organization geared towards developing AI solutions and educating students worldwide.

John Wise

Blockchain Innovator
John Wise is the Founder and CEO of LOCI, a blockchain backed DIY patent research platform. John's vision for Loci is to inspire young entrepreneurs and inventors to tap into their creative right-side brain. John has come up with several inventions himself (upwards of 1,000 inventions) and wants to encourage others to work towards innovative solutions to our world's current issues.

Shiv Gaglani

Medical Professional
Shiv Gaglani is the co-founder & CEO of, a health and medical education company that reaches more than a million health professionals as well as patients and their family members. The company produces animated videos on topics from aneurysms to Zika that have been viewed more than 50 million times since January 2016 in every country in the world. Gaglani has a MBA from Harvard University and is on leave from a MD from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Tian Li

Postdoc Researcher
Tian Li has contributed to a remarkable scientific breakthrough -- the creation of "transparent" wood. Lignin, which gives wood its color, is chemically removed from the wood and is replaced by epoxy, which reinforces the wood's existing fibers and channels, making it even stronger. Building with transparent wood could have huge energy implications when it comes to daytime lighting and thermal insulation (vs. glass). Cheaper to make than glass, while its manufacture can utilize existing paper industry infrastructure.

Victoria Hermann

Climate Change Researcher
With climate change reshaping the Arctic and promising to open new global trade routes, Victoria Herrmann and the Arctic Institute are working to develop policies to deal with future potential security, trade and environmental issues.

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Arlington, VA, United States