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Theme: Unity in Diversity

This event occurred on
March 24, 2018
10:00am - 3:00pm GMT
(UTC +0hrs)
Bath, Bath and North East Somerset
United Kingdom

This year, the TEDx Bath University committee brings you a diverse and engaging line-up of speakers: from innovative and inspiring entrepreneurs to the brightest minds of our very own university, we aim to unite our audience and speakers alike in the spirit of TEDx.

University of Bath
Claverton Down Road
Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, BA22AY
United Kingdom
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University (What is this?)
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Deeksha Palepu

Sustainable development enthusiast
Coming from India where she did most of her schooling, Deeksha is a 1st year Bsc Economics student at the University of Bath. Deeksha has a passionate interest in sustainable development and in finding solutions to mitigate the impact human activities are having on the environment. She has worked with NGOs under the Scholars for Change campaign organised by the Indian Institute of Management and her School in projects such as providing learning assistance to underprivileged children and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan which is a community project aimed at raising social awareness towards hygiene and cleanliness in her town. Her talk will focus on the energy needed to fuel development in India, the impact this could potentially have on world CO2 emissions and the options India could adapt in reducing the carbon intensity of its primary energy demand.

Elliott Eriksen

Business strategist
Elliott’s talk unfolds the story of opening a bar as a teenager. By drawing inspiration from many industries, this talk describes how strategies were designed to attract hundreds of customers and the subsequent discoveries which can be applied elsewhere. At 21 years-old, he has experience designing sourcing models at a global consumer goods firm, analysing earth observation markets at a leading space company and managing his own business. Elliott is a student at the University of Bath and will be graduating with a BSc in International Management in 2018.

Jordan Harry

Speed-reading entrepreneur
After a childhood speech impediment left him struggling to read, Jordan learned strategies from world leading speed readers to dramatically enhance his reading ability. Jordan now helps others unleash their potential to learn anything faster. Because he knew that spending hours reading books and watching seminars was not as effective as it could be.

Katie Cresswell-Maynard

Engineering enthusiast
Katie never thought she'd be an engineer, in fact she didn't even know that engineers existed for the first 17 years of her life. Today she is a full blown enthusiast of what engineers can do to make the world a better place for everyone. As Chief Executive of Engineers Without Borders UK, she has the privilege of leading some of the most exciting engineering projects in the world at the forefront of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and inspiring the next generations of engineers to make a positive choice about how they choose to invest their engineering skills. Because engineers really are key to changing how we all live, engineers really can make our dreams possible.

Margarida Dolan

Training, coaching and development consultant
Dr. Margarida Dolan studied pharmaceutical sciences in Portugal, specialising in pharmaceutical industry with management processes. She went on to research engineering of materials at PhD and postdoctoral level in the UK and Germany. For the last 20 years she has worked with biomechanics and proprioception clinical specialists from around the world to learn how health and behaviour can be greatly impacted by exposure to prolonged, low intensity physical stimuli. Margarida applies her understandings from these fascinating areas in her international consultancy work.

Martin Poulter

Wikimedian In Residence
To build a summary of human learning and culture, make it readable by computers, and make it free, is an ambitious goal that already involves thousands of participants around the world. This talk is about what computers can do with a global, shared knowledge base; what they can't do; and and how it is up to all of us - individuals and organisations - to contribute. Dr Martin Poulter has been the Wikimedian In Residence at the University of Oxford and helps researchers and cultural institutions get the benefits of sharing data.

Soudi Masouleh

Performance Sportswear Designer
Soudi is a design leader, specialising in global women’s performance sportswear for international brands and retailers in Europe and the US. Soudi’s expertise and industry knowledge is the driving force behind a design team that is all about creating “The Vision” so that each branch of the team, from marketing to apparel & footwear design, aims for a result that firmly establishes their brand within the wider market. Soudi thrives on coaching and pushing the team’s designs to match their values and goals, and she loves experiencing the development of a team as they work creatively to produce fresh, innovative collections.

Yilun Song

Overseas English Teacher for International Charity
Yilun was born and raised in Qingdao, China, and is now a finalist in BSc Economics at the University of Bath. Having taught nearly a thousand pupils in the past two summers in rural China, she is eager to share her thoughts on how a student-organized NGO supports local education and brings changes to the local community in under-developed areas, from what she’s experienced in the past two years. Yilun is passionate about raising awareness of delivering supportive education, by unfolding the reality in order to inspire the audience. As a self-taught photographer, she is also an avid explorer into the local community. She hopes to present analytically by provoking thoughts among the audience, not only from a short-term teacher’s perspective, but also from a social perspective in the long term.

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