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This event occurred on
July 13, 2011
Charleston, South Carolina
United States

"A Celebration of Life"

A Live Stream directly from Edinburgh, Scotland, the 2011 TEDGlobal Conference, to Charleston, SC

From the secrets of the biological processes in our body to the cultural constructs in our society, TEDGlobal 2011 will be a celebration of life in all its forms.

What is life? And how can it be better lived? We invite you on a journey of tantalizing mystery and thrilling possibilities at TEDGlobal 2011. During four days, with 50-plus speakers and performers from all over the world, in the energizing city of Edinburgh, we will look at who we are, what we do, and how we relate to each other and to other living organisms.

We will analyze the resources, technologies and skills that make life possible and keep it going -- and the many things that make it interesting, enjoyable and worthwhile. We will explore themes that are basic to our humanity, and those that threaten it.

We will release the full program as always about 5-6 weeks before the conference. But here is a portion of our working sheet: some of the questions that we will consider while developing the TEDGlobal 2011 program:

What is it like to be a baby?
Is life a game?
Is synthetic life thrilling or terrifying?
How close are we to sustainable energy?
How does the brain control the body?
In what world will we live tomorrow?
Are our social and political systems reformable?
Is simplicity gone forever?
How easy will it be to design lethal viruses?
Is the Internet taking over our lives?
What's the point of art?
What does it mean to be conscious?
Can humans and computers be friends?
What makes a life worth living?

College Of Charleston
Charleston, South Carolina
United States
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