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Theme: F5

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August 24, 2018
New Delhi, Delhi

Life can be crazy. It is a constant pursuit of our dreams, and means running without a stop.
There is always going to be an errand to run, deadlines to meet, or the world to save. And to even think of stepping back for a moment seems insane. But perhaps that is exactly what we need. To hit Refresh.
We forget how we are the ones having the control. All we need to do, is to “F5” our mind, and start the process of refresh. Imagine what we could achieve if only we stepped out from this mundane routine of a life and saw the world from a different, a fresher perspective. The world does not need an impetuous generation of hot heads. It needs people who think, reflect, and inspire. It needs people with a sound mind and conscience, capable of bringing a change.
There is so much going on around us, leaving the possibility to absorb to a bare minimum. Let us not reach that saturation point yet. Let us not burnout just yet. Our affinity to learn, embrace and create is what makes us. Life remains where it is. A quick “F5”, to refresh ourselves, wherever we stand. The “F5” is to refresh the window, through which we see our lives.
So, Pause. Refresh. Revive. Give yourself a chance to revisit ideas, hurdle through them and form something solid and productive. After all, it is all about having Ideas that Inspire.

Shivaji College
Shivaji College ,Ring Rd, Shivaji Enclave
Raja Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027
New Delhi, Delhi, 110027
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Amrut Bhat

Facilitator, Drum Circle
Imagine the sound of more than a dozen drums pulsating to the beat, merging with the buzz of a lively and enthusiastic crowd. That is exactly the kind of energy Amrut Bhat intends to bring to the crowd. Founder of the Drum Circle, Amrut aims to promote an informal collaborative music culture out in the world as a novel method to relax and refresh.

Anamika Singh

Founder of ADAA.
Beauty. Grace. Elegance. Talent. These 4 things are what make Anamika Singh so phenomenal. Trained in over 25 different dance forms, Anamika is an acclaimed dancer with passion for dance like no other. She complements various art forms with the existence of Anamika's Dance and Arts Academy, a brilliant initiative leading people to grow both mentally, and physically. Many call her a ‘Dancing Wonder’, and rightfully so as she often weaves different modern art forms like ballet delicately into Indian classical dance forms like Kathak; holding her audience spellbound with her mesmerizing performance. The divergent perspectives, which ADAA succeeds to bring in people's lives survive to leave an everlasting and effective impression. Ms. Anamika's work and contribution to various creative fields so clearly magnify her artistic enterprise.

Divya Prakash Dubey

Hindi Writer, Story Teller
A writer, author, storyteller; Divya Prakash Dubey offers a refreshing outlook towards the Hindi novel genre. With his classic yet vibrant writing style, he also comes with a few but amazing short films to his credit. An acclaimed novelist with titles like 'T&C Apply' and 'Musafir Cafe' under his belt, Mr. Dubey shines as a remarkable storyteller. He continues to actively contribute to ‘Storybaazi’, a platform of story narration as well as poem recitations.

Dr. Niladri Chatterjee

A highly reputed educator, Dr. Niladri Chatterjee has been a professor at IIT Delhi for nearly two decades now. Along with many significant contributions in the field of Computer Science, Dr. Chatterjee has done extraordinary and inspirational work in the field of Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence that certainly serve as a massive contributor to the revolutionary age of science. As a recipient of numerous prestigious awards, he continues to make substantial progress with his remarkable work.

Mohammad and Pooja Kaif

Former Cricketer, Journalist
Captain of the World Cup winning Under-19 team in 2000, Mohammad Kaif is regarded as one of the best fielders in the Indian cricket team owing to his great athletic skills and passion for the sport. Joining him would be his wife Ms. Pooja Yadav Kaif, a distinguished personality in the field of journalism. As his most recent retirement announcement makes the headlines, he’s all set to talk about his interpretation of our theme ‘F5: Refresh’.

Rudrani Chettri

Transgender Model, Activist, Entrepreneur
Rudrani, a transgender woman founded the MITR Trust to work on the reproductive and sexual awareness and health of the LGBTQ+ community in India. Her trust has helped thousands of people of the transgender community in Delhi. Besides this, Rudrani is also the founder of the first Transgender Modeling agency in the country. Her aim to make the fashion and art industry more gender fluid and welcoming towards the Transgender community is so ingenious and applaudable.

Shruti Sharma

Founder, Books on the Delhi Metro
Traveling can be a drag, right? The monotonous daily commute in the city’s Metro can get so intolerable. So, to beat the metro blues, Shruti Sharma and her husband decided to spread smiles and make more people read by keeping books in the Delhi Metro, for free! The initiative works by people finding a book, thoroughly enjoying it and then returning it back to metro for others to enjoy the reading experience! In their own words “Be it a Saturday or Sunday, holiday or weekday there is always a book fairy out there working her magic and sprinkling that book fairy dust!”

Suhani Jalota

Founder and CEO Myna Mahila Foundation
Suhani Jalota is just 23-year-old, but she is an established entrepreneur and has already been presented with the Queen’s Young Leader Award by Her Majesty, The Queen herself, for her social start-up Myna Mahila Foundation and its contributions. Recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, Suhani is doing some phenomenal work in the urban and rural slums on various healthcare and sanitation projects.

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