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This event occurred on
February 15, 2018
Gdynia, Pomorskie

“SWITCH ON„ is the accompanying theme of the next edition of TEDxGdynia. It's a motto that encourages action, learning and development. Therefore each speaker of TEDxGdynia will present a different approach to education: from learning from someone else's mistakes, through by gamification, pertinaticy, to volunteering - at school, after school hours and as far as possible from its walls.
This year’s TEDxGdynia will become a space in the participants will discover new perspectives and find inspiration to take actions. It will be the opportunity to meet people who implement the main theme “switch on/ turn on” in various fileds – in business, science, and supporting others

For the approaching event, there will be accompanying attractions, such as a multimedia show in which music and visual arts interface.

You will see and listen to Mirages ( - an audio-visual project of Denis Grzechnik. Visual arrangements of lights and shadows designed in 3D projection mapping technology accompanied by a tuneful music take audience members into uncharted corners of their imagination. Miraże’s debut album "Istanbul NOT, Constantinople" takes listeners onto a journey into unknown – strips them from all their desire, compels into meditating and stimulates.

Pomeranian Science & Technology Park
Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Gdynia, Pomorskie, 81-451
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Bogusław Pranszke

Academic teacher
Bogusław is Gdynia Maritime University Associate Professor at Physics Department. At TEDxGdynia he’s going to talk how a mission to Mars or alternatively an expedition to a planet orbiting Proxima Centauri – the star closest to our sun and planetary system – will be a real challenge. What are physical and technological limitations of an expedition like this taking into account present state of the knowledge? How long would take such journey and how much energy it would require, considering certain physical and technological specifications?

Denis Grzechnik

Music producer, audio-visual creator.

Jarosław Łojewski

Coach, mentor, advisor
Apart from making career in a corporate IT, Jarosław has been supporting people and startups as a coach, mentor, and advisor. At TEDxGdynia he’s going to talk why it is important to revisit mistakes and failures of the past? What is the purpose of dwelling on the bygone tragedies? What one should do in order to make sense of what had happened? Could it be more than just distressing memories? Jarek is going to prove that the past and experiences from committed mistakes should serve people and organizations as sources for development.

Katarzyna Michalak Magda

Commercialization Manager
Katarzyna led the team of specialists responsible for designing conditions for widespread application of the regulatory T cell (Treg) therapy in fighting diabetes mellitus type 1. At TEDxGdynia she is going to talk about building cooperation between business and science and finding strength in promotion of the Treg therapy for people with type 1 diabetes. She will also talk how a purpose is more important than a profit and how it allows you setting your life priorities right.

Magdalena Westa

Magdalena is a healthcare account specialist on day-to-day basis and an active volunteer by an avocation. At TEDxGdynia she is going to talk how in order to come to such conclusion each person should break their own patterns at least once and try to fully be for others. It might not be easy at first and it all might seem a huge investment; however, Magdalena’s going to prove that it is the best investment one can realize as being for others brings countless profits and surprising benefits.

Mikołaj Biernat

Student, startup co-funder
Mikołaj is a high school student, startup co-founder, and UI and web designer. He claims that combining classes and work on a project has been his biggest challenge and struggle. He says that he lives a double life – an average student during the day and a determined startupper at night. At TEDxGdynia Mikołaj is going to talk how school is not everything in young people’s lives and share some tips on what they can do about that.

Oktawia Gorzeńska

Educational innovator
Oktawia is an activist, educational innovator, coach, headmistress of General Secondary School No. 17 in Gdynia and a changemaker. At TEDxGdynia she’s going to talk about the fact that Polish school and education systems need changes. She’s going to argue that everyone can have an impact by joining the actions.

Przemysław Staroń

Academic teacher, coach
Przemysław introduces himself a neo-child who’s been psyched about the world for a long time and started learning early at school thus becoming an expert in creative education and usage of new technologies and social media in working with youth. At the same time, he is a faculty member at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, a psychologist and a coach at Jump Center for Development. At TEDxGdynia Przemysław is going to answer the question – can an education be magic?

Wojciech Glac

Academic teacher, coach
Wojciech is a University teacher – Assistant Professor at Neurobiology Laboratory of Human and Animal Physiology Department at Gdańsk University. At TEDxGdynia he’s going to talk about gamification in education – a tool through which science transforms into a game. He is going to prove that by using various elements known from the world of games – such as story missions, gaining experience, collecting equipment, and skill grinding – gamification improves motivation for learning. Participation in a game becomes an adventure for a student and teacher as well, which makes teaching and learning enjoyable.

Zbigniew Kowalski

Expert lecturing on doctor – patient relation
Zbigniew is one of the first experts lecturing on doctor – patient relation in Poland. At TEDxGdynia he’s going to argue that medical science could be more effective if we engaged more in treatments. Lack of involvement is usually caused by a low level of trust in physicians. Why don’t we trust doctors? How to cooperate? We shall all find out at TEDxGdynia.

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