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Theme: TEDxNTCPA-改變

This event occurred on
May 20, 2018
Taipei, Taipei

TEDxNTCPA 是一個非營利並由 30 多位學生自發起的團隊,國立臺灣戲曲學 院是 12 年一貫制之戲曲人才養成學府,以培育傳統藝術人才、弘揚傳統戲曲文 化為宗旨,施行全人藝術教育,以培養具人文素養、專業技能與學術理論並重, 富創作性之表演藝術人才為目標,
而 TEDxNTCPA 就是將這些表演藝術的人才換個形式在舞台上展現他們自己 的故事,為了讓學生除了表演外還能有個發聲的管道,也讓更多人聽見他們的想 法並去探討,並將於 5 月 20 日在學校學藝樓三樓彩演教室舉辦年會,邀請來自 各地的學生為戲曲注入新生命、發掘新價值的講者,分享他們的經歷、價值觀、 思維,在 18 分鐘內,改變你的看法、改變你的思考模式、改變你的人生。
TEDxNTCPA is a non-profit and self-initiated team of more than 30 students. The National Taiwan Opera Academy is a 12-year-old traditional drama talents institution that aims to nurture traditional art talents and promote traditional opera culture. In order to cultivate humanistic qualities, professional skills, and academic theories, the creative and performing arts talents are the goal.
The TEDxNTCPA is to put these performing arts talents in a different form to present their own stories on the stage. In order to allow students to have a sounding pipeline in addition to the performances, more people will hear their ideas and discuss them. On May 20th, an annual meeting was held in the color playroom on the third floor of the Xueyi Building in the school. Students from all over the country were invited to inject new life into the opera and explore new values. Speakers shared their experiences, values, and thinking within 18 minutes. Change your opinion, change your mode of thinking, change your life.

National Taiwan College of Performing Arts
No.8-1, Ln. 66, Sec. 3, Muzha Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Taipei, Taipei, 11648
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倪瀅瀅 Ying ying Ni

戲曲學院 Senior High School Student
The "Stunt Girl" is the definition defined by the news media. She went to Cambodia to work as an international volunteer during the 3rd year of the National Day. She started a performance around the island in the summer vacation of 106 years. She led the team to stunt performances in various nursing homes. The scope was extended to outlying islands in the following year. Recorded with a camera, returned to Taiwan to hold an exhibition, and won awards such as the Prudential Elite Talent Award, the Formosa Daughter Award, the Ministry of Education’s honorable volunteering, and the Dream Program winning. Successive benefits far exceed her expectations. I am also determined to continue to adhere to the dream of "burn myself up and brighten the world" and do my best to warm the world!

徐靜思 Hong Yu You

台東女中 Senior High School Student
Organize large-scale forums to explore the future imagination of young people and change young generations imagination. Experience: Awarded the Goodwill Ambassador Award at the 17th Prudential Youth Work Elite Award She has organized the "Youth OST (Open Space Conference)". Proactively wrote the documentary “The Reasons for Learning” by the director to obtain public rights and obtain funding from the Foundation. Students' cross-school alliance, held a “Reason for Learning” with more than 500 participants in the auditorium of Taitung Art Center. Screenings and workshops to discuss the significance of learning and the possibility of multiple learning. Jing Si is also an advisory counselor for the children of the Taitung County Government. She believes that any ethnic identity should be treated as fair. By treating, understanding, and respecting multiple perspectives, we can become a modern citizen with a truly democratic character.

游弘宇 Jing Si Xu

海星高中 Senior High School Student
At an age of 18-year-old high school student born in Hualien. In junior high school, he established a baseball team because of his childhood dreams and started a series of amazing journeys. Being persistence in his dreams and his unconventional creative expression, he was able to raise more than 2 million yuan for the team. After going to senior high school, he still pursued his dreams. Apart from setting up the team again, he also formed a team with a group of partners concerned with local issues and completed a documentary filming and a national high school student forum. The actions demonstrated their concern for local issues. This series of experiences led him to discover: "Every stage of our lives, we have the ability to complete our dreams. Even if we are just a student, we should not complain that textbooks have restricted our dreams because we are holding ourselves back. we can become a modern citizen with a truly democratic character.

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Taipei , Taiwan