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Theme: Interfaith Harmony, Art and Entertainment, Health and Lifestyle, Climate Change.

This event occurred on
April 29, 2018
Mysore, Karnataka

TEDxSPC is an event held in Mysore which will take you on a magical journey of mind-igniting discussions and leave you awestruck with overwhelming ideas. This event will take you through four finely curated themes distributed in two sessions. Our speakers will let the light of Interfaith and Harmony bring in positive vibes in your life and further get coloured by Art and Entertainment. It is followed by taking a closer look at Climate Change and Health and Lifestyle to seek more impactful and soulful life.

St. Philomeana's College Auditorium
Mysore, Karnataka, 570023
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Ali Khwaja

Founder, Banjara Academy
Born six decades ago, he has spent his life wandering, exploring, learning, and thinking outside-the-box. He shares only what he has learnt from others, from the wisest and most respected Masters to the urchins and street dogs. He talks or trains only when invited to do so, as he has all the time in the world, and no commercial interest. He enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and learning while he teaches. He writes books and columns, he speaks when asked to, and tries to be as honest and genuine as possible in whatever he conveys. He listens and counsels, only because he feels that every human being should be given a chance to improve his quality of life. His aim is to help develop innumerable competent people, so that he can become redundant and go back to making paper boats for the rain water.

Aniruddha Padmanabh

Founder, The Thought School
Aniruddha Padmanabh is the Founder CEO of 'The Thought School', an institution which works with the vision of nurturing human thinking abilities for better possibilities.He is a Post Graduate in Management and has over 15+ years of Corporate Leadership experience. Aniruddha is a poet, mystic and Life coach.

David Belo

Chocolate Maker, Pastry Chef and Mixologist Beginning his career in London mixing drinks at some of the city's finest cocktail establishments, Cape Town-born David Belo has dedicated his career to a passion driven exploration of flavors, aroma's and fine ingredients. Having traveled the world as a cocktail consultant opening venue's in the UK and Egypt, he left the cocktail world to further develop his skills with a new medium and retrained as a bread-baker and pastry chef. A former semi-professional musician, he seeks the harmony in all things, blending a private study of geometry, numbers, flavors and musical harmonics to create culinary art. His latest incarnation has been Earth Loaf Artisan Chocolate. The Mysore based chocolate house kick-started the bean-to-bar chocolate movement in India back in 2012 and continues to shake up perceptions of Indian cacao on the domestic and international stage. David firmly believes in equitable sustainable business, where capitalism is driven by the heart, leaving empowerment and personal development in its wake. He's made the historical city of Mysore his home for the past 6 years and hopes to build an apprenticeship college in the food arts in his adopted home, that's open to all.

Dinesh Chandwani

Mr. Dinesh Chandwani is the author of best selling adventure fiction novel "EMEG". He is also the founder of "The Walnut School of Ideas." The company is trying to change India's edutech system. With an aim to transform a million lives, Walnut has already created over a hundred success stories. His Social Entrepreneurship journey started from Australia where he was a Business Development Manager for a hospitality firm. His experiences with Foster care Australia made him relieve a whole new dimension. His idea of Interfaith harmony among Indians has prospered in thresholds with his novel. He is also a professional Skydiver trained in Cairns, Queensland.

Pragna Prasad

Sportswoman, Medical Student
"I am Pragna from Mysore. I am currently pursuing medicine in AJ Institute of Medical Science, Mangalore. I'm a amateur triathlete and sports has always been my second passion in my life. I am intending to educate various segment of people in society regarding the health aspect and why health should be the first priority in everyone's life. And I very strong believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you."

Pushpit Kharbanda

Founder, Humans of Mysore
Pushpit Kharbanda has always been allured by varied cultures. It's so compelling for him that he criss-crosses highways across India to delve deeper and appreciate these in the quintessential form. He has merged his inclination towards cultures with his interest in social writing to bring up this page, Humans of Mysore – which is a mélange of thoughts, emotions and stories in their truest form. Pushpit has been keenly involved in the direction of numerous Nukkad Nataks and has also proved his acting prowess in some. True to his Punjabi spirit, he has a natural love for Food, Butter and Bhangra! But to the world, he is an IT Professional who makes sense out of a sea of data.

R Balasubramanium

Author and Educator
A doctor, development activist, educator, policy maker, author, mentor, inspirational speaker, leadership trainer and visionary, Dr. R. Balasubramaniam stands testament to the growth of human and social capital of India. Inspired by the message of swami Vivekananda, he sees his life's mission as building a resurgent India by inspiring leadership in the youth of the country.

Samrat U

Student & Actor
Samrat U is a student of Automotive engineering at PES College of Engineering, Mandya. He is an amateur theatre personality, a lyricist and a rapper. Apart from acting in several plays, he has also performed in a professional play called ‘Chidambara Rahasya’, written by K.P. Poornachandra Tejaswi, which witnessed houseful shows at the prestigious theatre ‘Ranga Shankara’. He started writing lyrics when he was 15. His songs have been distributed globally on iTunes, Amazon and Google Music among others.

Saqib Idrees

Like every human who has existed, Saqib failed too. Challenges give him a drive to triumph and prove himself everyday. He has his interest fully disposed to public speaking to an extent that He dropped his medical career and started public speaking that He found fits him well. Always tending to my own observations, he has won a couple of national awards at public speaking and for his writing skills. Hit the news headlines for it but all of this became meaningless to him, as He believes changing someone’s life is way greater then being awarded. Now his life revolves around the speeches He delivers at different parts of the world. He has started helping himself to live a better life by motivating, encouraging and building others lives. To add on He is also an “Advanced toastmaster of district 92 now working hard as he looks forward to win the world championship of public speaking “.

