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This event occurred on
February 17, 2018
9:00am - 6:00pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
warangal, Andhra Pradesh

I think we need to go further than skin deep and pull everything inside out.
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SR Engineering College
anantasagar colony , hasanparthy ,warangal.
warangal, Andhra Pradesh, 506371
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University (What is this?)
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Abhinav Sagar

"Abhinav Sagar is one of the lucky few who is pursuing his hobby as his full time career. He hails from Hyderabad, Telangana and is the founder of Abhinav Sagar Photography. Abhinav has graduated with masters from University of Houston – Clear Lake post which he enrolled himself in New York Photography Academy to pursue his long time passion for photography. In the last 5 years, Abhinav has involved himself in different forms of photography like portfolio, headshots, calendar shoots, fashion, weddings, corporate films, movie making (behind the scenes) and product. In his freetime, Abhinav loves to travel to connect with nature, spend time with his family and continuously look for ways to upskill himself and be at par with industry and client desires."

Braj Mohan Das

monk & Life coach
A monk, a Life coach & an inspirational speaker. After a B.Tech degree at IIT Mumbai and a Masters degree (Quantum physics) at Univ. of Illinois Chicago, he decided to be a Life Coach & Resident Monk at ISKCON Chowpatty. There, he is part of the Leadership Training Academy and also part of Alumni Student's Mentorship Program (ASMP) at IIT Bombay. He is a disciple of His Holiness Radhanath Swami, who is the author of 'The Journey Home' and New York Times Bestseller 'The Journey Within.' His topics include Science, Spirituality, Leadership, Relationships & Self development. He has delivered talks across India and United States. He has been invited by academic groups like IIT, KC, GDC, VJTI and corporate forums like Aditya Birla, HPCL, IMC, Rotary Club, Axis Bank, Youth Speak Forum by AIESEC Baroda with Coca-cola. He conducts highly motivating courses such as 'Sutras for Self Discovery', 'Saving the Titanic', 'Agents of Change', 'Life Apps', 'Soul curry to stop worry'.


Prof. M. PanduRanga Rao is a retired Professor of National Institute of Technology in Warangal. He has contributed richly to water resources management, heritage conservation, education sector, and health care. Professor Rao has played a pivotal role in tackling the acute drought situation during 1972-73 and in solving the drinking water crisis in Warangal Municipal Corporation for the last four decades Honorarily.He has been advising Govt of Andhra Pradesh on irrigation project and wrote book on "Impact of Babhali and eleven other projects on sri ramasagar projects and socio economic implications for Telangana".He has also earned several awards such as the award for ‘Meritorious Service’, ‘Republic Day Honour’, and ‘Independence Day Honour’. Professor Rao has also played an important role as the convener of INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) for twenty-five years and was instrumental in preserving several archaeological sites in India.

Kanth' Risa

Sand Artist
what we think inside-may not be the "inside".It's the Same with "Outside".one may put inside-out eloquently being sucked by some one turn Outside-in.You see therefore ,there is neither inside-out are outside-in or without-in,or within-out,or within or without ...or in or out .It's a paradox

Kapil Khandelwal

Kapil has earned recognition to be amongst the few handful Indians approved by the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved board members' list to serve the boards of funds, banks and financial institutions. He is a successful angel investor, venture capitalist and expert in health sciences, education, agri, clean tech and information communications and technology (ICT). He currently serves several company boards and industry advisory committees. His expertise positions him as one of the thought leaders in India, Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets. A business leader with standout success in positioning funds globally and driving investments for growth and profitability. He is driving business results through mentoring leaders and his passion is connecting people and making an impact on the lives of people in this region. During his career, he has carried out over 39 transactions including cross-border.

Kisshan Psv

Founder, CEO
H-Bots Robotics is the brainchild of entrepreneur PSV Kisshhan whose vision started off as a dream to pursue Robotics. After being in industry for two years, H-Bots Robotics established itself in March 2017. In today's competitive world, organizations are struggling to stand first and get its benefits. In India, in the recent years, Robotics has slowly been settling into a fine position with many innovative trends. It has multiple streams and platforms and research into the functionality and potential use of robots has seen a lot of action especially for various practical purposes domestically, commercially and for the military. This, Hyderabad based technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence start-up, H-Bots Robotics has developed a smart policing robot which was launched in Hyderabad. The ‘robo-cop’ can assist police in handling law and order, and traffic management. If deployed autonomously, it can take of security at selected spots at malls or airports and public places.

