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Theme: Final Frontiers

This event occurred on
April 22, 2018
Dubai, Dubayy
United Arab Emirates

It could be the Star Trek movie. Colonisation of Space. Social Barriers. Your Inner Journey.

Every one of us has a different perception of a final frontier. In this event, we aim to explore what borders lie in front of us and whether or not they are limiting humanity's ultimate potential.

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Jumeirah College
19th Street, Al Safa, Dubai
Dubai, Dubayy, 74856
United Arab Emirates
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Youth (What is this?)
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Aashna Acharya

Aashna Acharya is an A level student who is currently studying Psychology, Chemistry, Biology and Maths at Jumeirah College. Originally from India, she has lived and studied in Dubai for 17 years. She has a passion for maintaining the welfare of animals and enjoys all aspects of science, hence she aspires to pursue Veterinary Medicine in the future. Throughout her years in Dubai and elsewhere, she has devoted countless hours volunteering at animal sanctuaries and special needs facilities, as she believes that it is our duty as able beings to do what we can to aid others. She is a hard working, driven, and fervent student, constantly striving to reach her maximum potential in everything she does, whether it be in her personal or school life.

Antoine De Mascarel

Antoine de Mascarel is a student in Year 12 at Jumeirah College. He is the founder of a club called 'Surf For All' which aims to teach surfing to teenagers with Down Syndrome. In his free time he enjoys a variety of water sports including surfing, kiteboarding and stand up paddling. Antoine is still undecided on what he will study at university, being torn between physics and economics.

Emma O'Regan

Emma O’Regan, from Christchurch, New Zealand, is an A-Level student at Jumeirah College, currently studying Drama, Media, History and English Language. She enjoys the performing arts and almost always has a monologue ready, should it be necessary. Oddly enough, she also enjoys skydiving and her flight lessons, attempting to earn a pilot's license. She can usually be found reading about, watching, listening to or performing Broadway ballads.

Hasan Sagheer

Hasan Sagheer is a Year 12 student at Jumeirah College student. He has attended 8 different school in 5 different countries, exposing him to lots of different people with diverse skills. At Jumeirah College, he studies Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and English Literature; he also takes part in Modal United Nations and debating as extra curricular activities. As a result, Hasan thoroughly enjoys meeting new people, discussing prominent global issues and being exposed to alternative points of views. Outside school, Hasan enjoys watching movies, playing football and basketball, listening to music and reading.

Jake Dibden

Jake Dibden, originally from Manchester, is in Year 10. Inside of school, he pursues Economics, History, Spanish and Drama and maintains a strong interest in debating and MUN. Outside, he has a passion for Politics and International Relations. In his spare time, you will definitely find him reading American literature.

Kazal Oshodi

Kazal Oshodi, from Lagos, Nigeria, is a Year 12 student studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry at Jumeirah College. He is currently the Vice-President of Coding Club and participates in Debating Society. In his free time, he enjoys playing football, practising the guitar, and brainstorming ways to revolutionise the world. In conjunction with other like-minded, academic students, he created a website, GCSE Gurus, containing self-made GCSE notes available for purchase. All profits are going to help impoverished children in India. In the future, he aspires to become an aerospace engineer and to help humanity evolve through interplanetary travel and exploration.

Khadeeja Hamid

Khadeeja Hamid is an A level student currently studying Art & Design, Business Studies, and French at Jumeirah College. Living amongst two worlds, she is from the Kashmir Valley, India having been born in Dubai. She has a great passion for the creative arts and can always be seen with a paintbrush or sketchbook in hand. Combining creativity with action, she was part of a community collaboration project - conceptualising and creating an art installation at Dubai Canvas, a 3D Street Art Festival. She is a motivated, hardworking and passionate student, constantly seeking new challenges within academic, extra-curricular, and professional life.

Manaal Saadaat

Manaal Saadaat, originally from Pakistan, is a student in Year 9 at Jumeirah College. Within the school community, Manaal enjoys English and History, as well as actively pursuing her passions for debating. In terms of her extra-curricular life, Manaal fulfills her love for drama, as she is currently working through Grade 5 Trinity examinations. Being of South-Asian origin, Manaal is passionate about cricket, as she plays and watches the sport, despite it being a highly male dominated game. Being an ardent lover of writing and reading from a young age, Manaal is extremely fond of travel journalism, a platform in which she can combine her love for traveling with the satisfying delight of capturing the thrill of foreign cultures with the limitless power of words.

Nicole Bovill

Nicole Bovill is a Year 12 student at Jumeirah College where she studies Drama, History, Physics and Mathematics A-levels. She enjoys participating in Model United Nations, theatrical performances and is an avid astrophysicist. Outside of school, she is currently learning British Sign Language as she believes in the importance of being able to communicate with other communities. She enjoys burgers and iced coffee, but she can never turn down a good Indian curry. Being a well traveled individual who has experienced a wide variety of lifestyles in London, Bengaluru and Dubai, she has learnt to never take things for granted as there is always some in a far worse position than you. She would love to return to India and help cook and teach English at orphanages for the mentally handicapped.

Rida Rana

Rida Rana is currently doing her A levels, focusing on Business Studies, Psychology, and English Literature. She was born in Pakistan and has been living and studying in Dubai for the past 12 years. Rida holds a passion for digital platforms and social media and takes interest in devising creative solutions to drive business growth from a millennial segment, hence why she would like to pursue a career in Business Management & Digital Marketing. She loves traveling, exploring new cultures and holds an interest in drama and the performing arts.

Rohan Goda

Rohan is a student in Year 10, studying in Jumeirah College. He is a student of Economics, History, Psychology and Drama, who actively reads, writes and indulges in the art of debate. He aspires to be a lawyer one day, and partake in philanthropic activities through the same profession. Rohan also a good understanding of politics in various countries of the world, and also enjoys acquiring knowledge of philosophy, as a pastime.

Sanjana Bahadur

Sanjana Bahadur is currently completing my A-levels in Economics, History and English Literature. Being president of the MUN club and leading the debating society, she enjoys discussing pressing world issues and figuring out solutions to combat them. She would like pursue a career in international development. Being from India, born in London and having lived in Dubai for 16 years, she is surrounded by people from different cultures and has been able to see all the countries develop into the places they are today. Her key passions are playing the guitar, reading, listening to music and playing with her dog - Max.

Shrey Sureen

A Year 11 student and music enthusiast, Shrey Sureen is currently studying for his GCSE’s in Jumeirah College after moving from England 2 years ago. Within the curriculum, Shrey enjoys all of his subjects and partakes in clubs in school such as MUN and the Jazz Band and frequently contributes to the music department. Outside of the college, he takes great enjoyment from learning languages and studying an almost comically random plethora of topics which interest him. While relaxing he plays basketball and music with friends from all around Dubai which feed in to his passion for collaboration.

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