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Theme: Fronteiras | Boundaries

This event occurred on
August 17, 2018
8:30am - 4:00pm -03
(UTC -3hrs)
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

O tema deste ano convida nossa comunidade a refletir sobre os espaços e limites que nos circunscrevem: fronteiras visíveis e invisíveis; fronteiras que, muitas vezes, delimitam nossos modos de ser, agir e sonhar... Fronteiras que separam, mas também conectam, que alargam distâncias e, por vezes, suspendem o tempo. São as fronteiras que nos permitem ressignificar quem fomos, quem somos e quem queremos ser.

Teatro Unisinos
Nilo Peçanha, 1640
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, 90470-260
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University (What is this?)
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Alexandre Pereira

Professor e cofundador do H2HubVirtual
EN - Alexandre Pereira is a "lucky guy", how he says himself. He lived in China for three years and went through the tsunami that struck Thailand in 2004. He's a Professor at Unisinos School of Management and Business and co-founder of H2Hub Virtual, a company that works with entrepreneurial education and modeling of active methodologies to foster entrepreneurship.

Ana Cristina Ostermann

Analista da conversa
EN - Ana Cristina Ostermann is a Professor at the Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics at Unisinos and a CNPq National Fellow. Ana Cristina is a Conversation Analyst and an Applied Linguist. Her research involves analyzing audio and video recordings of social interactions in institutional contexts and in ordinary conversations. By borrowing Anita Pomerantz's words, she describes her task as a conversation analyst as to unveil "the DNA of social interactions".

Bia Kern

Fundadora e Presidente da ONG Mulher em Construção
EN - Bia Kern is founder and president of the Mulher em Construção NGO and one of the Brazilian social entrepreneurs to become a Fellow of WomenChangeMakers. In 2014, she was invited by former US President Bill Clinton to join the Clinton Global Initiative. She was executive director of the Fundação da Mulher Gaúcha between 1996 and 2003, nominated for CLAUDIA's 2012 Award and winner of the Troféu Márcia Santana 2014, by the Secretariat of Policies for Women of RS.

Carlos Augusto Pessoa de Brum

Escritor e Ilustrador
EN - Graduated in Philosophy at UFRGS, he accomplished writing and illustrating children's books. Cadu has accumulated 50 books in his curriculum in just a decade, devoted to literature and hundreds of events. While questioning the traditional model of education, he became an ambassador for the voice of children and young people.

Filipe Roloff

Ativista LGBT
EN - Filipe Roloff, 28 year old, builds bridges in the corporate world through his work with LGBT diversity and inclusion. In 2017, he joined the list of the 50 future LGBT leaders in the world, published by the British newspaper Financial Times, and was among the 100 finalists of the RAHM contest, which recognizes the new global LGBT leaders in Germany. Filipe talks about how to cross the frontiers of prejudice and his social privileges helped him to understand the importance of inclusion for people, companies and the world.

Gladis Kaercher

Professora e Pesquisadora
EN - Representativeness and empowerment are the key words to describe the life trajectory and the projects created by Gladis Kaercher. She holds a bachelor's degree in Language and a doctorate in Education from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). She is the UniAfro project's coordinator, which is an improvement course on the policy of promoting racial equality in school and one of the founders of a case with 12 shades of skin-colored wax chalk.

Guilherme Massena

Cofundador da Dobra
EN - A sustainable and innovative idea was what Guilherme Massena, along with his brother, Augusto Massena, and his cousin, Eduardo Hommerding, put into practice. For a college job, in 2013, the first eco-wallet prototype made of paper-like material was created. Later, in 2016, they founded Dobra, which manufactures portfolios of various sizes and, currently, passport holders, T-shirts and sneakers. These products are tools to achieve the larger goal: to positively impact society. They are one of the few Brazilian companies that are members of the Sistema B.

La Índigo - Atração Cultural

Banda Musical
EN - La Índigo, is a band formed by Anaí Corrêa (voice / ukulele), Gabriel Tassinari (bass / vocals), Pedro de Brito (guitar) and has the special participation of João de Brito (bass drum). Manantial, their first album, translates into a repertoire of songs that reflect the feelings and the relationship between people and the city, in a Latin American background. They sing in Portuguese, with passages in Spanish, the pains and joys, loves and not reciprocate feelings, realities and utopias.

Lau Patrón

Publicitária, escritora e ativista pela igualdade
EN - Lau Patrón is an advertiser, writer and João Vicente's mother, who is a smiling boy with a very rare autoimmune syndrome of genetic origin called SHUa. One of the disease's attacks caused a very severe stroke and João lost control of his body, but not of his joy. Lau has created the fanpage called Avante Leãozinho, in which she shares with many people her reflections on inclusion and her process of acceptance through enlightening texts, as well as welcome other families who are living similar stories. She is a dreamer, hates the word "inclusion" and believes only in the change that happens through affection. She understands diversity as a strength, not a weakness. 'We'll build a better and more innovative world when it is built to embrace all people, as they are'. Almost releasing her debut book, she calls herself a 'writer by necessity' and lives by the saying 'life is wonderful'.

Liliana Sánchez

Gerente na Iluméxico
EN - Liliana is Regional Manager and responsible for the coordination and operation of the northern region of Mexico, in Ilumexico. The company brings solar power to Mexican rural communities. Liliana holds a degree in Sociology from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She was born in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, and she grew up within her aim to work with marginalized populations of the country.

Lui Nörnberg

EN - Lui Nörnberg is a Pedagogue from Instituto Luterano de Ensino Superior of Ji Paraná, in Rondônia, Brazil. He has a Masters and a Phd in Education by Unisinos University. Currently, he coordinates the Undergraduate Pedagogy Course at Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel). Educator of educators, he fights against transphobia and fights for a more humane world.

Maria Ines Secco

Técnica em Enfermagem
EN - Maria Ines Secco is a Nursing Technician, but she has never had the dream of joining the health area. However, she ended up accepting the challenge because people always told her she had talent. She is about to make 28 years working in neonatal ICU, and in this branch of pediatrics working with newborns through the 28th day of life, she helps take care for cases with complications such as preterm and preterm infants.

Mor Ndiaye

Presidente da Associação dos Senegaleses
Presidente da Associação dos Senegaleses

Rodrigo Lopes

EN - Rodrigo Lopes is a journalist, has a master in Communication and professor of Journalism. He is a Zero Hora special reporter, with more than 20 years dedicated to journalism, and he found in international coverage "a way to contribute to society and help change the world", both reasons that made him choose the course as a young person.

Sankofa Drums - Atração Cultural

Grupo musical
EN - Sankofa Drums is directed by Loua Pacom Oulai, a native from Côte d'Ivoire, and has as a percussionists José Leonidas Jancidakis Arce, Andressa Ferreira and Gutcha Ramil Magalhães. The band presents to the audience several traditional dance songs from the Akans and Mandes using typical Ivory Coast instruments such as: Djembe, Dumdum, Glebe, Cloche, Iaraba.

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Porto Alegre RS, Brazil


Novo Hamburgo, Brazil
  • Claiton Duarte
  • Laura Dalla Zen
  • Lucas Dausacker
  • Simone Rodrigues