Mahipal chary kadivendi

Grassroot innovator
Farmers are facing unique problems as a result of public policies. These problems adversely affect their productivity and hence their financial state is tending towards South. One such problem is the lack of sufficient labour in the villages for undertaking cultivation activity in the fields on hire basis. The acute shortage of helping hands to undertake weeding etc impacts the standing crops adversely if not attended in time. An average farmer can cultivate 3-4 acres per say with this machine. Diesel requirement is one litre/acre. On demand from farmers,he made a version with 5 hp engine which can be used for light ploughing in the fruit gardens and other such farms. Price of this machine is Rs 35,000 all other performance parameters remaining same An innovation deserves recognition for bringing happiness to farmers by filling their dire need void and also the innovator and ward which could provide as an inspiration to many such unsung creative people in the backyard of our Nation.

Mallikarjuna R

Global Program Manager, IBM
Mallikarjuna holds masters in Telecom and Business Management and from Allumini of Bits Pillani Hospital & Health Systems Management. Holds expertise in Healthcare and IT for more than 20+ years Since 2008 associated with IBM GTS Labs (Analytic Center of excellence and Project Management of Center of Excellence)

Neeraja Kona

Fashion Designer
Stylist, Costume Designer. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, she completed a summer program at the London School of Fashion before working with big labels such as Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton in the USA. Talent and hardwork helped Neeraja gain a good name as costume designer , she got to work with some of the biggest stars of South Indian Film Industry Now being well known in the Telugu Film Industry, She became an inspiration to many other youngsters to go on with their dreams.

Raghunandan Vadla

Raghunandan Vadla holds an engineering degree in computer science and identifies himself with the majority of engineering graduates in this field who go on to become a part of the IT work-force later. However, his life, interactions with people and work with Young Indians, sowed the seeds of looking at life from a different perspective. He believes life to be a laboratory with endless possibilities and is engaged in a wide array of experiments. Apart from being an author, his other experiments are as a Speaker, Entrepreneur, Education Consultant, Teacher. Besides, being a person who is delving into life with vast resources of enthusiasm, he is also someone who believes that the youth can be pivotal in changing the destiny of the country and fiction is a powerful format to spread a message.

Tejaswini Manogna

Doctor, Young achiever
Tejaswini Manogna is a 20-year-old gifted prodigy, internationally recognised young achiever, who has represented India as the youth ambassador at the international level. She has brought laurels to the nation, and has also been honoured by the Prime Minister and President of India. Manogna has also raised the Indian Flag high in SAARC countries. She is now adjudged as India’s top finalist for Miss Universe India 2017 and is just a step away from representing India at Miss Universe 2017 pageant, determined to bring back the Miss Universe 2017 crown to the nation. Manogna is an MBBS student, apart from being a versatile Bharatanatyam artiste, singer, sportsperson, speaker, and a yoga practitioner, winning innumerable awards and recognition in the aforesaid fields.

Thornton Streeter

Human Biofield Reseacher
Dr. Thornton Streeter, D.Sc. is faculty head of the Zoroastrian College section of human biofield Research. He is now the official representative of the UN NGO; consequently his training programs are recognized in 190 countries. Dr. Streeter is Director of The Centre for Biofield Sciences, UK and India. (,, Dr. Streeter has spent over twenty five years specializing in research of the Human Biofield. He encourages research worldwide, designed to integrate modern medicine with traditional understanding from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Dr. Streeter is one of the few certified trainers of Biofield Viewer (BV). Dr Streeter has overseen the development of a uniquely recognized & officially approved BV training program. Dr. Streeter is a member of: ISSSEEM, ACEP, ICNM and Fellow of World Association of Integrated Medicine.

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Warangal, India