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Theme: 界 JIE

This event occurred on
July 14, 2018
1:30pm - 7:30pm CST
(UTC +8hrs)
Shanghai, Shanghai

At the beginning of the world, the interaction with the world began. It is an extension of ourselves. We establish ourselves through boundaries, and use boundaries to distinguish each other. It is the boundary of breakthroughs. It is both a limit and a new life, waiting for us to go over and break it. It is an intangible wandering, both limited and intangible.

In a constantly accelerating world, the connection we want to build has limits. The time we reach our dream has boundaries. The justice we want to see has boundaries. The beautiful life that people want to create has a boundary.

We want to break the limits, to make the real connection with ourselves, with others, with the nature and the outside world. This is a crossover between space and future. We want to make an impact on our community, to let people know that we have ideas to make a difference.

We need to understand it. Who are we, how do we limit ourselves? What is the relationship between us and the world? Let's start with a rich feast of thought.

It’s a long journey. But we will make it eventually. Limits are not scary, as long as we have a strong faith to believe. Take one step, go further, reach higher.

65 GuiJing Road Caohejing Development Zone
2 Floor
Shanghai, Shanghai, 21000
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