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Theme: Under the Microscope

This event occurred on
April 14, 2018
Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh

Simple aspects in life are regularly unnoticed. However, these aspects are the muse of internal and external discoveries and explorations. This can range anywhere from the exploration of one's own identity to the discovery of new ideas and scientific concepts. TEDxYouth@AISVN: Under the Microscope urges speakers to take a closer look at simple aspects of their life to analyze and scrutinize them.

American International School
220 Nguyen Van Tao, Nha Be Dist.
Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh, 700000
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Youth (What is this?)
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An Hoang

Overwhelmed by daily responsibilities? The cars and motorbikes giving you headaches? The city life is too raucous for you to bear? Life is full of stressful obligations that everyone has to struggle with. And yet, some of us find it easier to cope with this mundanity than others. But what is the secret? How can you mentally combat the strains of academia, of work, or of socialization? An, one of our inspirational speakers and winner of the “Vietnam Be My Hero” contest, will answer these questions and change your life mentality through her own valuable experience and insight.

Brian Pham

“The 21st century, the age of liberty and equality!” - our contemporary society is often praised for its impartiality and respect. Yet, behind this glamorous facade lies a perilous struggle for equality, especially between the sexes. Now, living in the biggest human rights revolution in history, we must start moving forward. Brian, a proud advocate of feminism, touches on this powerful topic and explores how feminism has changed over the past decades by not only limiting the inequality between males and females but of injustice and inequality as a whole.

Christine Le

With the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and social media in general, people are more often than not putting down their books and picking up their phones. Because of this, true romance, as some would say, is dead. Or is it not? Christine Le, a hopeless romantic and one of our passionate speakers, touches upon a very relevant topic in her TEDx talk: desensitization due to social media and a cure to this problem through romance and literature.

Debby Nguyen

Women’s rights: an extremely relevant current topic nowadays, with the rise of the #MeToo movement and the Women’s March. However, even with all these efforts, there is still an ever-present bias in the minds of society, and gender equality is an important issue that needs addressing in order to be solved once and for all. Our speaker Debby, a junior from SSIS who is a strong advocate for women’s rights, will be speaking about the stigmatization against a woman’s success in society, and will be exploring it in the very relevant cultural context of Vietnam.

Huy Tran

Ever wonder if we are all actually just inside of a simulation? Or what life would be like if we are able to simulate real life experiences in computers like in the anime Sword Art Online? We have always believed that life inside of a simulation only exists in sci-fi movies but with rapid technological advances, it might be more realistic than just a fantasy. Huy Tran, one of our talented speakers and a big fan of conspiracy theories and technology, will give you insight as to how mankind have already made gigantic steps towards turning science fiction into science nonfiction.

Hye Jin Jang

We all have the stereotype of an artist as someone who’s passionate about their crafts, but is always poor. And we all think of art as a field that has less practical value as compared to other fields such as science or economics. In the real world today, art has become a subject that’s considered not important, not an economically stable job, basically useless. But what if all that was just a misconception? Be prepared to have your viewpoint on art revolutionised by one of our inspiring speakers, Hye Jin, as she shows you the importance of art in today’s society and why being an artist is a totally viable career option.

Khoi Le

In our globalized society today, diversity has become embraced in mainstream culture. Yet, difference is not at all accepted unanimously; there still inevitably exists a number of people unable to welcome diversity into their daily lives. So how can one escape the predicament of discrimination and ostracization? In his talk, Khoi, a proud human rights activist, will show you the way to combat and cope with the danger of being discriminated through the story and adversity of his muslim friend, Jamal.

Minh Tran

Today, we live in a world dominated by social media. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, social media has assimilated into every facet of our daily life, becoming a millenial’s heaven and a tool to conveniently express individuality. But can using these seemingly harmless platforms bring unforeseen and devastating consequences? Minh, one of our speakers and an avid tech enthusiast, will be investigating how and why social media platforms are using the information you share on the internet to their advantage.

Peter Phan

History. It is the foundation of our grand human civilization and a retrospective account of our successes and failures. We as a human species have learned and are always learning from the past to ensure our survival. Yet, history has become perceived as rather mundane in our society today. Why so? Why is it that a subject with so much value to us in the past has become underappreciated in our modern society today? In his talk, Peter, one of our talented speakers and an aspiring historian, will answer these questions and change your perception of history.

Quang Vuong

We often hear parents complain about their children not doing homework or paying attention in class. This is one of the problems that terrifies parents and is labelled as inobedience and laziness. But are they really the true reasons why kids hate school? Quang, one of our amazing speakers, will be taking a look into the psychological reasons as to why we tend to procrastinate when it comes to school work in his speech "How to Make Children Like School".

Thanh Doan

In our society today, the arts of conversation and speech play an integral role in almost every facet of our lives, whether it be in the classroom, at work, or just in daily life. As a result, speaking has become not only a desired skill, but also a social requirement equally feared by many. In his speech, Thanh, one of our awe-inspiring speakers and an accomplished debater, will investigate a fundamental tenet to public speaking - concision - and provide guidance as to how you can perfect your own skills of speech and conversation.

Thomas Alex

In our society today, school work and exam scores are widely regarded as the determinants of our intelligence. Kids who get good grades are automatically regarded as smart, while those who underachieve academically are considered unintelligent. But is it always this black-and-white? One of our talented speakers, Thomas is here to challenge the inaccurate beliefs that we hold in the competitive society we live in and propose to you the real facets of intelligence that so many of us are not aware of.

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