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Theme: Update your mind

This event occurred on
March 24, 2018
Wuxi, Jiangsu

Nowadays, more and more students, especially in China, are engaged in heavy schoolwork. The tedious schoolwork in some ways restricts teenagers' innovative ideas. The theme "Update Your Mind" just means take antique ideas away from teenagers' minds and replace them by the most innovative thoughts. The speakers are eager to share their own opinions with the public from a variety of aspects such as sociology, charity, Artificial Intelligence, traditional culture and so on. Just looking forward to these speakers to update your mind!

InterContinental Wuxi
6 Yonghe Road
Wuxi, Jiangsu, 214000
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Youth (What is this?)
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Hao Huang

How does Fake Sneaker Organize crime?
I am Hao Huang, a boy who loves sports and thus begins to pay attention to the problem of fake sneakers. The hottest topic in sneakers right now is fake shoes, which I'm going to talk about. I hope to get more teenagers to notice this social phenomenon, and reduce the loss of young consumers.

Lehan Qiang

Small Cages--About School Violence
I am Lehan Qiang, a girl who cares about the situation of school violence and calls for the public's attention. I like to pay attention to some profound and literary things. I revisited the story about Professor Snape when I read "Harry Potter," then I found out that those things that were far away from us had infiltrated our lives at a very young age, so I decided to use my own way to think seriously.

Lingfei Jiang

What Else Can We Do For Charity?
I am Lingfei Jiang, a girl who is quiet and introverted, but kind and sincere. I like the power of innovation and progress, and I am always looking forward to the transfer of warmth to more people. I want to discussing the significance of public welfare activities and explore new ways to convey warmth.

Peichen Luo

Artificial Intelligence
I am Peichen Luo, a boy who loves basketball and AI. Reading can make me silent. As the saying goes, "Where there is a will there is a way." I hope to make more people realize that AI is no longer a fantasy, but a trend that swept through 21th century. What I care more about is that I can be able to bring to the public the most innovative ideas about artificial intelligence.

Qinghua Gu

How to Live with Robots
I am Qinghua Gu, a typical polytechnic man. I'm curious about all kinds of robots and cutting-edge technology, and I often create robots by myself. I have seen some phenomena and problems in life. I have always come up with new ideas and solutions. These solutions are not rhetoric. They all have their own meaning and will be unveiled at this conference.

Yichen Qian

What is God's Job?
I am Yichen Qian, a boy who loves football and reading. From a sociological and anthropological perspective, I'm going to explore the connection between us and the society around us. I'll focus on two social models that are individual and opposite. That is, top-down and bottom-up. Cited From: On the origins of specieses, Charles Darwin. Evolution of Everything, Matt Ridley

Yitian Lin

Rebirth of Chinese Traditional Treasure
I am Yitian Lin, I love music, opera, movies, and traveling. For family reasons, I have created great passion for opera culture since childhood. In recent years, it has been discovered that opera culture, as well as other traditional Chinese culture, is recovering in a completely new way, thus being understood by a new generation of young people. These young people, including myself, will appreciate and even pass on it.

Yizhou Chen

Stray dogs and Cats
I am Yizhou Chen. I care about stray dogs and cats a lot, and I have volunteered many times. The topic of this speech is stray cats and dogs. I hope to change people's prejudice against them and advocate for more people to help them.

Yuanchen Qian

Live streams--A New Virus Sweeping China
I am Yuanchen Qian, a girl who likes traveling and pays great attention to social media. Because of a chance to learn about the mainstream media, I find this is an indispensable and innovative concept in 20th century which is closely related to people's fast-paced lives. I hope that by listening to my speech, people who have bad impression about live streams can eliminate their prejudice of this media form.

Yuanzhe Jiang

Lady of Quality: Modern Women Are into the Society
I am Yuanzhe Jiang, a boy who likes reading and basketball, and has a good history, cultural foundation. Just consider that women are an indispensable part of the society, such as the direct product of the Great Revolution: ladies of quality. It is the Western feminist movement that has changed people's ideology. This is exactly their best contribution.

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Wuxi, China