Savitha Ranga

Founder, The Hobby Place
Savitha Ranga is the founder of The Hobby Place, a creative & social space where people young & old can try a new art form, pursue an old hobby, do fun activities with friends & family or just unwind after a hectic work schedule, at one’s own convenience & pace. Before this, Savitha worked as a Software engineer, taught graduate & undergraduate classes in Mysore & New York. She also volunteered as an English teacher for the visually impaired children at a local School and as a communications consultant at Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement.Being an ethical entrepreneur was always her dream and she finally found her calling by pursuing her passion and starting The Hobby Place in 2013.She has won the Woman of Excellence Award by Just Books. She has been featured on websites such as women’s web and masthmysore.com. Apart from spending time with her family, Savitha loves and believes in the power of Art, Yoga, Traveling, Reading & meeting new people.

Sidharth Rajshekar

Social Media Geek
Siddharth Rajsekar is a musician turned 'social media geek'. He's an international speaker who's trained over 10,000+ businesses across India, South Africa and the Middle East. As one of India's leading social media experts and sought-after digital strategists, Siddharth has worked on projects involved with people like Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy & Jack Canfield - just to name a few. He's the co-founder of SCION SOCIAL, one of India's leading Social Media agencies. Siddharth is the author the upcoming book - "Digital Tribes". Wearing multiple hats, Sidz is also a husband of a loving wife, a father, minimalist, futurist, spiritualist, an avid blogger, video marketer & podcast host! His mission is to build an army of Digital Leaders yet keeping the core principles of humanity & simplicity - by improving ones's social skills, happiness, productivity, and awesomeness.

Sudhanva Vashist

Blogger, Author, Entrepreneur and Visionary at 20, Sudhanva Vasisht is pursuing Engineering in Bangalore. With a dream to change the future one step at a time.He is also a staunch follower of Mark Zuckerberg. Sudhanva is associated with 4 start-ups and is Secretary and Head of incubation, Square One, Entrepreneurship Development Cell, DSATM.

Sujata Rajpal

For a decade and a half, Sujata Rajpal worked as a Corporate Communications professional before she decided to hang up her boots and pursue full-time writing. Her debut novel The Other End of the Corridor (2015), is a social drama about domestic abuse and fraud in arranged marriages. The book which is now in its third reprint has received wide media coverage in publications such as The Hindu, The Times of India, The Telegraph and many others. Tell-A-Tale, a web portal, selected her debut as one of the six Indian books which broke stereotypes in 2015. Sujata is a Toastmaster and has been invited to talk at CII (Confederation of Indian Industries), Toastmasters forums, Rotary clubs, Inner wheel clubs, Colleges and Libraries. Sujata is also an independent journalist. Her articles and short stories have been published in Femina, The Times of India, Deccan Herald, Star of Mysore, The Dhauli Review, Womensweb, Bonobology, Efiction India and others.

Sumukh Bharadwaj

Photographer and Filmaker
Sumukh is a 25 year-old wanderer & wayfarer in search of human tales & trails. All of 25, his young life has taken him far and wide across this land in search for answers beyond human emotions and social norms. It all started from town-hopping with indie bands as a concert photographer to working as an independent filmmaker and a photographer. It all started when he first took off on his own three years ago, it was a journey of epic proportions; he cycled 6,200 km from Mysore, his hometown, to Lumbini in Nepal. On the way, he crashed with lorry drivers & accompanied barefooted pilgrims who were on epic journeys of their own. Walking through Himachal Pradesh in the dead of winter, even empty pockets could not deter this ardent soul. He was smitten-by the depth of human solicitude and the fullness of a frugal lifestyle. He continues to work with several NGOs, magazines and publications.

Tahera Tahseen Haq

An engineer by qualification and a full time stay-at-home parent by choice. Mother to two boys, Aamir and Imran. Before she embraced motherhood as a full time job she worked as a QA engineer at Symphony Teleca in Bangalore. A former Toastmaster, has passion for public speaking and had been an active member of Toastmasters International until 2014. She has been a founder member for two clubs and is a Toastmasters International certified “Competent Communicator” and Competent Leader”. She blogs and does occasional poetry writing to unleash her creative side. She believes that every parent has a unique style to parenting and mustn't be judged for it. Also, every child has a right to chose the life he wants to lead and must not be bound by the norms of the society.

Vishnu Menon

Thinker and Speaker
An engineer by qualification and a business development professional based in Dubai, Vishnu Menon is a passionate thinker and speaker. Due to a sharp increase in work related anxiety, relationship conflicts, divorces, loneliness and mental health issues over the past decade, many people are finding it difficult to cope up with life. Therefore, Vishnu thinks of ways to help people understand themselves and their relationships better so that they get to enjoy two of life’s most beautiful treasures: Peace & Joy.Vishnu Menon is on a mission to spread his messages to a wider audience on a full time basis. Therefore, he offers unique and original training programs, seminars & talks designed for helping people understand life to corporates, educational/health institutions as well as to the general public.

Zaid Muhammed Hussain

Founder & CEO, The Gradure International School Banglore and Hikhmah Institute
He is the Founder & CEO of “The Grandeur International School Bangalore” and “Hikmah Institute” He completed his Masters in Business Management & Finance and then started his career in the Software field as a CFO. During this period he persuaded his part time studies in the field of Islamic finance and Islamic studies. After having a corporate work experience of about 10 years he realised the need for quality education on a community level which inspired him to start Hikmah Institute which focused on providing Authentic knowledge on Islam and removing of misconceptions. He then in 2016 took his dream to a new level providing a school with world class education known as “The Grandeur International School”. His focus in life has always been to provide high quality standards in education.

Organizing team

Mohammed Omer Ul

Mysore, India