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Theme: Defining moments

This event occurred on
June 9, 2018
2:00pm - 6:00pm CST
(UTC +8hrs)
Yangzhou, Jiangsu

In dictionary, the word has two meanings:
1. A moment in time that defines somethings, such as a person’s success or failure, achievement or demise, talent, etc.
2. A point at which the essential nature or character of a person, group, etc. is revealed or identified.
We all have had more than one defining moment in our lives. In many cases, I believe that we have ‘mini-moments’ that are in the path of the big-style defining moment - like tremors before an earthquake.
Defining moments can take many forms: a person, a tragedy, an act of courage, a flash of inspiration and so on. It can be incredibly positive experiences that are exciting and empowering or in opposite, result in negative outcomes. Also, defining moments always occurs when we are taking action. It seems to be a choice between two paths. It is necessary and important for everyone to make time to quiet the mind and reflect. In the selection process, we are probably stuck in a spiral of inaction as we try to make the perfect decision. It should be cautious to say ‘no’ to an opportunity that does not feel right or say ‘yes’ to an opportunity that may change the course of your life.
Sometimes we are not even aware that we are experiencing a defining moment until years later when we realize that a seemingly small event shaped who we are today. A tiny one can change our perspective on life and in doing.Yet it is through our choices that we get to create our defining moments.
This theme is broad enough which occur in every discipline, addressing a variety of topics and everyone can interpret it in their personal way and connect the theme to different concepts or events.

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Wenti Museum
Yangzijin Campus, No.198 Huayang west road
Yangzhou, Jiangsu, 225000
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Ran Xiao

photographer for Getty Images, runner of wechat public account
Xiao Ran, a 2012 alumnus of Yangzhou University. He's a signed-in photographer for Getty Images. He is also a literary enthusiast who runs wechat public account. He likes reading and travelling. He never had a dream of traveling the world, but trepidly walked through more than 10 countries; his heart was a fluke of being a writer, and a long time adrift in the North. He has been subjected to terrorist attacks, anti-american religious processions, power outages in Cuba, confessions from Muslim uncles, monkeys stolen in the night in India... and, finally, he has come to realize the myriad possibilities in the world, and actually understand what it means to live for yourself.

Wei'an Yin

Young Writers, Freelance Writers, webmasters, self-media.
Yin Wei’an, senior student of Zhejiang University of Media, pen name Curly Wei an. Young Writers, Freelance Writers, webmasters, and self-media. She is good at writing and expressing. Her style of writing is delicate and warm and always sharing more growth and youth stories, having a wide readership and reading more than 10 million books online. When she was 20, she set up her own original youth self-media diary, and at the age of 21 published a personal essay album, ‘our young, soft and hard’. With more experience in freelance writing and self-media operations, she is about to start her own gap year. "All her life, to be a charming and rich ether. "

Weiheng Ma

the Guqin Artist
Ma Weiheng, the national intangible cultural heritage of the Guqin Art (Guangling Qin School) , the representative of the inheritor. He is the vice-president of the Guqin Academic Committee of the Chinese National Instrumental Music Society. He is vice president of the Guqin Society of Jiangsu Province. He is director of the Hanfeng Guqin Production Technology Institute in Yangzhou. He is an adjunct professor at the Nanjing Academy of Arts and an adjunct professor of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics Arts. He is a part-time researcher at the Institute of Ethnic and folk music at the Academy of Yangzhou University Arts.

YiRen Pan

entrepreneur, postgraduate student of Yangzhou University
Pan YiRen, postgraduate student of Yangzhou University, a Communist Party member. She was vice-president of the Student Council of Yangzhou university and the head of the art troupe. She is also the first head of the Creative Arts Entrepreneurship program in Yangzhou University. She has won the Gold Award of the National University Students' Entrepreneurship Competition (the public interest entrepreneurship competition) , the advanced individual standard-bearer of the core socialist values of the whole country, the National Baijia Regiment, the outstanding Communist Party member of Jiangsu Province, the "ten best ambassadors" of social practice of Jiangsu Province and so on.

Zelong Liu

the chief interviewer of Taqi Education Group, a 2005 alumnus of Yangzhou University and former president of the school's Student Council
Liu Zelong, Chandler, now the chief interviewer and the National Interview Director of Taqi Education Group. He was a 2005 alumnus and former president of the school's Student Council. As an outstanding graduate of the International Mba Programme at fudan-MIT and the achiever of $70,000 scholarship, He once won the world runner up of top business school events on behalf of Fudan. He also went to London Business School in London as the first-in-house full-english selection at Fudan. He is a deputy at the 2015 global business school summit, speaking on behalf of the IMF's chairman and the top academics at many of the world's top business schools. He is a guest in the academy, and is a bilingual moderator, planning and executive coach at many of Fudan's major events.

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