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Theme: Burning to Go!

This event occurred on
September 24, 2018
10:00am - 6:00pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Kobe, Hyôgo

Take the first step and head the goal with your burning intensity.
And make a next breakthrough, push the limit, wash out the doubts, take another step.
Burn out your old style, old principle, even your old pride.
Go and go turning the blade to the driving force.
Burn yourself and sprint into the future.

Konan University
Okamoto, Higashinada Ward
Kobe, Hyôgo, 658-8501
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Standard (What is this?)
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CHOJIN-BEATS. is a special performance unit of two performers. “Takuya CHOJIN” shows hyper physical performance as his name, and “Yuto BEATS” is a multi talented performer not limited to just dancing. Upon their motto “Try everything looking fun or interesting,” they are aggressively incorporating such as juggling, comedy and human-beat-box to their performance. They are presenting only-one dance performance created with something different components.


KUSUNOKI Daigo was fascinated by dancing and his dreams have materialized. For example, he earned the dancing contest’s championship. He produced a wearable device “SoundMoovz”, which was born from reverse thinking. You can play the music by dancing with it. In general, we dance to the music. He is now seeking new horizon with passion that led an ignored idea to 400,000 seller product, and confidence he’s got through this process.


It was in high school days that KEIFU met Japanese traditional drums (Wadaiko). He’s been performing in NYC and Rome, as well as Japan. He composes, he makes Wadaiko, he designed his stage costumes by himself. Furthermore, surprisingly, his activation ranges from the collaboration with different genre music, with dancers, to with visual effects. This new generation Wadaiko player is pursuing the further possibility of Wadaiko performance.


MATSUMOTO Keiji start his own business themed his complex, with strong passion. He named his company “Calvo”, which means bald in Spanish and Italian. He proposes affluent lifestyle by being confident about theirselves, through providing third option “charm” over hiding and augment. He is trying to establish relaxing society for all people by accepting complex, not by resisting complex.


MATSUMOTO Kenichi is a consultant of how to speak and convey. Besides of that, he is also a traditional comedy storyteller (Rakugo-ka). He started to learn Rakugo to improve his skills as a lecturer, and became absorbed in it. Through Rakugo, he acquired the rhythm and tempo of the Japanese language. From this experience, he became to believe that Japanese people are good at presentation and self-expression, by nature. Now he is researching a way of communicating for Japanese people using the characteristic of the Japanese language, and spreading it.

Minako GOUDA

GODA Minako creates “fields” where mothers can grow through work. You may think that having children is a disadvantage in the business scenes. She pursues working style that child-rearing will become an advantage. In fact, she is raising four children herself. So far, through the “fields” problems like child-rearing, work, and caring parents by creating have been resolved. She aims to make a society where women can continue to work easily after childbirth, though solving problems around working mothers.

Nobuyuki SUZUKI

SUZUKI Nobuyuki had suffered from cancer in his early age. Based on his experience, he worked as a researcher in a major pharmaceutical company. After retirement, experiencing both a patient and a medical staffs, he realized the importance of “connection” between both two. For better medical environment, he established “Patient Salon Association” and keep making place where patients and medical staffs can associate on equal terms. Moreover, he onset on another cancer two years ago. Even though he cannot aim for complete recovery, and he only has limited time left, he is energetically traveling all over Japan in order to raise the quality of medical care.


NARUSAWA Shin-ya has been seriously searching ET. You may think it can be SF or fake occult. But in fact, he is an astronomical scientist, researching about astrophysics. Meanwhile, he has been conducting another activity around “searching extra terrestrial intelligence”. He has been in charge of manager of several international projects in SETI, which is a group of people who are academically searching extraterrestrial intelligence. Although he is an expert in the space, why is he looking for the extraterrestrial intelligence?


Where is “the reality” that you are believing in coming from? What would you feel and think, once you realized it can be edited easily. NARUMI Takuji has been asking us such fundamental question. Our behavior and ability are strongly affected by our perception. His research can edit the reality that is constructed in our brain, through VR (Virtual Reality). What is the truth we can believe in…?

Tatsue OKADA

They say that there is a bar which doesn’t have specific place. But it certainly encourages various parts of Japan. OKADA Tatsue is a travel adviser. She plans the tour in cooperation with local community for regional revitalization. Also, she’s been holding own event “Bar Tatsue” all over Japan, to rescue local challengers who are facing hurdles. She is eager to make Japan the most challenger-friendly country by facilitating communication beyond generation, with drink.

Toshihiro ICHITANI

ICHITANI Toshihiro started his career as programmer. While struggling alone in the harsh circumstance so called “bottom of the industry”, he was spending time seeking for ideal environment and finding his own belief. Now, he has his own company named “GuildWorks,” that provides system development services in “appropriate team in the right time” manner. Network of programmers and designers make it possible. They are not providing “products”, but projects which all people including the consumers get excited.


TAKESHITA Yurie has raised awareness towards unbalanced diet around the world, during she was studying abroad. To learn more about the global food distribution, she transferred to the faculty of agriculture in a university. After her internship experience at a rapid freeze technology, she has been involved several projects such as a business around fruits, besides studying at the university. Her motto is “filling the world population with ‘yum!’” She is tackling to solve food loss issue from both producer and consumer’s perspectives.

Organizing team


Kobe, Hyogo, Japan


Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
  • Akihiro Hama
  • Jun Sago
  • Takayuki Yoshida