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Theme: "Be the change"

This event occurred on
November 23, 2018
6:30pm - 9:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Paris, Paris


We believe that the world of tomorrow is something that you build today.
We believe in the human kind ability to contribute to this change.
We believe it is essential to think right now about the ways we have to change the world.

To help us meet these objectives, The curator of TEDxESCP have selected 5 themes.
Do developments and innovations in the field of health will enable us to age well and to age better?
The benevolent and humanistic enterprise, the participative management, how to make sure that the work rhymes with the blooming of the personnel and the realization of oneself while actively contributing to the economic development of the company?
The smart city, between myth and reality, can our environment be reorganized to create a collaborative city in which eco-responsible citizens evolve?
Does education and training facilitate the emergence of the empowered and responsible men and women who contribute to the evolution of humanity?
Finally, is it not the position of the Human that must evolve if we want to meet our goal?
If all these questions concern you, then participate with us on November 23 at TEDx ESCP « Be the change ».

3 Rue Armand Moisant
Paris, Paris, 75015
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University (What is this?)
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Alain Renk

Smart City
Alain Renk is an architect and urban planner, director of the research laboratory “HOST” (founded in 2002), at the origin of collective intelligence methods "Unlimited Cities" (2010) and “Wikibuilding" (2015). These methods are shared in Open Source by the NGO "7 billion Urbanists” (founded in 2015) associated partner of the "World Urban Campaign" of UN Habitat. In 2018 more than ten projects in ten countries are simultaneously using "Unlimited Cities".

Aris Theophilakis

Aris Theophilakis is an ESCP Europe alumnus from Norway and has a background in marketing and design.

Claire Blondel

She has an engineer degree as well as a Montessori teacher degree. She doesn’t see that as a change of career but more as complementary skills. She has lived in 6 different countries where she worked in industries or in school depending on opportunities. Now back in France, she combines her two jobs experience and works in both fields. “Helping people or organization grow” is how she sums up her missions. She built a job frame for herself that allows her to pursue each of her passions. One could call her hyperactive but she simply “walks the talk” as she will explain in her talk.

Dorothée Girot

After 15 years at the School of Theater Dramamomas, directed by Chantal Girot, Dorothée joins the Charles Dullin School in 2003 and then Jack Garfein's classes, founder of the Actors Studio. She is practicing also show fencing. At the theater she played under the direction of Bernard Pigot, Malik Slimane Tich-Tich and the choreographer Fabiene Hamel. Associated Artist at the Theater of L'Epopée since 2007, she is regularly led by Rodolphe Corrion. She works with the company Le Nuit du Monde on 0615366417 by Pauline Peyrade, put in scene by Quentin Vouaux. At the cinema she with Christophe Prévite, Michael Davain, Benjamin Dupiech, Damien Maric For The Latest Series Before The End Of The World. Director Ruffine Nanga actually his flagship actress.

Judith Grumbach

French Documentary Filmmaker
As a documentary filmmaker, she believes her role is to contribute to provoking conversations among the general public about this fundamental issue in order to empower teachers, parents and kids to take action to transform the educational system. She is an active member of the french education community and is working on several new projects around the idea of building « a learning society ».Her film « Une Idée Folle" ("A crazy Idea"), raises the question of the goals of education in the 21st century. What challenges will tomorrow's citizens face and how can we best prepare them for it?

Philippe Gabilliet

Philippe Gabilliet is Professor of Psychology and Management at ESCP Europe. He is a recognized specialist in optimism, luck, daring and self-motivation.

Sylvain Jacquemin

Future of Work Speaker

William Vanier

Agile Maker
William has worked on 4 continents in the private and the humanitarian sectors for 20 years. He’s got convinced that people LIKE to change for the better once they adhere to the end goal.

William Vannier

William has worked on 4 continents in the private and the humanitarian sectors for 20 years. He’s got convinced that people LIKE to change for the better once they adhere to the end goal.

Organizing team


Paris, France


  • Audrey Paccini
  • eric Stutzmann
  • Eva Rogow