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Theme: Passion

This event occurred on
March 16, 2018
Kyoto, Kyôto

When we share our passions, we can change others’ mindsets by informing, advocating and calling to action to create a harmonious community around us.

Impact HUB Kyoto
97 Kainokamicho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture
Kyoto, Kyôto, 602-8061
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Ayase Yamagishi

Grade 8 Student
Ayase constantly feels pressured by school grades and exams, she wants to share her tips and strategies on how to take tests well.

Emily Nishikawa

Grade 4 Student
Art can be considered as play or fun, but it can also be a huge passion. Emily wants to talk about this to inform others about how art is not only used for fun.

Eric Skrivanic

Grade 5 Student
Global warming, a huge problem all across the world, is even affecting birds. Eric wants to share his love for birds and how they are in danger because of global warming.

Jake Seo

Grade 5 Student
Jake wants to share awareness about global warming as it is going to affect his generation in the future.

Mia Moreschini

Grade 7 Student
Mia wants to talk about stopping deforestation. She believes that it is a huge problem, although not many people think so. Her goal is to raise more awareness.

Miyabi Sugimoto

Grade 7 Student
Miyabi wants to share her passion about ballet. She will be talking about what ballet is and why she loves it.

Phoebe So

Grade 4 Student
Phoebe wants to talk about her new passion, music. She loves playing the guitar because it helps her forget about everything.

Thomas Kano

Grade 7 Student
Thomas has always had a strong passion for sketching. He loves how he can express what he sees in real life through drawing.

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Kyoto, Japan


Kyoto, Japan