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Theme: Discover the Truth

This event occurred on
March 3, 2018
10:00am - 5:00pm GMT
(UTC +0hrs)
Canterbury, Kent
United Kingdom

Through sciences, literature, politics and other fields, we want to come together to take the journey of seeking the truth. By questioning old dogmas and pre-established ideas, we can find new concepts to face the obstacles of tomorrow.
Think outside the box. Read between the lines. Discover a new path.
We can solve the challenges of tomorrow, by discovering a new truth today.

Grimond Lecture Theatre
The University of Kent
Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NZ
United Kingdom
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University (What is this?)
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David Murray

Embracing uncertainty is quite the challenge for many of us. In this talk, David Murray explains how the opportunities, decisions and new paths we are presented with throughout our lives can make us feel afraid. If we can accept that it is okay to be fearful and actually embrace uncertainty, we can all grow in confidence. Indeed, by having the courage to embrace uncertainty we can discover the truth: that we are more powerful than we realise.

George Bullard

George Bullard is a world record breaking explorer. He has spent almost 10% of his life on expeditions all over the world over the past 14 years. Covered more than 2,000 miles unsupported in polar regions and guided more than 350 people. Today he wants to highlight, using his own life experiences in some of the worlds most remote corners, the importance of getting to know yourself in order to be the best YOU possible!

Jamal Sterret

Jamal Sterret will give a performance on a spiritual rendition of life from birth to adulthood. Centred around the idea of discovering the truth, the music score tells the struggles of allowing the voice of your heart to guide you through life. The dance narrative speaks of coming into the world as pure light untouched by reality. As we lead into adult life the constant judgement of the outside world suppresses this inner light and identity of self. Only the acceptance of our light and dark sides while allowing our passions to flourish: brings us back into the light we once had.

Jinhao Xie

Born in Chengdu, China, Jinhao Xie is a PhD student at the University of Kent. With no formal training in writing English poetry, Jinhao started writing poetry in 2017 as a means of expressing himself. Later that year, he began to perform at poetry/spoken words slams around the country. Being able to connect with others from various backgrounds, Jinhao finds that words can be empowering and hopes to continue his adventure in the world of poetry. He is also writing a book to share a unique view of the lives of the people of Chengdu.

Mantra Chaitanya

In a world of fake news & fleeting experiences - where an abundance of information has replaced a wealth of knowledge - lasting happiness seems like a myth. But what if someone told you there was a truth which surpassed everything you'd experienced in your life so far - a truth which was hiding in plain sight all along? Mantra Chaitanya das teaches bhakti yoga, mantra meditation and the Vedic science of consciousness on the UKC campus and beyond. In his talk he'll discuss how his personal journey taught him the crucial relationship between relative and absolute truth - and the secrets of life itself.

Marta and Eva Yarza (Yarza Twins)

There are many truths in the world. Which one does work for you? In this talk, we aim to talk about how we moved away from our country and managed to open our own Design Studio without help from anyone. What makes a creative successful? How to develop a creative career without losing your essence? How to explore your own creativity?

Paul Rose

Dripping wet, smelling of the ocean’s wild places and with polar ice frozen to his face Paul is fresh from the frontline of field science to celebrate the unseen heroes who collect our science data. We make decisions that affect our daily lives and the future based on our knowledge of the planet’s ecosystems. Climate change, habitat loss, overfishing, air quality, weather forecasts, ocean plastic, biodiversity loss, water quality are in the news daily. We’ve never been so well informed on our planet’s health. But do we really know where those numbers come from and how valuable they are?

Rianna Patterson

Psychology Student
Rianna Patterson is a Dementia advocate, founder of Dominica Dementia Foundation pursuing her BSc Psychology Degree at the University of Kent. She is also a Queens Young Leader 2017. “The Youth in You” was inspired by a personal experience Patterson faced with her grandfather as he passed away with Dementia in 2013.The purpose of the talk is the educate the public on how young people can help create a future where we our population of persons with Dementia will decrease in due course, work together to support the needs of the elderly.

Sophie Sparham

Performance poet and spoken word artist Sophie Sparham has been using poetry to tell her truth for years. In this talk she will discuss how she’s used spoken word to raise awareness of forgotten historical figures, mental health, LGBT+ issues and feminism.

Yixuan Jian

How many of us would doubt the equation "What I want (equal) What I want"? We strive for something we want, and we assume that we are on the right path to our goals. But what are we missing in the pursuit? How are we sure we are on the right track? Yixuan Jian will share a story of her globetrotter life style during her MBA study across 3 continents, and how she discovered the truth behind the "What I want (equal) What I want" equation.

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