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Theme: Face it.

This event occurred on
July 21, 2018
Dornbirn, Vorarlberg

With this years theme ‘Face It’ we try to find speakers who are able to give insight to technology, science, personal stories, challenges and face topics we usually don’t come in touch with. What should we share in public? What should we keep to ourselves? Finding out where this border is, is the challenge we in our team want to figure out for this years event. Where is the border to what we should talk about and where is our own border to keep quite? It’s a challenge to every individual to figure out what we want to face.

Spielboden Dornbirn
Färbergasse 15
Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, 6850
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Anges Maier

Agnes Maier is a midwife and poetry slammer. In her slams she is not afraid to address topics directly. Her views on her job and her role as a woman in our society is just honest and fascinating.

Carolina Eyck

Carolina Eyck is a musician and composer and one of the world’s foremost Theremin virtuosi. The Theremin is an instrument that is played without even touching it.

René Clares

Intelligent or ignorant, beautiful or ugly, male or female. Society tends to binarize everything; from clothes to sports, toys, toilets, and even people, in order to have a better understanding of the world we live in. The question we should set out is: is this binary representation of the world a real one? If we keep a cookie inside a box, it would probably not get overripe. But what happens if we keep a person inside a box with no doors and windows? Questioning our own selves must be a right, not a high risk activity. Boxes are for cookies, not for bodies.

Sally Hammoud

"We are not our values, I am my value“ Sally is a youth activist and communication specialist, advocating for rethinking collective normative values through educational institutions. How is she doing it in a society of more than 18 different groups with different cultures? She shares her journey among other stories she brings from her home town which shaped her career and crafted her passion.

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Dornbirn, Austria


Vienna, Austria
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