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Theme: ENVISION – The Power of Human Imagination

This event occurred on
June 16, 2018
2:00pm - 8:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Kufstein, Tirol

With the power of imagination humans can see things that are not there. This capability to do so inspired many generations to bring their ideas to life and form the world we know today. But where will the future lead us? We are going to encourage our audience to envision the future without limitations of the real world. With the selection of our speakers we want to help them to achieve this goal and inspire them to think further.

FH Kufstein University of Applied Sciences
Andreas Hofer-Straße 7
Kufstein, Tirol, 6330
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University (What is this?)
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Andy Haxby

Costantino Carrara

Desmond McGetrick

DMCG Consulting
‘Close your eyes: Imagine a world that matches your aspirations. Let go of the constraints we usually impose upon ourselves, benefit from the creative powers of our imaginations. Now, open your eyes and let’s envision together how we can make it a reality.’ In his talk, Desmond will invite you to take this voyage of the imagination and to identify first principles in how to facilitate the emergence of a new reality. As a longstanding Visiting Professor at FH Kufstein, Desmond is here from Paris where he leads DMCG Consulting under the tagline : ‘Deliver Margins, Create Good.’

Eric Steinbeger

TU Wien
I want to draw a comparison between human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI). To achieve this, I explore new technologies in the fields of computer vision, natural language processing and machine reasoning. The train of thought and learning strategies of AI algorithms will be compared to those of humans in the form of an analysis which I will present you. In the end, it will be clear that an AI is able to solve superficial problems like image recognition, however not develop a deeper understanding of relations and connections. This will ultimately change in the next few years, as AI research is progressing at an impressive rate.

Etienne Koo

twinster GmbH
In a world that gets increasingly digital and connected, we believe in the power of 3D avatars. You may ask yourself: What is this? And how should it help me in my daily life? Well, a 3D avatar is basically a digital twin of yourself and it can make your life not only easier but also more exciting and comfortable at the same time. The increasing use of AR and VR technologies, as well as 3D sensor technology in even the smallest of smartphones, leads to a growing desire for diving into the digital world in a more personal way. Simply because our world is getting more digital, does not mean that it gets impersonal. Quite the contrary will be the case. In the near future, you will use your digital twin for size recommendations in online shops, for digital clothes fitting and runways as well as futuristic gaming, social interaction and even real-time sports. We envision the future with digital twins for everybody.

Jonas Gössling

Michael Rossié

Keynote Speaker
Public speaking is not an art, but not a problem. A good speaker is someone who speaks like a counterpart in everyday life, quite natural and authentic. The most important thing is not the rhetorical skill, but the ability to ignite and inspire people. The amount of likes on videos, podcasts and webinars will automatically increase exponentially! People don’t want to read anymore, but rather want to see and listen to interesting people who have something to say. The speech of the future is not perfect, rehearsed or directed by a professional director, but quick, dirty and full of content! If you give people too many tips on how to improve their presentation skills, their performance will not get better but worse. My mission is to help people overcome their fear in front of a camera or on a stage. I have a very special technique which is easy to learn and easy to implement. Presenting is like flirting with the crowd. The future of public speaking has only just begun!

Robert Schwertner

Stefan Lingler

When Shpock launched, the marketplace app revolutionized the mobile classified’s business. Today, more than 10 million monthly users make Shpock one of Europe’s most dominant shopping apps. Since the beginning, the Backend was one of the major pillars of Shpock’s international success story. The Backend does not only provide the API with more than 700M requests per week but provides performant tools to all teams at Shpock. It builds systems for Event Tracking, Logging, CRM, Messaging Queue and push notifications with focus on high availability and scalability – tailor-made for Shpock’s needs. The infrastructure is hosted on 600+ root servers with more than 10 database clusters. The talk will give you insights in the evolution of both Backend and infrastructure with case examples on selected Shpock-made technologies as well as the past roadmap of application development. It will also show the possible challenges Shpock will face in the future.

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