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Theme: "Awareness leads to choice"

This event occurred on
November 18, 2017
10:45am - 5:20pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Tripoli, Ţarābulus

Your life is a result of series of choices you make. It all begins by developing your awareness to everything happening around you through daily experiences. Awareness is the first step to discovering the elements of your life that are pulling you away or drawing you closer to what you are destined to do. We need to learn to “listen to our life”, search and pay attention to what kindles our passion and creativity. Our awareness will lead us into making the choices of living our intentional life.

Tripoli International Fair
Omar Al Mukhtar
Tripoli, Ţarābulus, 0000
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Youth (What is this?)
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Abdulrauf Ben abied

Lincoln University Graduate with an honour degree of international business management. He is an owner of a successful social entrepreneurship in Tripoli. His business targets two aspects of social responsibility, employment and the environment. His employs young hard-working university students to support them, as well as holds a social responsibility towards the environment. Through the work that he does, Abdulrauf hopes to change the approach of the young Libyans in the society to a more responsible one.

Ali Badi

Born in Misrata, Libya. Ali Badi succeeded in transforming a Libyan military unit from a combat project to an educational and a development project.

Mohammed Fahed

Mohammed Fahed is a young musicians and singer. He self taught himself how to brilliantly play the guitar and other musical instruments at a young age. He found his voice too and learnt how to use to convey what he feels through music.

Mohammed Zaid

18 years old. High School Science student . I Speak three languages. I'm so passionate about math, science, programming, robots and everything about technology . Now I'm working to develop and improve my skills through online courses as well as I have made a youtube channel to help people increase their knowledge .

Omran Zubeidi

Holder of MBA degree and IBDL license. Trainer of trainers in the administrative development. Strategic researcher in Human resources management. Founder and head of the Libyan French Language development.

Rasha Al-Seleni

Rasha Al- seleni is a 22 years old woman who has a big dream of changing the world. In her speech, she shares her thoughts on how one can challenge his/her circumstances to achieve goals. Big and small. She talked about her own life. How war effected her dreams and how she dealt with it and the things she achieved through hard work and discipline.

Salem Bahron

Salem Bahron is a concept artist who despite his hearing disability, managed to grow as an artist. His art is considered unfamiliar and strange yet so deep it does not cease to touch everyone.

Takwa Barnosa

Takwa is the founder and manager of WaraQ Art foundation at the age of seventeen. She contributed in shaping the current art scene by supporting over twenty young emerging artists through exhibiting their works at her gallery, and by providing them with working space and art studio in order for them to develop their practices. Her work was exhibited locally and internationally, In Tripoli, Tunis, London, Dublin, Barcelona, Palermo, Milan and Treviso.

Zubaida Aburakhis

A 15-year-old Libyan girl who believes that music and singing are an effective form of spreading a message! "I sing to live, I sing to influence people for even a slight moment." - Zubaida

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Tripoli, Libya


  • Ali Abuzayan
  • Bashir Gheryani
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  • Mourad Alshibani
  • SirajAldeen Arrab
  • Yoser Benali