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Theme: Identity

This event occurred on
May 25, 2018
De Pere, Wisconsin
United States

Join us for a celebration of what makes us, us. Feel the joy and heartache our students have experienced thus far in our lives as well as their inspiring messages of the lessons they've learned through it all.

De Pere Middle School - LMC
700 Swan Road
De Pere, Wisconsin, 54115
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Adeline Neuman

Adeline is in eighth grade and is 14 years old. She loves the outdoors, traveling, hanging out with friends, and playing sports such as tennis and volleyball. She loves talking with others and sharing experiences. She cares for others and never gives up for what's right. Adeline can't wait to share her story with Veronica on May 25th.

Alli Wettstein

Alli is a 7th grader at De Pere Middle. She loves to play sports, including track, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. At home, she has two siblings; an older sister, one younger brother, and a labrador retriever named Callie. In her free time she likes hanging out with her friends and family.

Andrew Rohm

Andrew lives in De Pere WI, and goes to De Pere Middle School. He enjoys many activities such as Soccer and Boy Scouts. In his free time, he likes to tinker with computers, program and play Magic the Gathering. Lastly, he most often transposes or listens to music, typically Queen or Maroon 5.

Anna Harmann

Anna is a 8th grader at De Pere Middle School who is 14 years old. She loves many sports including tennis, soccer, volleyball, and skiing! She also has many other hobbies including hanging out with friends and family. She also enjoys cooking and baking in her free time. She wants to make a difference in people's lives and is excited to share her story with Emily Landrum.

Anna Krans

In her free time, Anna enjoys baking, reading and spending time with friends and family. She also participates in swim team and track. If you get a chance to chat with her, she hopes to share her international experience with you. Arrivederci!

Annabelle Liefke

Annabelle is an eighth grader at De Pere Middle School. Her favorite subjects include English, History, and Spanish. Outside of school, she is most often found writing, listening to music, or spending time with friends and family. Having never taken part in a such an event, Annabelle is very excited to be taking part in this year’s TEDx.

Beckett Chambers

Beckett is a very experienced cross country skier and is currently the 10th fastest middle school skier in the Midwest. He has been cross country skiing since he was five years old and has been racing for 4 years. He also started doing triathlons in the summer of 2016 and discovered he was talented in that area as well. In addition, he has also been playing the piano for five years and really enjoy music. He finds science and math very fascinating and he likes running test and experiments. He is a fun, outdoorsy and very creative person and many people find him pleasant to be around.

Cienna Delos Santos

Cienna is a 7th grader at DPMS. In her free time, she likes to watch YouTube and play ukulele. She also enjoys playing volleyball and singing. Currently, she is working on her public speaking and being more confident within herself. She hopes that her story connects with others and can make an impact on her peers.

Dhruv Bansal

Dhruv's favorite subject in school is math and he likes the sports karate, chess and basketball. His hobbies include playing with Rubik’s cubes and eating cookies. He also likes to read. Most of his family lives in India but his parents immigrated over to the US and he was born in Milwaukee. Finally, he is thankful for the opportunity to give a TEDx Talk with Neel!

Elisabeth Ngo

Elisabeth is in the eighth grade at De Pere Middle School. Her interests in creative writing, viola playing, and Tae Kwon Do influence her identity, as does her bicultural heritage. She is also interested in STEM, and her favorite subjects include math, science, and English language arts.

Ella Reiss

Ella is an eighth grader at De Pere Middle School. She plays volleyball and loves to spend time reading and writing. She is also competitive and hardworking, completing whatever she puts her mind to. She loves being with her friends and helping out others, as well as the feeling of making somebody happy (like seeing her dog wag his tail when he sees her). She wants to make a difference and leave her mark on the world.

Emily Landrum

Emily Landrum is a fun loving 8th grader at De Pere Middle School and is 14 years old. She loves the sunshine, and if she had it her way she would live somewhere where the temperature never went under 80 degrees. Emily loves making friends with everyone and talking… a lot. She loves running track as well as theater and public speaking. Emily is eager to share her thoughts and stories with the world and can’t wait to help others live confidently and proudly.

Emma Hujet

Emma is a seventh grade student at DPMS who has been on stage performing since the age of six. Outside of school she enjoys playing soccer, singing, acting and writing books. She hopes that being involved in TedX will open some new doors and opportunities in the world of performing arts.

Hailey Staniske

Hailey has brown hair, blue eyes and a smile full of braces! She loves to try new things, use technology, eat lots of food, and play sports. Something interesting about her is that she loves public speaking, even though she doesn't have the chance to do it often; therefore, she is very thankful for this TEDx opportunity!

Janani Sampath

Between reading novels and writing poems, Janani enjoys participating in healthy debates, taking nature photography, and pondering upon the existence of life. Her love of literature goes back to when she immigrated from India to America and battled language barriers, bullies, and the idea that no, you can’t live in a library. She is currently a student in the eighth grade at De Pere Middle School. Her favorite subjects include science, algebra, and of course, ELA.

Liz Voltmer

Liz Voltmer is in 8th grade and is 14 years old. In her freet ime she enjoys hanging out with her friends, listening to music and reading. Liz was adopted when she was a few months old. Liz’s family serves as missionaries and because of that she grew up on the other side of the world in a place called Papua New Guinea. Liz is very excited to present at TEDx!

Molly Niedermeyer

Molly is thirteen years old and enjoys knitting, traveling, and competitive dance. She loves expressing herself through the clothes she wears. Another thing she is passionate about is all forms of art, especially dance and music (she thinks comedy movies can be included in this category too). Lastly, she believes that people shouldn’t take themselves too seriously because what fun is that?

Natalie Paquet

Natalie is a student at DPMS and has been in speech support for 3 years. She loves sharing her journey through it! She also enjoys participating in volleyball, football, and track and field! She has a strong support system at home with a loving parents and a brother, Max. she also enjoys playing with her dog Lunar as well as drawing.

Neel Andhole

Neel has several hobbies. His favorite subject in school is math and he enjoys the sports karate, tennis and cycling. Other hobbies include reading books and playing video games. His parents immigrated from India and he was born in Green Bay. He has been in karate for 7 years.

Olivia Fletcher

Olivia is in 8th grade and loves vocal music. She has received a first at solo and ensemble two years in a row and has had many solo opportunities since she was very little. Her strive to succeed and try her best is what made her able to accomplish such tasks. She also enjoys hanging out with friends and spending time with her cousins. Her love of helping others is what motivates her to to make an impact on others lives in anyway possible. #1 goal on bucket list: Save someone's life

Presley Spindler

Presley is thirteen and in seventh grade. She goes to school at DePere Middle School and loves hanging out with friends and spending time with family. She always likes to try new things, like recently starting track and, soon, golf. This is also her first year playing volleyball for DePere Diggers. She has done gymnastics 8 years, but recently quit, to pursue other opportunities as she transitioned into middle school. Some things she enjoys doing are reading and traveling.

Reni Krafft

Reni is 13 years old and a 7th grade student at De Pere Middle School. She loves to read, write, sleep, and listen to music. Her favorite memory is seeing Panic! At The Disco in concert, because it was really fun and a great experience. Reni is striving to be an author or college professor when she gets older. She loves Broadway musicals like Heathers and Hamilton, and is often found screaming the lyrics in her bedroom when she's home alone.

Veronica Poehlman

Veronica is 14 years old and is an 8th grader at De Pere Middle School. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family and also loves traveling. She enjoys public speaking and is not afraid to try something new. She can take on challenges and complete anything she puts her mind to. She is very excited to inspire others with Adeline Neuman through their TEDX talk.

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