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Theme: Finding your Identity

This event occurred on
January 17, 2018
2:30pm - 6:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
Daegu, Daegu Gwang'yeogsi
South Korea

Daegu International School is hosting its very first TEDx conference on January 19th, 2018, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the 4th floor presentation hall.

As John Locke proposed in his theory of Tabula Rasa -- more commonly accepted as ‘blank slate theory’-- one’s idea and thoughts are largely constructed by their experience and perception accumulated and formed throughout their life.

Our school is a melting pot of people from diverse racial, ethnic, and ideological backgrounds. Their unique footsteps of life have formed them into distinct individuals with distinct ideas. It is quite interesting to see the students and teachers of our school sharing thoughts with each other, creating a huge collage of different culture and identity. That is why I decided to organize a TEDx event in our school, hoping that more people can also see what I’ve seen in them: the individuality beneath their skin.

The theme of our event is “Finding your Identity.” We are featuring 10 high school students and teachers from our own school to share their life stories and inspiration. The high school year is one of the benchmarks of our life where we form our identity, decide our major, and solidify our future goals. Our amazing speakers definitely have an idea worth spreading that is special to each and one of them.

Anyone who is above freshman can attend our conference. You can sign up via “registration” on our website. I hope to see you all in upcoming January.

Daegu International School
22, Palgong-ro 50-gil, Dong-gu
Daegu, Daegu Gwang'yeogsi, 41021
South Korea
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Youth (What is this?)
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Chiwoo Lee

One thing we all have in common: being human
Hi I'm Chiwoo Lee and I also go by Thomas. I was born on August 12th 1998 and was fortunate enough to have a chance to study overseas. I finished my primary education in the United States, started my secondary education in Daegu International School, and finished it in a public Korean high school. I'm currently studying in Kyunghee University as a freshman, majoring in International Studies.

Eugenia Kim

Eugenia Kim is a 10th-grade student at Daegu International School. She challenged herself to give a speech in front of the audiences as a TEDx member. This year topic, "identity," was an interesting topic to her because as a growing teenager, she is trying her best to find her true identity and ways to become an independent person. She would like to share her thoughts on independence and its relationship with identity. She believes that it is a great opportunity to share her experiences and listen to other people’s' different perspectives on culture and identity. Also, as a head of the treasury committee, she was responsible of the fundraisers and the financial part of the club.

Katie Hwangbo

Katie Min Hwangbo is currently in a grade 10 at Daegu International School. In TEDx, she will present a story about inferiority complexes she faced in her life and how she accepted the way she is. As a member of TEDx club, she is highly appreciated to give a speech and listen different stories from other people. Not only with giving a speech, She volunteered in DIS TEDx as a member of advertisement committee to help people to participate in TEDx talk.

Kaylin Yi

Kaylin is a 10th grader at Daegu International School. She is giving a speech about how to figure out her identity, focus on transitions and experiences in life by sharing her own story. She is honored to have a great opportunity to share her thoughts and stories. Also, as a member of TEDx club, she took the role of head of advertising committee. She was responsible for advertising the fundraisers and the TEDx event.

Rei Nakatsuka

Rei Nakatsuka is currently a senior at Daegu International School. As a half-Japanese and half-Korean in Korea, he has faced many happy and sad incidents. As a speaker for TedXDIS, he wants to share his stories and how he shaped his philosophy and thoughts.

Samira Kapadia

Samira is really fascinated by this year’s theme, Culture, and Identity and decided to share her views. She would like to talk about the culture of fear that people all around the world face. She believes that the media has enforced a stereotypical story about cultural group that portrays a negative image for that entire ethnic society, due to this upon meeting someone new we don't ask them their name, we assign it to them.

Seohyun Lee

Seohyun is a junior in Daegu International School. She has been going to volunteer trips to different countries every year. She is interested in sharing her story by giving a talk regarding the true value behind happiness and how she has learned to grow as a person. She encourages people to consider what their definition of happiness has been throughout their lives.

Shryl Francisco

HighSchool Teacher
Shryl Francisco is an educator at Daegu International School who pushes her students to question the world’s natural phenomenons, inquire about what they see around them, and encourages them to seek their own dreams and happiness. Educated at Laurentian University and through Montana State University, growing up in Canada, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, and Saudi Arabia has ignited her interest of travelling. She’s been fortunate to have traveled to 15 other countries and she has enjoyed immersing herself in the world’s cultures. She was the coordinator of the first South Korean Activities Conferences for STEM and is currently helping guide, mentor young girls so that they develop confidence and find their own unique identities.

Sophia Toledo

Sophia Toledo is interested in challenging herself to give a talk in front of many other people, and is excited to do so. Sophia is giving a talk about the benefits of being exposed to different cultures, and she provides some ways you can immerse yourself. This topic interests her because she is currently living abroad in a culture other than her own, and would like to share her own experiences to hopefully give other people the courage to do the same. The motto of TED, "ideas worth sharing," interests her because although cultural diversity is not a new idea, she believes it's important to take full advantage of it and become a global citizen.

Yeawon Choi

As a junior in Daegu International School, Yeawon got motivated to speak about the fading away identities of Korean teenagers after living in the country for several years. She believes that the strict education system and the overwhelming numbers of Tiger Moms lead to such catastrophe, highlighting the need of change.

Yoojin Han

Anika Han is a Tedx club member, she is trying to perform various tasks within the club including designing posters, coming up with some fundraising ideas, and so on. She will be also going to participate in the Tedx event to talk about her complexes and how she was able to overcome the problems she had. She thinks it is a great honor to be part of the Tedx club, listen to others’ thoughts about culture and identity, and ultimately be able to have an opportunity to share her own story.

Zion Lee

Zion Lee is the student of Daegu International School in grade 10. She wanted to share her thoughts and ideas through the opportunity of attending Tedx club. Following this year's topic, “Culture and Identity,” she will be talking about people’s sense of inferiority towards their physical traits these days. Her speech will focus on how the internet culture of Korea lowers people’s self-esteem.

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Daegu, South Korea
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