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Theme: The Human Touch - the essence of life

This event occurred on
June 20, 2018
Dubai, Dubayy
United Arab Emirates

The theme ‘The Human Touch’ is based on the idea of exploring how people from various disciplines, diverse professions and varied age groups such as scholars, industry experts, innovators, educators or the youth perceive or develop the human touch while exploring the intricacies of human connection and relationships in the 21st century.

Pristine Private School
2 Amman Street
Dubai, Dubayy, 60830
United Arab Emirates
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Youth (What is this?)
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Kim A. Page

Communication Master, Vocal Coach, Author - The Right Kind of Loud
Kim has an extraordinary career, transitioning from artist to trainer and entrepreneur. She has connected her way across three continents, from Copenhagen, to Barcelona and San Francisco before landing in Dubai. Kim helps her clients expand their comfort zone and increase their impact with her toolbox of speaking, writing, listening and body language skills. As a vocal coach she has developed a methodology that helps people access the full potential of their voice as a communication tool and she is an avid choir leader. In today’s information saturated world, it’s next to impossible to capture and keep a listener’s attention – unless you have a strong personal voice. In her book, The Right Kind of Loud, Kim invites you to discover how integrity and authenticity is the pathway to bring your whole self along and create the connections you need to thrive. With the Right Kind of Loud there’s no limit to our impact in the world.

Ma Raphaela Cayabyab

Aspiring Multi-Linguist
Having lived in a diverse community and exposed to a myriad of cultures, Ma. Raphaela is constantly inspired to explore the world around her. A foreign language scholar and a fervent learner of new concepts, she aims to familiarize herself with - and perhaps someday master - as many dialects as she possibly can. She strongly regards the importance of possessing an open mindset, particularly being a member of the advancing cultural mosaic that is the modern global society. Having said so, she believes that one way this can be achieved is by connecting with others through the simple means of language.

Marwan Muallemi

Sports Enthusiast + Tech lover
An adventurer, an explorer, Marwan is set to discover the world through his perspective, unrestricted and unbound by rules and ideals made by others, and only set to see things as what he believes them to be. Ascending from a minimal culture, Marwan has always been surrounded by people from many different cultures coming from all around, learning from them, observing them, seeing things through their eyes, connecting with them, and basing his perspective on experience. He dreams of embarking on a journey that contributes to making the world a happier and a more resilient place based on all that's he's learned from the buoyancy of every culture. People connecting, sharing perspectives, being considerate and understanding each other, is what Marwan believes is the key to creating a spark for a better world.

Nailah Al Jasmi

Happiness & Well-being Coach, Writer + Researcher + Human Resource Strategist
Nailah Aljasmi is a Motivational Speaker, Writer, Researcher, and Human Resource Strategist, committed to people and wellbeing! Nailah is Co-Founder of Happiivue an organization focused on helping schools, communities and organizations to live with purpose, passion and confidence. Her sole purpose is to change mindsets, coach and mentor individuals and groups to be leaders of happiness, and to live with good health and wellbeing. Nailah is a Strategic Partner of Happiness Studies Academy Co-Founded by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. She’s a Social Entrepreneur and Global Happiness Ambassador at World Happiness Festival and BeLegacy. Before starting her own business, Nailah worked for 12 + years in the Corporate World of IT, Telecommunications and Oil & Gas, where she specialized in International Recruitment Consulting, HR and Digital Media in the UK before relocating here to Dubai.

Omar Yehia

Artist. Blogger. Photographer. Musician
Growing up around people from all over the world, Omar found an interest in the way people perceive their surroundings and how their cultures and backgrounds can alter their perception of the world. Art is a form of love and expression. It portrays the artist's perception of their world and can induce emotion and connection with others. His enthusiasm about his world is what led him to venture into this medium in which he shares his own perception of his world, to shed light onto the unheard and the unseen, and to create a connection with the viewer. Omar’s goal in life is to try and experience the world from every possible perspective. To understand and appreciate each one, in a world where opinions and ideas are fought and ignored. All it takes to touch someone is to share an experience with them, whether through music, photographs or writing.

Zainab Damji

Eloquent Dreamer Aspiring Journalist & Humanitarian
A writer. A change-maker. A dreamer. A believer. A few small yet strong words that encapsulate the persona that is Zainab Damji. A high school graduate on her way to venture the world - Zainab believes in the power of humanity. Closely following instances of social injustice, Zainab uses her words, through her pen and her voice, to speak against them. She believes that all it takes is a spark to start a fire, one helping hand to save a nation, one voice to save a community and one person to save humanity. Forever on the journey to try to do some good, Zainab plans to hone her skills as a journalist and use her words as her weapon in today's armed world. And in doing so, create a safe space for conversation for all those left unheard; to show how telling someone’s story, being there for them, and providing them with the human touch - can change the way the world sees them, but more importantly, how they see the world.

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