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Theme: Next Nature

This event occurred on
June 4, 2018
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

What is the Next Nature of the human experience as we enter the technological age of big data, consumerism and automation? As the empirical line between robotics and humanity edges closer and closer, the very idea of what human is, seems at question. Are our daily patterns progressing into a newly defined nature or is our conformity to consumerism simply reaching new heights? This theme can be interpreted in a multitude of ways; the diverse views on mechanization, the peculiarity of our consciousness, and individualism in a society revolving around mass data and consumption.
As technology seems to be adapting or even replacing nature; what will the definition of natural become? Will we benefit from a more globalized society or will the voice of individualism be drowned out by the noise of conformity? In a world relying on exterior information, could internal sources and an elevation of consciousness be a step forwards or away from our next nature? Next Nature observes humanity in today’s rapidly evolving society – how our eagerness for an interconnected world might just drive us into a divided one.

Het Vlaamse Cultuurhuis
45 Nes
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1012KD
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Youth (What is this?)
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AICS Teachers Band

The AICS Teachers band perform 'Love Shack' by the B52's and Justin Timberlake's 'Can't Stop The Feeling'.

Bart Flos

Author and public speaker
Bart Flos is the author of one of the best sold management books of late: ‘The Anti-complain Book – First aid kit for nagging and wining (In Dutch: Het anti-klaagboek – Eerste hulp bij zeuren en zaniken’). Many books followed: on work ethics (‘between burnout and bore-out’), on leadership in projects (‘people are key to success’), on information overload (‘how to survive a knowledge carnival’) and his latest book dives deep into the future: Vooruitkijken voor gevorderden – Hoop voor de toekomst van mensaap en moederplaneet (‘Futurology for Fanatics'). Flos is a vibrant and enthusiastic speaker, inspirator and teacher. In his stories he bundles a solid theoretical foundation with more than 25 years of experience as project leader, change agent and crisis manager. The result: an overflow of well-founded and very practical eyeopeners that make you think while laughing. Like no other he knows how to convert even global problems into hopeful solutions.

Georgia Taylor-Berry and Kim Johnson

Architect/Urban Designer
Georgia and Kim are an architect and urban designer from Australia. For two years they travelled overland between Australia and Amsterdam learning from urban environments across the world through a project called Through Cities. They'll be discussing the theme of Next Nature in respect to cities and it’s people. What can we learn from different urban environments and cultures? Should people, rather than technology, inform our future?

Hendrik-Jan Grievink

Hendrik-Jan Grievink is researcher and designer at Next Nature Network and in that position responsible for much of the visual output of the network. He co-edited and designed the award-winning In Vitro Meat Cookbook that explores the future of lab grown meat through 45 speculative recipes and invented the Pyramid of Technology, a conceptual model and design tool that visualizes how technology becomes nature. Since 2017, Hendrik-Jan is responsible for all workshops in the Next Nature Academy.

Landa Endlich

Director of Silva Nederland
Landa was born in Melbourne, Australia and grew up in the Netherlands. She learned to use the Silva Method in 1989 and has been doing so since. Landa studied clinical psychology at the university of Leiden and she experiences that the use of the alfa level and the Silva techniques, adds worth besides the more common, scientifically accepted treatment methods from psychology. Landa is a very experienced and respected Silva instructor and her warmth, enthusiasm and open way of interaction, is highly appreciated by students and clients.

Lottie Walker

Lottie is a Mezzo Soprano (1st year BMus) currently living in Holland, studying voice with Pierre Mak at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Nick Stevens

Chief Digital Officer
Nick Stevens is Chief Digital Officer in Groningen. He helps people to build and grow business that make the world a better place. As designer and builder of (innovation) ecosystems, Nick works with individuals, startups and corporates to inspire, educate and support them to step outside of their comfort zone, whilst making their ideas come to life. He spent more than 15 years working for and with large traditional companies/organisations and more than 10 years working as an entrepreneur and with startups. By combining his knowledge and experience from both perspectives, he helps people to reach their true potential and make their business better. In the back of his mind he is always wondering how we can make humanity driven innovation the de-facto way of business.

Ramona Wright

Serial Entrepreneur
Ramona Wright, a serial entrepreneur, has more than 15 years of strategic communication experience and taught public relations and social media marketing at her alma mater Loyola Marymount University. Ramona is the co-founder and CEO of WeUp (, a social enterprise based in Amsterdam. Also, she's the fund manager for an apprenticeship program providing underrepresented youth access to STEAM careers. Ramona empowers others as the creator and host of The Chair podcast on iTunes & Google Play. She has hosted and spoken at events presented by Google/RainbowPUSH, Microsoft’s Tech Goddesses Initiative and her commentaries, speeches, BLOGS, and creative works have been published in the Congressional Record, Journal of Popular Film and Television, and Going Supernova: The Bold Paths of 101 Superachievers. Ramona earned a BA Degree in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University and she's a Certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach. To learn more visit

Stefania Milan

Data Researcher
Stefania Milan is Associate Professor of New Media and Digital Culture. Her research explores the interplay between digital technology and participation, and activism and social movements in particular, cyberspace governance, and data epistemologies. She is the Principal Investigator of the DATACTIVE project, funded through a Starting Grant of the European Research Council

Zoey & Marfa

Zoey Hernandez Adams and Marfa Shuvalova, two AICS DP1 students, perform their beautiful version of 'Concrete Jungle' by Au/Ra.

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