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April 14, 2011

2011 is the year of 50th anniversary of the first human space flight. So because of that we started TEDxVorobyovy-Gory events from the theme SPACE and look at space from different focuses and invited different experts to make speeches. After the successful event for adult we decide to make event for children and youth attendees because it’s very important to inspire youth’s minds to discover new, make experiments, develop critical thinking and express themselves.

There were two main ideas, which were taken for developing context of the conference:
1. The development of space technologies were provoked and stimulated by the development of IT technologies.
2. In spite of long period of searching for extraterrestrial intelligence and planets convenient for human life, the Earth is still the unique planet appropriate for life.

As well for us were important to present the humanitarian position of space comprehension – there were speeches about personal microcosms by Alexander Dobroer, teem-working by Anna Lebedeva, career development by Denis Kaminsky, cosmic thinking by Victoria Kravchenko, critical thinking and ability to verify mass media information (refutation of horror about doomsday in December 2012) by Dmitry Vibe.

Our youth speakers really had fun of their presentation and attendees as well.

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Anna Lebedeva

Director of the Moscow office the International Erickson of the University of coaching in the CIS The talk: Hubble telescope: how NASA was building a team

Alexander Klimov

Software Developer, IBM East Europe / Asia The talk: The role of information technologies of the past and future in the research of space.

Anastasia Chernyaeva

Student, school № 781, Mocsow The talk: The Ways of incubation of spacecrafts

Evgeniy Belyanko

Technical director of “M2M Telematics” company, general constructor of GLONASS system The talk: 4-th technological revolution

Alexander Prohorov

Student, school № 690, Moscow The talk: How to remove space debris

Dmitriy Vibe

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, member of the Zvenigorod Observatory of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INASAN), group leader The talk: Is the space dangerous?

Andrey Kuznetsov

Amateur of astronomy, astrophotography, author of the project "Content for mobile planetarium”, the author of automatic lecture programs for small stationary and portable planetariums Built an observatory near his house. The talk: Astronomy as a hobby throughout the life

Polina Karlova

Student, school № 781, Moscow The talk: The use of nuclear energy for the flight to Mars

Alexander Dobroer

Journalist, motivational speaker, expert in public relations, business coach. The talk: "A man as a microcosm"

Andrey Geleznov

Student, school № 1925, Moscow The talk: Determination of the position and orientation of the orbit of a celestial body

Irina Mastusova

Director of the Moscow office of “Smeshariki” project The talk: Cosmos of Smeshariki

Denis Kaminskiy

The founder of FutureToday company The talk: Career as a cosmos

Victoria Kravchenko

Doctor of Philosophy, professor. Interests - religion, philosophy, religious studies, history of philosophy, philosophy of art. The talk: Cosmic thinking - a way to cosmosphere.

Organizing team


Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Alexandra Bobretsova
  • Valeria Borodina
    Mass-media relation
  • Tatiana Sobol
  • Vlad Bogomolov
    Technical support
  • Vlad Sorokin
  • Elena Serebrova
  • Sergey Gile
  • Radislav Gandapas